This week we have been exploring who are are in the classroom. This relates to our early childhood curriculum Te Whariki and the strand Belonging where connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended. It has been wonderful to observe the children involved in play interacting with and developing new relationships with others. We have been talking a lot about new friends and who our new friends are at school as well as discussing how we can have more than one best friend and how that friend can have others friends that they play with as well.


This week the children were involved in making their own self-portraits we first made our own picture out of collage materials and then moved on to represent ourselves through drawing. These pictures will be on display in the classroom in the next couple of days so please feel free to come and have a look.  Here are the photos of our work.


We were also introduced to our buddy groups this week  They are in Grade 3A. I was soooo proud of the discovery students as they showed their buddies around and tried really hard to stick to them when playing. It is great to have an older age group come to visit us and i look forward to watching the relationship between the two classes grow. Here are some photos.


At school, here are some of the many things your children are learning  to do:

  • feed themselves
  • peel their own fruit
  • open their own packets
  • put on shoes and socks
  • pack their snack and water bottle into their bag
  • wipe themselves after going to the toilet
  • refill their water bottle
  • change their clothes

The more they practice these skills, the more confident they will be in their abilities. Please support your child by being less helpful and be ok with watching them struggle – this is what learning looks like. This is counterintuitive, requires us to allow more time and to be patient, but it is worth it. When allow our children to do things for themselves, we are teaching them that we trust their abilities and have confidence in them.

As part of our inquiry into ‘Who we are,’ we are building a strong sense of community in the Early Childhood Centre (ECC).  As part of our learning, we will join the other K1 and Discovery classes in common outdoor playtime in the mornings, starting at 8:10.  This is instructional time and an important part of the day for strengthening relationships, helping students transition from home to school for the day, and learning through play. We ask your help to ensure that all students arrive by 8:10 in the morning.  Parents who drop off, please give your children a positive but definitive goodbye when the bell rings at 8:10.  Please explain to your children that the bell is a signal for you to say goodbye, and we will reinforce this idea with the children as well. Thank you so much for your support.
  • FAMILY PHOTO: If you have not emailed a photo to me yet, please do so as we want to put together our Family Book
  • BABY PHOTO: The children have shown an interest in babies so I would like a baby photo to be emailed to me as well, please. Thank you
  • NO SCHOOL: Sept. 2nd
  • BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: Sept. 5th (more details to come)

Have a great long weekend and see you on Tuesday

Ms Laura