Happy New Year


This week the children have been very excited about the coming new year. The children made soring rolls last week and sticky rice this week to celebrate.  They have enjoyed exploring our tet blossom branch and have finished painting their own peach blossom branches. Yesterday they wore their ao dais and went to the ES Tet assembly performed by grade 1, 3 and 5. The biggest excitement was the dragon dance as well as seeing the giant rats that the children had created in art class. The children have also spent time learning about some Tet traditions in Vietnamese and made ‘li xi’ (lucky money envelopes) along with some of their very own lucky money.

We also celebrated Kareena’s birthday this week!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! Also a big thank you to Bom and his family for bringing cherry’s for us to eat together.

Here are some pictures of the week

Starting on the 10th of February we will begin the show and tell. This is a time where the children are able to bring something from home and can share it with their friends. I will send out more information after the holidays.

Have a wonderful TET holiday and see you in the new year!!!

Ms L

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