UN day and more

 UN DAY This week started off with a bang. We celebrated UN day which was a wonderful way to continue our conversations about community and connection. I was so proud of Discovery B as they had to sit for such a long time through some pretty intense speeches and they did it so well. We also talked about the countries we come from, some of the languages we speak as well as the different types of traditional costumes that some of the children were wearing.  Here are a few photos of the day.


We are still looking at developing a strong sense of community in our classroom. This week we added our own photos to a community wheel where we will begin to add different people that are in our community to it as the weeks go on. We have been using words such as community, family, friendship and belonging to encourage discussions around the different communities. Here are some pictures of our community wheel.


Our last swimming lesson of the quarter took place this week. The children have gained more confidence in the water and have enjoyed playing games together. They will have one more session of swimming in the springtime. Here are some last pictures.


This week, cooking was an even bigger hit than usual. On the menu were fruit kababs. The children cut up pineapple, watermelon, apples, and grapes very carefully with their own knives and cutting boards. Don’t worry they only use butter knives when cutting. Then they patterned the pieces onto a skewer and Bon appetite! Even the children that aren’t too fond of fruit couldn’t resist a taste after their hard work. Enjoy the fruity pictures!!!


Our G3 buddies also came for a play on Friday. They were missing Discovery so much that they asked Ms. Chris to schedule this extra time. The weather was so beautiful outside so the children rode bikes together, played in the sandbox together and played with the big blocks


Dress up day is on Thursday, October the 31st. Please feel free to bring your child to school dressed up. We just ask that it is nothing too scary and weapons are left at home. Thanks

Have a great weekend

Ms Laura

October 14th-18th

Dear parents,

We have had a very busy week here in Discovery! The week kicked off with the children learning about the UN SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). Our focus this week and next is Goal #12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. And with a little help from “The Earth Book” by author Todd Parr, we have figured out some ways in which we can be responsible consumers helping to protect our planet earth.

So far the children have agreed to:

  • Draw on the entire piece of paper, when at the writing-table, adding lots of detail and then turn the paper over doing the same on the other side. This will help to conserve paper!
  • Make sure to put the caps back on the pens so they don’t dry out. This helps to conserve our pen resources!
  • During lunchtime, take only what you need and make sure to eat it all. This will help us to not waste food!
  • And turn off any lights you do not need. This will help us to conserve energy!

On Tuesday, we had Discovery/K1 Open Classrooms. There were provocations set up in all classrooms directly related to the SDG’s. We found out that shredded paper in Vietnam cannot be recycled and so, being that we are trying to conserve our paper, we decided to make our own out of the shredded paper collected around campus. The children had so much fun as the activity was very hands-on, sensory, fine motor and messy!

We look forward to having you all join us on Monday for UN Day. Please come directly to the classroom after the assembly to pick up your child so you can take them to the yummy lunch buffet that will be set up in the ECC gym. If you have any questions please let me know.

We also celebrated Willa’s belated birthday. Willa turned 4. Thanks for the cupcakes Willa they were delicious!!

Here are some pictures of the week.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!!!

4th of Oct

Dear parents,

Thank you all for attending our Learning Conversations this week. It was a great time to catch up with you, especially if your child is a bus student and I don’t see you often! We are still just at the beginning of the year, learning routines, developing community and relationships and a kindsafe and responsible place for learning.

At the end of your conversations on Monday, I gave you each a leaf to fill out describing the hopes and dreams you have for your child this year in Discovery. This week we talked about them in classand then hung them from our tree, which we call our hopes and dreams tree. Please see the photos.

As you know, we have been working on greetings. This includes saying ‘good morning’ to each other at the beginning of the day and ‘goodbye’ at the end of the day. Now, we are beginning to really focus on ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. For example, if someone holds the door for us, we say thank you. If we want food passed to us at the table we say please and then thank you. The children have also learned how to say ‘thank you’ in sign language and have been practicing this in a large group. Please ask you child to show you the sign!

Mr. Neil from our IT department has agreed to come to Discovery every two weeks with some tinkering materials for the children to experience. Yesterday was the first day and it was quite successful. We look forward to the different materials and skills he will be able to expose the children to as the year unfolds.

A holiday request! Please send in a picture of your holiday as an exciting talking point when we get back. Also, if you are traveling in Vietnam or even staying in Hanoi, please send in pictures of some sights and the environment and people. This will help us to connect the idea of the community outside of the walls of UNIS.

Lastly, If you have not logged onto Seesaw and commented on how to say hello and peace in your home language, please do so. We really would like to add this to documentation in our classroom showing contributions from every family. Thank you!

Also, thank you to Giulia’s mum for baking us some lovely pizza on Friday… the children loved it!!!!

Please enjoy these some more pictures of the week!

Have a great October Holiday full of rest, relaxation and fun!

Ms L