27th September


This week our swimming unit began. The children loved the water! It was a great chance for them to practice our agreements of Be Kind, Be Safe and Be Responsible.

Learning Conversations

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday for Learning Conversations. This is a new process for us to have your child involved. Please know that there are no expectations for your child to participate. They have prepared something to share with you though.

Please enjoy these pictures of swimming this week!

Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!

13th and 20th September

13th September

Moon Festival

This week we celebrated the Moon Festival at UNIS. It was wonderful to see almost all the children in their beautiful Ao Dai’s. As part of the celebration, they painted masks, enjoyed a special snack and went to see the Moon Festival assembly. Thank you to Bom and Kai’s family for bringing in some lovely mooncakes for us all to share. Here are a few photos of the day.

Developing Relationships

As the children begin to feel increasingly confident in the Discovery space, they are learning to communicate and connect. During the school day, a child may experience a range of emotions and have interactions with others that both excite and challenge them. They are learning to control physical impulses and develop the vocabulary required to express their feelings to peers and teachers. It has been wonderful to see their connections grow. Developing these times important social and communication skills is a large part of our work in Discovery and they continue to impact their learning throughout their education and beyond.


This week we celebrated Tea’s birthday who turned four. Happy Birthday, Tea!!!!!

Classroom Parent

Thank you for the responses to being a classroom parent. The first parent who responded was Kai’s mother, she will be our new classroom parent. Thank you so much!!!

Snack Sale

Thanks so much for providing your child with money for the snack sale. It was a great success and the children really enjoyed learning about what is involved when buying something from a shop. The best part of all was we got to eat the snack as well. Here are some photos of the sale.

20th September


This year our swimming curriculum has changed and the children will be involved in swimming lessons from the start of next week finishing on October the 25th.  Please look at the classroom schedule carefully. On days when we have swimming period 1, please send your child to school with their swimming suit already on underneath their clothes. The reason I ask this is that we do not have time to change and then get all the way to the pool once the bell rings. On the days when it is later please bring their swimsuit and towel in their bag and we will change them in the classroom beforehand. Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns please email our aquatics director Mr. Martin. aquaticsmanager@unishanoi.org

Moon Cakes

To reflect on the moon festival, the children were invited to the Vietnamese classroom and had a chance to make mooncakes. Traditionally these cakes are made from red bean or lotus seed paste, but for Discovery we made them out of rice flour and water. The children enjoyed rolling the dough into traditional dough molds and choosing their own shape out of a circle, square, flower or fish mold. Here are some photos of the children at work.

Classroom Agreements

This week we have been exploring our classroom agreements. These are

*Be Kind

*Be Safe

*Be responsible

We are going to unpack these one at a time and are starting to brainstorm what these three words look like in our classroom.

Day of Peace

On Saturday it is the international day of peace, so on Friday we read the story the peace book by Todd Parr

Lots of discussions occurred around being peaceful and what peace looks like at school and at home. Here are some of our ideas……

Marble Painting

This week the children were involved in marble painting. This is a great activity for the children to develop their hand-eye coordination and they’re fine motor skills.  Here are some photos of the children’s work.

Visiting the classroom

Just a quick reminder if anyone would like to come and share a passion with the children they are more than welcome to drop by. It might be to read a story or do some baking or singing. You are more than welcome so please let me know if and when you can make it!

Have a great weekend

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Cooking in the classroom and back to school night


Thanks for coming to back to school night. We really appreciate your participation and understanding last night. If you did not manage to come I have added the link here for you and please email me any questions/ comments or concerns at any time I am only an email message away.

Back to school night presentation here 


This week the children were involved in our first cooking experience and we made shortbread. Cooking is a great way to begin to discuss a variety of different mathematical concepts. While involved in baking the children were involved in counting while adding ingredients, they were also involved in measurement while pouring ingredients into a measuring cup. We also talked about what comes first, second and third as well as perfecting our listening skills as we read the recipe together. The shortbread biscuits were a huge hit and we all enjoyed having two at the end of the day.

Here are some photos of us involved in cooking.


This week ms Nitasha came in to read us a story. At UNIS we strongly believe in the importance of books and reading and encourage parents and family members to come in and read to us. Ms. Nitasha read us a story about kindness which relates to our classroom discussions on being caring to others. the children were so well behaved and Ms. Nitasha even commented on how well we sat and listened. Here are some pictures of us sitting together and listening to the story.


11th September Snack Sale. On the 11th of Septemeber, the children will be involved in a snack sale. Please send with your child 20,000 dong so they can choose a healthy snack.

12th September  Moon Festival On the 12th of September the children will be celebrating the moon festival. This is a time where we all wear the Vietnamese form of dress called an Ao Dai. If you are unfamiliar with this type of costume, it looks like this.13th September There is no school this day due to professional development for the teachers on this day.

Thanks have a great weekend

Ms L