Art Lessons Become a Family Affair!

Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters are no longer sitting on the sidelines watching their Elementary family members have all the fun in Art lessons! Now families are joining in on the lessons and producing art for the teacher to see and grade too!

Elementary School Art Teachers, Emma Hamilton and Vicki Wilson-Jiwatram have received a number of art pieces, created not only by their students, but parents and siblings as well!

Emma says it’s been ‘so beautiful’ to see the family engagement. She added, “I regularly receive emails from families telling me they’ve really enjoyed the tasks set for their child.

I do think one of the major benefits of this distance learning experience is that the whole family gets involved in the curriculum more practically” commented one Grade 1 parent. “I thoroughly enjoy the slides alongside my children.

One student expressed his delight at being able to draw with his ‘big sis’, even though he missed sitting in the classroom with his teachers and friends. Another big sister revealed how helping her little sister complete her work has improved her skills as an artist. 

A large collection of artwork made by families has been amassed. Here’s a snapshot…

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