To our UNIS Hanoi Parents: Distance Learning Veterans, and Exemplars to Parents Internationally

Dear Parents,

It’s been eight weeks. So, how are you doing?

Burnt out? Yes, some of us are.

Tired? Certainly.

Stressed out? Uh, that’s going to be a “yes” again.

As you have heard, it’s time for a well-earned, week-long break from distance learning.


Parenting doesn’t stop, and while school may pause for a week, our parenting continues. For working parents, for single parents, for all parents – next week isn’t a holiday. It is a continuation of a stressful, difficult and unprecedented time in our lives.

It is hard to contemplate how many of us, within our diverse community, are increasingly worried and anxious for our loved ones throughout the world. Worried for our children. Worried for ourselves. We will each have our stories to tell when these days are done, and we can hope that they are stories of resilience, strength and success in the face of the impact of this historical event.

As UNIS Hanoi parents, we can already make claim to the title of “Distance Learning Veteran”. If that sounds impressive, that’s because it is.

After eight weeks, we may even be ready to feel proud of how far we have come as parents and as a community.

Our students came back from their Tet breaks without a school to physically attend. Their levels of resilience, humor, acceptance and flexibility were an example to us all.

Our teachers adroitly pivoted within 24 hours of returning to work to commence our distance learning programme. As campus closures become more commonplace around the world, we are able to see in hindsight how professional that turnaround was.

But it is our parents – you all – it is what you have done to hold your families together during this time;

The cooking, cleaning, uploading to Seesaw, cancelling vacations, arranging Zoom calls, consoling, cajoling, planning, replanning, sharing computers, wiping away tears, washing hands, keeping informed, connecting with loved ones… and through it all staying hopeful and positive for your children and families.

To that we humbly say:

Good work teachers – terrific effort kids – and congratulations and commendations to our amazing UNIS Hanoi parents.

And we know you will find the strength and courage to keep doing all this and more after the April break.

If we could send you all flowers, wine, chocolate – or maybe just gift you five minutes to yourselves – we would.

As it is, we send our heartfelt respect.

Dylan Meikle & Kris Bezzerides


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