PYPX Continues…

PYPx lives on! After a day of excellent presentations and weeks of personal action, Grade 5 students continue to strive to take action on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals. As a community, we have an opportunity to continue to value and support their contributions.

Read below to see how you can learn more about local and global issues and support Grade 5 students and promote your favourite SDG in our community.

Clothes Donation 

Did you know more than 30% of the children in Vietnam do not have the things that they need to survive? If you donate just one set of clothes or some school supplies you could help make children really happy. The supplies and clothes we collect we will donate to a small village in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Guidelines to donate:

  • clothes/supplies need to be in fine condition so other people could still wear/use
  • May 5th is the day of donation (4pm-11am)
  • Location is E4 lobby

The person who donates the most clothes will win a surprise!

Make Your Own Bee Hotel

Did you know that bees are endangered? Do you want to know how you can help them? This is one way to help bees survive by making a bee hotel.

Click on this link to learn more and make your own hotel.

Learn More About Dyslexia

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in school? Imagine feeling unsafe in school every day. This is what many dyslexic students experience because of the learning disorder. If you want to know more about Dyslexia and get inspired, you are welcome to join my Zoom meeting all about Dyslexia.

If you are interested, please send me, Clara Lieschke, a short email (, and I will send you a link, time and date for the meeting. I guarantee you that it will be fun! 



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