17th Nov-22nd Nov

Florists in the making

Ms. Tho brought in some floral decorations that she found after a wedding in Ciputra and the children have loved making their own floral arrangements. This has lead to a lot of imaginary play and has also been very good at helping to strengthen children’s fine motor skills and strength. As I observe the children in their play it has been wonderful to see that the boys, in particular, have really enjoyed using the flowers creatively and there have not been any negative gender discussions around this. Here are some photos of the children using the flowers.

Open Classrooms

Thank you to the parents who were able to visit and spend time with your children at school during open classrooms this week. It is so special for the children to share their learning environment with you and they were so excited to have you in our space. We appreciate your taking the time to learn more about our program and here are some photos of the event.

Starting the Garden

The children have been involved in helping to take out the plants and prepare the garden bed for planting. They have loved spending time involved in digging the dirt, searching for snails and pulling out the pants. Stay tuned as we begin to plant different vegetables and flowers and we watch them grow. Here we are in the garden.

Pizza Making

This week we had Giulias mum came to teach us how to make pizza. Each child got their own pizza dough and we got to knead it and push it just like real Italian pizza bakers. We also got to choose some toppings including ham, cheese, and olives and baked our pizza in the oven. They were ready for us to eat just before lunch and were so delicious.

Thank you, Giulia and your mummy for coming to teach us how to make pizza. Here are the photos.

Happy Birthday

On Friday we celebrated Cooper turning 4. Happy Birthday Cooper and thanks for the yummy muffins!!


Finally thank you so much for your appreciation on Teacher Appreciation day. I felt so spoilt and appreciated. It is a joy every day to teach your children so thank you very much!!

Have a great weekend

Ms Laura

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