Dear parents

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was restful and full of fun family time. My apologies for being away this start of the school year but I was involved in recruitment leave for my next school posting so this post is 2 weeks worth of information.

Apart from my absence, It has been an extremely smooth transition back into the classroom for the children. They easily remembered the daily routines and expectations and are excited to be together again.

Natural Materials

This week we have started using more natural materials in the classroom and the children have been invited to explore these materials through collage. The children have been involved in using their imaginations to create different pictures using materials that we find in the environment.


This week the children baked passion fruit cake. Cooking is an important part of our week and supports the development of math, language and social skills. Invite your child to help you cook or bake with you at home. They love talking about the ingredients, doing the measuring and then feeling proud of the final product.


As we have been exploring different materials in the classroom we invited a traditional potter to come into the classroom and explore clay with the discovery children. Each child was allowed to use the potter’s wheel and made a cup or a teapot. These objects are still drying so the children will be able to take them home when they have hardened.

Science Lab

Another way for the children to explore different materials in the classroom is the science lab that we have set up. The children have loved exploring different materials through mixing, researching, hypothesizing and inquiring in their play. This has lead to a lot of different discussions and ideas and some interest in scientists and scientific work.

Name Writing

The children have also begun to write their own names in the morning to show the group if they are here or not. it is important especially in the early years to celebrate any kind of mark making and too not be disappointed as an adult if a child’s name may not be recognizable. We want children to feel like writers, even if they are scribbling they will soon begin to develop letters and any mark is celebrated in Discovery!!!!


Thursday January 23rd we will celebrate Tet at UNIS. Please send your child in an ao dai on this day.

Parent Teacher Conferences are fast approaching on Wednesday January 22nd. Children are welcome to attend but this is optional for you. We will have an activity available for your child should you choose to bring them, but they won’t be part of the conversation. Also, you will be signing up for a 15-minute time slot, but we can keep the conversation as short as you wish.

Pictures from last week and this week

See you on Monday

Ms L

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