Art Week

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This week has been chockablock full of art and craft experiences for the children both virtually and in person.  Here are the different experiences that the art department had organized for us to do!


On Monday the children were shown some different types of abstract art. We talked about the shapes and read the story Circle by Jon Klassen. The children then drew their own shapes in black marker ready for the next step.


On Tuesday we celebrated Benjamin’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Benjamin.!!! We also made a Discovery dragon and glued lots and lots of different shapes, eyes, and feathers onto the dragon’s body. Ms. Liz also did a zoom music session with us which we all enjoyed and got us to jump up and down to the beat!!


On Wednesday Ms. Emma asked us to color in our abstract shape drawings. The children were able to choose their own colors and I was very impressed with the way that they colored them in.


On Thursday the children were involved in a virtual assembly. We learned about using different objects as musical instruments and created a STOMP session where we used their own instruments to make up a scene. Ms. Liz also read us a story where we were able to sing different parts of the story.  In the afternoon we said Good-Bye to the graduating students of 202 but cheering them on as they walked through the grounds saying goodbye.


On Friday we listened to some dragon stories and then went on a shape hunt around the school. The children also made some different road signs for the road that we have been working on in the classroom.

This week 

This week the children have been able to use our classroom environment differently. We have moved the tables and chairs to the side of the room and we have used the space for more physical games including using the parachute, musical chairs, duck duck goose, moon hopper races, and making our own road with street signs and cars. It is so good to see the children working together and developing their own games and interests. I love this time of year as it just shows how much the children have changed, matured  and developed. Here are the photos for the week.

Have a great weekend

Ms L

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