Grades 4-5 Musical: Audition Information

This year, the Grades 4-5 musical will be Annie Jr., open to Grades 4 and 5 students only. Auditions will be from November 20-28 at lunch time in Mr. Brewster’s classroom (B9-G18). The production dates for Annie Jr. will be:

Friday, May 22 at 18.00

Saturday, May 23 at 18.00

Sunday, May 24 at 15.00

Sign up lists will be posted on the front door of the ES Office starting Wednesday, November 13. An email to request an audition time will not be accepted; students must sign up for a time on the sign up sheet itself. The last day to sign up for an audition slot will be Tuesday, November 19. Students will not be able to sign up for an audition time after Tuesday, November 19 at 4pm.

For the auditions, students will be required to sing a song of their choice (without background music) that preferably shows their dramatic side. We may also ask them to read a couple of lines from the script of Annie Jr. The audition should take around 5 minutes and the students will perform in small groups of 3-4 students at a time in front of Ms. Noor (who will be Skyped in) and Mr. Brewster. Students will be asked to sing on their own, but will line-read in groups of 3-4. Please encourage your child to come well-prepared for the auditions, knowing what they will sing. A paper copy of a specific scene from the Annie Jr. script will be available with the sign up sheet for students to practice reading the lines before hand.

Auditions will be during the 12:20-1:10 lunch block (November 20-22, and then again from the November 25-27). If your child wishes to audition, please tell them to think carefully on which day they can audition; then they must sign up and arrive on time on their particular day. They can eat their lunch either after or before their audition time.

All students who are interested in auditioning for Annie Jr. MUST attend a mandatory dance audition from 12:25-13:10 on Thursday, November 28 (in the theatre), which will be led by our choreographer, Molly Moore. Students will be divided into two groups for this audition. The first group will dance, while the other group eats lunch and then the students will switch. Students who miss this audition will automatically not be cast in the production.

Rehearsals for Annie Jr. will be a big commitment. They will be every Monday from 15:40-16:40 (singing and blocking), Wednesday from 14:40-15:40 (choreography) and Friday from 15:40-16:40 (singing and blocking) starting from January 6 to May 22 while school is in session. There will also be some weekend rehearsals (on either Saturday or Sunday depending on theater availability) as we approach the production. Students must be able to make all rehearsals after school when committing to the production. Our first rehearsal will be Monday, January 6, 2020 (the first day back after Winter Break).

Please note: we will be accepting a maximum of 50 students in this production. Therefore, it is likely that not all students who audition will be accepted into the production. Please remind your child to come to their audition well-prepared, knowing what they want to sing. We understand that they will be nervous, and this is a natural part of the audition process, but please tell them just to try their best.

We look forward to the upcoming auditions!!