Time for Gratitude – Distance Learning Week 6

Dear Elementary Parents, 

Please take a moment to take a deep breath. The kind of breath that you haven’t taken since you first heard the word Coronavirus and realized that something in your life was going to change. Now, think of three things that you are grateful for in your life right now. 

In the ups and downs of dealing with the ‘new normal’ of our lives and routines it can be helpful to intentionally plan a pause for gratitude. The Greater Good Science Center (where they study the science of happiness at UC Berkeley) has just published an article on how to focus on the greater good, even during an outbreak. Number three on their list is to show gratitude.

Our challenges are still ever-present as we head into more uncertainty and upended routines. Consider adding a time for appreciation into your day and see if it helps you feel on more solid ground, even if just for a moment. 

At this moment we are grateful for our UNIS community, our children who bring us joy and the knowing smile of someone we care for who is there to help us through.

As always we are here to support.

Warmest regards, 

The UNIS ES Counseling Team


Kris Bezzerides (Discovery – Grade 2, kbezzerides@unishanoi.org)

Dylan Meikle (Grades 3-5, esucounsellor@unishanoi.org)