From the Elementary Principal

Dear Elementary Parents,

Transitions – onwards, forwards, upwards…

The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.”
Moira Rogers

Teaching students how to navigate the emotional challenges that come with change and transition is something that caring adults are constantly doing.  Here at school, there are a few key events that support the end of year transitions that our students are experiencing.  

One big event on our calendar that our students look forward to every year is “Moving Up Morning”. Moving Up Morning is a time where students spend time in their new grade level, with their new teacher, developing a sense of excitement about the year ahead.  This is an important event as we help students say goodbye to their current grade level and teacher, and look forward to the next.

This year, Moving Up Morning is scheduled for Friday, June 5 and will look a little different to previous years.

Given that our enrolment numbers are unconfirmed for next year, we will not be releasing information about class lists at this time.  Students will not know who their next homeroom teacher is, until the information is shared with families via email, before the new year starts in August.  

Moving Up Morning will still take place, with students spending time in new classrooms and getting to know the teachers in the next grade level. They will develop an understanding of things that are different in their new grade level and learning experiences they can look forward to.  

Students who are leaving UNIS Hanoi at the end of this year will be included in the Moving Up Morning event, as well as participating in small group sessions hosted by Lee Cassidy, our school psychologist. In these small group sessions, students will receive a special UNIS Hanoi “Moving Journal” and will work through some aspects of the transition process with other students who are also departing. The journal will serve as a way for our departing students to reflect on important memories made at UNIS Hanoi and help them to look forward to their new destination.  

For further materials to support your children in transition, this is a helpful article:  Transitioning Well: Build a Raft that can stimulate some great family conversations, whether your child is leaving UNIS Hanoi or simply saying goodbye to their current class for the summer and returning in August, ‘building a RAFT’ to say goodbye is a useful tool for children and adults. 

Our aim for all students as we head into the end of the year, is to make every goodbye as ‘good’ they can possibly be.  

Megan Brazil

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