Course Request in Middle School

Hello Middle School Parents of G6 and G7 students and welcome G5 Parents!!- 

As we continue this fourth quarter with our Distance Learning Programme, we also look forward to next year. Part of that planning is completing our master schedule and gathering student course requests for next school year, 2020/21.

On Monday April 13th, we will be sending out our Middle School course request form to students currently in G6 and G7 and to our incoming students, currently in G5!

Please review our Middle School schedule using these slides and Screencasts:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact myself, or Mr. Akin,

In addition, we will be hosting a MSHS Parent Let’s Chat Webinar on Wednesday April 15th at 10:00AM. This is another chance to be able to hear about Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, End of Year Reporting, and to engage in a Q&A from MS and HS parents.

Also, remember that the course request form will go to your student’s UNIS Hanoi email address and must be completed on their computer login in order to correctly collect the information.

Again, we will send out the Middle School course request forms directly to students on Monday April 13th. We ask that these course requests are made by Friday April 17th.

Thank you for assisting your student in making these course requests.

As always, thank you for your support – 

Marc Vermeire and JJ Akin

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