Grade 3 – Grade 9 International Schools Assessment (ISA)

Dear Parent,

Your child will be participating in the International Schools Assessment (ISA), a product of the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER), on February 13th and 14th, 2020. ISA is based on the reading, mathematical literacy and scientific literacy frameworks of the OECD’s Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA).

UNIS Hanoi has been using the paper form of the test for more than 10 years. Students from Grade 3 to Grade 9 will be tested in Reading, Mathematics, Narrative Writing and Expository Writing.

The school has chosen ISA because it is specifically designed for students in international schools of which instructional language is English. As ISA is not specific to a single curriculum, it provides non-cultural-bias questions that ensure the content is appropriate for students in international schools. Another advantage of ISA compared to other standardised tests is that ISA includes open-ended questions and writing tasks which better showcase students’ thinking process.

Regarding data analysis, the school uses ISA reports as a piece of data to inform students learning. Individual student results are input in the school’s Learning Analytics Collaborative (LAC), a platform for data management. Together with professional judgements and classroom records, standardised testing data is used in grade level meetings, department meetings, learning retreats and is frequently revisited for instructional adjustment and personalised learning purposes. ISA results provide breakdowns in specific knowledge areas as well as learning skills and allow the school to track progress over time. Moreover, ISA is a tool for the school to measure where they are on international benchmarks.

Being an Australian company, ACER is compliant with privacy and data law. Therefore, any school participating in ISA is required to inform parents about the privacy statement which was sent to your email address together with this letter on Wednesday, 14 January.

Should you not hesitate to contact the school for further information.

Kind regards,

Megan Brazil
Elementary Principal

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