Child Safeguarding Programme

Child Safeguarding: Feeling Safe, Being Safe

Dear Family,

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our Child Safeguarding Programme. This curriculum will teach children the following:

  • Safe touch: Safe touch is caring and comforting.
  • Unsafe touch: Unsafe touch is painful or harmful. It makes you feel scared and can hurt your body or your feelings.
  • Unwanted touch: Touch which the child would rather not receive at this time.

Children will learn the Safe Touch Rule: No one should touch your private body parts except to keep you clean and healthy.

Next, students will learn the Safety Steps:

  1. Say “NO” in a loud and strong voice.
  2. “GO” Get away.
  3. “TELL” a grown-up.

Children need to be able to identity adults to talk to, both inside and outside the family, since you may not always be available. They also learn that it is never a child’s fault if someone breaks the Safe Touch Rule.

Please note that this curriculum is just the beginning of what we all need to do to keep children safe. Research shows that young children retain skills they have learned by practicing them. You can help your child by reviewing the Safe Touch Rule and practicing the Safety Steps, using pretend situations that include: household help, relatives, and neighbor as well as people they don’t know.

In addition, remind your child that:

  • It is never his/her fault if someone breaks the Safe Touch Rule.
  • He or she should never keep secrets about touching.
  • It is never too late to tell about a touching problem.

If you have questions or concerns, please email or call.

Lesson Outlines:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

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