Friday 24th August 2018

Dear Parents,

K2D have enjoyed another lovely week at school.  The main focuses for this week have been getting to know classmates names and nationalities, and understanding the routines within the classroom and school.

Each child in K2D has completed a beautiful beginning of the year self portrait. When you are at school, please come in and have a look at the display.

On Wednesday Ms Kris (Kris Bezzerides, our school counselor), came into K2D and shared with us the Zones of Regulation.

The Zones of Regulation is an approach to self regulation for children. It is designed to help give young children language to articulate their feelings. Categorizing moods into colour zones helps children classify their feelings and seek help quickly with an easy, shared language.

The Zones of Regulation are:

Blue Zone

This could be described as feeling a bit flat.  A child may be in the blue zone if they are feeling sick, bored, tired, missing parents, etc.

Green Zone

The green zone is the optimal zone for learning and where we strive to be.  Words to describe this zone could be be happy calm, content, okay, ready to learn.

Yellow Zone

In this zone a child is in a sightly heightened state. Feelings in this zone can be positive and negative.  Words such as anxious, excited, scared, confused belong in this category.

Red Zone

The red zone is described as the zone in which a child is unable to cope. We teach children that in this zone they need to stop.  Words to describe feelings in this zone would be angry, terrified, frustrated.

The purpose of the program is to help child to identify and articulate how they are feeling and build strategies to bring themselves back to positive space.

If you would like to find out more about this program please contact me or Ms. Kris at

Here is a video book of shared choice time with K2C

Reminders for this week:

  • Please ensure your child always has a drink bottle at school.
  • Keep the family photos coming in, we are slowly building our display.
  • Don’t forget our Parent Information Evening on September 6th. More details to come soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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