25th Nov- 6th Dec


We have planted an assortment of different seeds and we been eagerly watching our garden grow and the children are so fascinated by how quickly some of the vegetables are growing. (To be honest so am I).  Each morning the children are involved in helping to water the garden and care for the leaves that have fallen down. I am amazed by how interested the children are in watching the development of the garden and I hope that we can begin to harvest and eat some of these vegetables after Xmas. Please ask your child about our garden and what we are growing. Here are some pictures of us hard at work.

K1 Visit 

We were really lucky last week as Ms. Charla in K1 asked us to come over for a play date. The children had a great time playing with and alongside other children and it was wonderful to see the different relationships and friendships that have developed in our own class as they venture our of Discovery and into other classroom environments. The children were very respectful while in Ms. Charla’s class, asking her if they could play in different areas and different toys. I was very proud as all the children helped to pack away and said thank you to K1 C and Ms. Charla. Here are some photos of us in action!!

Goodbye Fred 

Last Friday was Fred’s last day until next year. We were very lucky to have Fred’s dad Levi come in and ice some cupcakes with us. The children helped to use an icing bag to ice the cupcakes and were given some fondant and sprinkle to decorate the cakes. Thanks so much, Levi and Fred for sharing your cupcake icing skills with us. Until we see you again in 2020. Here are some photos of the icing action!!

How the World Works

For our How the world works unit, we have been exploring different materials. We began by exploring some ice on a tray. The children really enjoyed exploring this and independently thought to use hammers to see how they could break the ice. When I asked the group about the ice the children became really excited about different animals that live in the ice, in particular, walruses, penguins, polar bears, and whales. So over the next couple of days, we inquired into these different animals and I showed them some of my own photos of ice, polar bears, whales, penguins and walruses that I have seen on my own travels to the north and south poles. We also discussed ice and looked at some video clips of icebergs and glaciers. We discussed how water turns into ice and I asked the children what other things we could freeze. These were some of their answers

Unicorn- Kareena and Eva


Colorful icecream- Max, Lydia and Bom

Koala- Miu

Pickles- Cooper


Milk and Orage Juice-Ms Laura

Picture of a dog-Kai




On Thursday we started testing our ideas and we froze some milk and orange juice first. Some of the children though it would melt, some children thought it would freeze and a few children thought it might blow up in the freezer. Here are some pictures of our experiment. We will continue to freeze the other items as well to see how our theories work out. Here are a few photos!!

Vietnamese hat painting

This week the children were also involved in creating their very own Vietnamese conical hat. They will be displayed in our classroom and then the children will be allowed to take them home. Here are some pictures of us painting. Here are the pictures

Mr. Neal

Mr. Neal continues to come into our class and teach us about different materials that are used int the maker space. This week he taught us about split pins which we used to connect different pieces of paper together. Here are some photos

Happy Birthday Prisha and Prayan 

We also celebrated Prisha and Prayan’s birthday this week. Happy Birthday and thanks for the cupcakes!! Here are a  few photos

Ms Kris

Ms. Kris has also been in to work on children knowing about and discussing their feelings. This week she brought in puppets and the children used these in small groups to talk about how they are feeling and how this relates to the zones of regulation framework that we use school-wide.  Enjoy some more photos.

One more week to go the countdown is on!!

Have a great weekend

Ms L

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