PYP Exhibition (PYPX) work day for your Grade 5 student, Friday, 19 April

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

As a friendly and important reminder, please note that Friday 19th of April is a PYP Exhibition (PYPX) work day for your Grade 5 student.

On April 19th, in place of Student Led Conferences, Grade 5 would instead like to invite you to an open day to view your child in action as they prepare for their PYP Exhibition.

This is a PYP Exhibition work day/open day for Grade 5 Students only (8:10am – 3.20pm).  Transportation, snack and lunch will be as per normal school day.

As this is an Open Day, you will not sign up for a conference time. You are invited to engage with your child’s Exhibition group and join in. Your child will take time away from their PYPX preparations to answer any questions you may have related to their process, explore other areas of their learning and share what they have accomplished.

We look forward to seeing you on this day.


Megan Brazil
on behalf of the Grade 5 Team

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Hard Work and Passion On Display at the Grades 4&5 Music Concert

Last week saw our Grade 4 and 5 students thrill a captive audience of their parents, teachers and friends with their beautifully presented Spring Music Concert. The children showcased their developing skills in the instrumental strings, choral and general music aspects of their curriculum by performing in a range of different ensembles. To watch our 9,10 and 11-year-old students perform with passion and to feel their pride at the fruition of all their hard work was a real treat.

The concert began with the Grade 4 and Grade 5 General Music Orff arrangements that incorporated xylophones, metallophones, percussion, ukuleles, strings and voice.  These pieces had as many as 6-part harmonies and complex transitions with 88 students moving around the stage. Next, the Grade 5 students performed a synchronized, basketball rhythm dance. Each grade also performed choral pieces showcasing increasing complexity in their harmony, pitch and tempo. Both grades also showcased their developing strings instrument skills. The students’ hard work of learning to read notes on both the treble and bass clef, developing proper posture and learning fingering and bowing technique was clearly in evidence during the performance.  All of the students should feel proud of their accomplishments.

In the Elementary School we know how important it is for students to have ample experiences in both the performing and visual arts. Music is a fundamental form of personal and cultural expression. It allows students to express their feelings and ideas about themselves and their place in the world. Through music, students can appreciate aspects of their own culture as well as the culture of others.

Any performance of this calibre takes months of planning and preparation. Our team of teachers and teaching assistants, Ms. Abella, Ms. Noor, Ms. Alexis and Ms. Mai, carefully weave core principles of music instruction together with their passion and love for the discipline. The UNIS Hanoi operations team, Mr. Ngoc on lights and sound, Ms. Lien for her invaluable assistance, and all the homeroom teachers together helped make this a performance to remember and a highlight of the Grade 4 and 5 year. Bravo to all!

Enjoy the photo special:

And you could watch the performance again here:

Grades 2-5 Art Exhibition

Friday concludes the Grade 2 to Grade 5 Art exhibition. It has been a wonderful opportunity to showcase the artworks created by our Upper Elementary artists. There was a wide range of media explored, clay pots and bobble heads, collage, weaving, batik, textured paintings, wire Têt trees, to mention just a few. One of the highlight of the exhibition was an Artventure Scavenger hunt where students and parents searched through the Arts Foyer looking for various artworks.

We’d like to thank all the artists who worked so hard and demonstrated much creativity and skill. Many thanks also to all of you who came to look at the work on display, we hope you left feeling inspired.

View more photos here:

Ms. Vicki and Ms. Emma

G5 PYP Exhibition

What are you passionate about?
What issues exist in this world that need your attention?
What are you going to do about it?

Our grade 5 students are about to launch into the culminating event of their time in the Primary Years  Programme with the aim of answering all of these questions. Students and teachers have been busily preparing for this event all year. It is with great excitement that we are now ready to begin our G5 Exhibition otherwise known as PYPx.

PYPx is an opportunity for our oldest elementary school students to reflect on their time in the PYP and use the skills, knowledge and understandings that they have developed over the years to take action in an authentic and meaningful way.

This is very much a community project where we will involve students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community to support the G5 students work towards achieving their goals.

Parents and other community members are invited to join us for an information session on PYPx where we will share the Exhibition schedule, objectives and expectations.

Please join us on Friday, March 1 from 8:15 – 9:30am in the ES Creativity Space.

When? Friday, March 1st from 8:15 – 9:30am in the ES Creativity Space.
What?  Parent Information session on PYPx
Who?  All interested community members with a passion, skill or area of expertise to share with our students

Joshua Smith
PYP Coordinator

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Grade 4 Annual Market Day!

Market Day soon approaches…Thursday 31st January 12:30—1:30

Within the Transdisciplinary Theme of “How We Organise Ourselves” Grade 4 students are investigating just how much market forces can affect the value of goods or services. They have discovered that determining the price of a product is a complicated matter. To make this as realistic an experience as possible the Grade 4 students have become Social Enterprise entrepreneurs.

All the money they raise will go towards taking action towards an SDG of their choice!

On Thursday 31st January they will attempt to sell their products or services to an excited band of consumers, namely the students of Grade K2, 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Grade 4 students are asking that on that day your child will bring in a maximum of 60,000 VND to spend at the Grade 4 Market Day. The prices range from 10,000 Vnd to 50,000 VND.

The Grade 4 team of teachers and students would like to thank you in advance for your kind support in this. It is one of the highlights of the year for all involved.

Any concerns or questions please feel free to contact: Mindy Slaughter ( OR any of the Grade 4 Homeroom Teachers.

Elementary School Movie Night (Grade 3 – 5)

December 06th, 2018

Dear Parents,

The UNIS High School Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group are planning an Elementary School Movie Night on December 13th, 2018. The Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group raises money through fundraising events for the Habitat for Humanity organization. This money is used to build and repair homes in sustainable communities around Vietnam.

As part of fundraising, a movie night has been planned for students in Grades 3- 5. The students will be able to watch CoCo, a family-friendly Disney movie. Students will be asked to bring 100,000 VND for the movie and a bag of popcorn each to enjoy the movie.

Students also have the option to buy other snacks and drinks during the intermission. The price of a pizza slice will be 50,000 VND and drinks will be 20,000 VND. All profits will go directly to funding an upcoming house build.

Please note that there will be no buses available after the movie. Parents are required to indicate how the students are going back home afterwards.

Date of Movie Night:     December 13th, 2018
Name and Location: UNIS Theatre
Start Time:  4:00 pm Finish Time: 6:30  pm

Your child needs to bring with them:  

  • 100,000 VND for the popcorn and movie
  • Extra money according to snacks that they want

Students are asked to bring the completed permission slips and money on the day of the movie – December 13th, 2018.

Note: Students won’t be allowed to enter the theatre without the permission slip.


Please check all boxes below to show your agreement

I give permission for (name)____________________________________to attend the event listed above.

  • I will be picking him/her/them up after the movie
  • Family support will pick up my child

Students won’t be allowed to leave after the movie without an adult.

My child is allergic to ………………./ not allergic to any food.

Parent/Guardian Name and signature:  
Contact phone number:   Date: