5th of June

Dear parents

Today was Moving Up Day and it was a great success. It was a chance for the children to go to K1 and see where they will be next year. The children visited two of the K1 classrooms and spent time with Ms. Marianne and Ms. Lindsay. They had lots of fun with introductions, playing, and then reading a story at the end. Teachers, classrooms, and exact locations have not yet been decided for next year, but it was great for them to familiarize themselves with the current K1 environment and materials. As our friend Cooper is leaving this year, he went to Ms. Emma’s room for some leaver activities.

Finally, we had a ‘Popcorn and Peppa Pig Party’ on Friday!!!!! So much fun!


Monday: Pizza party. Pack only a snack for your child on this day. No need for home lunch!

Wednesday: Last day of school. Dismissal at 12pm.

Please enjoy these pictures of the week

Have a great weekend

Ms L

Art Week

4 Striking Trends at NADA Miami That Show Us Where the Art World ...


This week has been chockablock full of art and craft experiences for the children both virtually and in person.  Here are the different experiences that the art department had organized for us to do!


On Monday the children were shown some different types of abstract art. We talked about the shapes and read the story Circle by Jon Klassen. The children then drew their own shapes in black marker ready for the next step.


On Tuesday we celebrated Benjamin’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Benjamin.!!! We also made a Discovery dragon and glued lots and lots of different shapes, eyes, and feathers onto the dragon’s body. Ms. Liz also did a zoom music session with us which we all enjoyed and got us to jump up and down to the beat!!


On Wednesday Ms. Emma asked us to color in our abstract shape drawings. The children were able to choose their own colors and I was very impressed with the way that they colored them in.


On Thursday the children were involved in a virtual assembly. We learned about using different objects as musical instruments and created a STOMP session where we used their own instruments to make up a scene. Ms. Liz also read us a story where we were able to sing different parts of the story.  In the afternoon we said Good-Bye to the graduating students of 202 but cheering them on as they walked through the grounds saying goodbye.


On Friday we listened to some dragon stories and then went on a shape hunt around the school. The children also made some different road signs for the road that we have been working on in the classroom.

This week 

This week the children have been able to use our classroom environment differently. We have moved the tables and chairs to the side of the room and we have used the space for more physical games including using the parachute, musical chairs, duck duck goose, moon hopper races, and making our own road with street signs and cars. It is so good to see the children working together and developing their own games and interests. I love this time of year as it just shows how much the children have changed, matured  and developed. Here are the photos for the week.

Have a great weekend

Ms L

wellness week


This week has been a wellness week. We have concentrated on taking care of our bodies and our minds through different experiences. The children have been involved in a group zoom session every morning where they have been invited to move to a variety of different experiences.


Here is Monday’s video of us involved in an action song to get us up and moving to the beat. Very energetic for a Monday morning!!


On Tuesday the children explored yoga and had a very special visit from Felix the phoenix. Here is a small video clip. We also revisited the book I AM YOGA and showed off some of our favorite yoga moves to each other.


On Wednesday we did some aerobics with Mr. Quan. Here is a short clip of our aerobic moves. Mr. Quan is very popular in Discovery and the children love seeing him as often as possible.


On Thursday the children went on a hunt to find Phoneix with the PE team. Here they are involved in a story exercise. We also had an elementary assembly and participated in a Kalinga quiz where unfortunately we did not know many of the answers. It was a very tough quiz!


On our last day of wellness week, the children participated in a dance called walking on sunshine. It was so nice to see some of our Discovery friends that we have not seen for a while. It was so good to see everyone boogying to the beat!! Here is a small clip of their moves!!

Some special interests…..

The children were very interested in using our new window markers on the windows. It has made our room so colorful and bright. We also made some very fashionable jewelry and explored making books and stories. The children focused on story and book characters, the settings, and the development of titles. They used paper and story stones to explore these concepts. Here are some photos of the action happening.

Have a great weekend and stay COOL!!!

Ms L :0


We are back

Dear Parents

And we are back….

It has been so good to see all the children’s smiling faces as they skipped back into the classroom. I was really surprised at how resilient they were especially when things were a little different in the classroom and at school. They have all grown up both physically and emotionally and you have all done a wonderful job with them over the last 3 months!!

Curious Creatures and Book WeekWhere the Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak, Maurice Sendak ...

This week the children have been involved in creating their own curious creatures as this was our theme for book week. We first read the story Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendek and discussed the different characteristics that each of the monsters had. The children were then invited to draw their very own curious creatures. Here are some pictures of their drawings and their thoughts behind them.

Playdough Monsters

The children were then invited to recreate their monsters in playdough. This activity lasted quite a long time as the children discussed at each table what they were making with their friends and the different types of monsters that they were making. It was so good to see the collaboration between the children and the mature conversations that were taking place. Here are their playdough models.

PJ Day

Photos from the week

Here are some more snaps of the week. Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Ms L



Happy New Year


This week the children have been very excited about the coming new year. The children made soring rolls last week and sticky rice this week to celebrate.  They have enjoyed exploring our tet blossom branch and have finished painting their own peach blossom branches. Yesterday they wore their ao dais and went to the ES Tet assembly performed by grade 1, 3 and 5. The biggest excitement was the dragon dance as well as seeing the giant rats that the children had created in art class. The children have also spent time learning about some Tet traditions in Vietnamese and made ‘li xi’ (lucky money envelopes) along with some of their very own lucky money.

We also celebrated Kareena’s birthday this week!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! Also a big thank you to Bom and his family for bringing cherry’s for us to eat together.

Here are some pictures of the week

Starting on the 10th of February we will begin the show and tell. This is a time where the children are able to bring something from home and can share it with their friends. I will send out more information after the holidays.

Have a wonderful TET holiday and see you in the new year!!!

Ms L


Dear parents

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was restful and full of fun family time. My apologies for being away this start of the school year but I was involved in recruitment leave for my next school posting so this post is 2 weeks worth of information.

Apart from my absence, It has been an extremely smooth transition back into the classroom for the children. They easily remembered the daily routines and expectations and are excited to be together again.

Natural Materials

This week we have started using more natural materials in the classroom and the children have been invited to explore these materials through collage. The children have been involved in using their imaginations to create different pictures using materials that we find in the environment.


This week the children baked passion fruit cake. Cooking is an important part of our week and supports the development of math, language and social skills. Invite your child to help you cook or bake with you at home. They love talking about the ingredients, doing the measuring and then feeling proud of the final product.


As we have been exploring different materials in the classroom we invited a traditional potter to come into the classroom and explore clay with the discovery children. Each child was allowed to use the potter’s wheel and made a cup or a teapot. These objects are still drying so the children will be able to take them home when they have hardened.

Science Lab

Another way for the children to explore different materials in the classroom is the science lab that we have set up. The children have loved exploring different materials through mixing, researching, hypothesizing and inquiring in their play. This has lead to a lot of different discussions and ideas and some interest in scientists and scientific work.

Name Writing

The children have also begun to write their own names in the morning to show the group if they are here or not. it is important especially in the early years to celebrate any kind of mark making and too not be disappointed as an adult if a child’s name may not be recognizable. We want children to feel like writers, even if they are scribbling they will soon begin to develop letters and any mark is celebrated in Discovery!!!!


Thursday January 23rd we will celebrate Tet at UNIS. Please send your child in an ao dai on this day.

Parent Teacher Conferences are fast approaching on Wednesday January 22nd. Children are welcome to attend but this is optional for you. We will have an activity available for your child should you choose to bring them, but they won’t be part of the conversation. Also, you will be signing up for a 15-minute time slot, but we can keep the conversation as short as you wish.

Pictures from last week and this week

See you on Monday

Ms L

25th Nov- 6th Dec


We have planted an assortment of different seeds and we been eagerly watching our garden grow and the children are so fascinated by how quickly some of the vegetables are growing. (To be honest so am I).  Each morning the children are involved in helping to water the garden and care for the leaves that have fallen down. I am amazed by how interested the children are in watching the development of the garden and I hope that we can begin to harvest and eat some of these vegetables after Xmas. Please ask your child about our garden and what we are growing. Here are some pictures of us hard at work.

K1 Visit 

We were really lucky last week as Ms. Charla in K1 asked us to come over for a play date. The children had a great time playing with and alongside other children and it was wonderful to see the different relationships and friendships that have developed in our own class as they venture our of Discovery and into other classroom environments. The children were very respectful while in Ms. Charla’s class, asking her if they could play in different areas and different toys. I was very proud as all the children helped to pack away and said thank you to K1 C and Ms. Charla. Here are some photos of us in action!!

Goodbye Fred 

Last Friday was Fred’s last day until next year. We were very lucky to have Fred’s dad Levi come in and ice some cupcakes with us. The children helped to use an icing bag to ice the cupcakes and were given some fondant and sprinkle to decorate the cakes. Thanks so much, Levi and Fred for sharing your cupcake icing skills with us. Until we see you again in 2020. Here are some photos of the icing action!!

How the World Works

For our How the world works unit, we have been exploring different materials. We began by exploring some ice on a tray. The children really enjoyed exploring this and independently thought to use hammers to see how they could break the ice. When I asked the group about the ice the children became really excited about different animals that live in the ice, in particular, walruses, penguins, polar bears, and whales. So over the next couple of days, we inquired into these different animals and I showed them some of my own photos of ice, polar bears, whales, penguins and walruses that I have seen on my own travels to the north and south poles. We also discussed ice and looked at some video clips of icebergs and glaciers. We discussed how water turns into ice and I asked the children what other things we could freeze. These were some of their answers

Unicorn- Kareena and Eva


Colorful icecream- Max, Lydia and Bom

Koala- Miu

Pickles- Cooper


Milk and Orage Juice-Ms Laura

Picture of a dog-Kai




On Thursday we started testing our ideas and we froze some milk and orange juice first. Some of the children though it would melt, some children thought it would freeze and a few children thought it might blow up in the freezer. Here are some pictures of our experiment. We will continue to freeze the other items as well to see how our theories work out. Here are a few photos!!

Vietnamese hat painting

This week the children were also involved in creating their very own Vietnamese conical hat. They will be displayed in our classroom and then the children will be allowed to take them home. Here are some pictures of us painting. Here are the pictures

Mr. Neal

Mr. Neal continues to come into our class and teach us about different materials that are used int the maker space. This week he taught us about split pins which we used to connect different pieces of paper together. Here are some photos

Happy Birthday Prisha and Prayan 

We also celebrated Prisha and Prayan’s birthday this week. Happy Birthday and thanks for the cupcakes!! Here are a  few photos

Ms Kris

Ms. Kris has also been in to work on children knowing about and discussing their feelings. This week she brought in puppets and the children used these in small groups to talk about how they are feeling and how this relates to the zones of regulation framework that we use school-wide.  Enjoy some more photos.

One more week to go the countdown is on!!

Have a great weekend

Ms L

17th Nov-22nd Nov

Florists in the making

Ms. Tho brought in some floral decorations that she found after a wedding in Ciputra and the children have loved making their own floral arrangements. This has lead to a lot of imaginary play and has also been very good at helping to strengthen children’s fine motor skills and strength. As I observe the children in their play it has been wonderful to see that the boys, in particular, have really enjoyed using the flowers creatively and there have not been any negative gender discussions around this. Here are some photos of the children using the flowers.

Open Classrooms

Thank you to the parents who were able to visit and spend time with your children at school during open classrooms this week. It is so special for the children to share their learning environment with you and they were so excited to have you in our space. We appreciate your taking the time to learn more about our program and here are some photos of the event.

Starting the Garden

The children have been involved in helping to take out the plants and prepare the garden bed for planting. They have loved spending time involved in digging the dirt, searching for snails and pulling out the pants. Stay tuned as we begin to plant different vegetables and flowers and we watch them grow. Here we are in the garden.

Pizza Making

This week we had Giulias mum came to teach us how to make pizza. Each child got their own pizza dough and we got to knead it and push it just like real Italian pizza bakers. We also got to choose some toppings including ham, cheese, and olives and baked our pizza in the oven. They were ready for us to eat just before lunch and were so delicious.

Thank you, Giulia and your mummy for coming to teach us how to make pizza. Here are the photos.

Happy Birthday

On Friday we celebrated Cooper turning 4. Happy Birthday Cooper and thanks for the yummy muffins!!


Finally thank you so much for your appreciation on Teacher Appreciation day. I felt so spoilt and appreciated. It is a joy every day to teach your children so thank you very much!!

Have a great weekend

Ms Laura

Nov 10th to 15th

Well hasn’t the weather been terrible!!! The children have spent a lot of time indoors this week and to be perfectly honest I think they coped much better than I did. Because of this indoor play we spent a lot of time in other classrooms. Ms. Liz let us hang out in her music class, we spent some time at the library and we also spent more time in the gym.

A lot of interest has been developing around some new hot wheels cars that we have opened and the children are learning to negotiate, share and take turns with these new toys.

Letters and Sounds

We have been spending some time this week discussing the letters in our names. The children were very excited to see some new nature letters up in the classroom, which encouraged a lot of discussions. The children are putting together letter sounds and attaching them to new words like C for Cooper and Cape or B for Bom and Benjamen and Bubble and I am amazed at the connections that the children are making to the words that they hear in the classroom

Open Classrooms

What are Open Classrooms?
Open Classrooms showcase learning in action. On Tuesday, Nov the 19th, from 10.30 am to 12.00 our classrooms are open for you to observe lessons that put our philosophy into practice.

Purpose of Open Classrooms
Open Classrooms is for parents to get an insider’s view of what life is like inside the classrooms at UNIS. By opening up our classroom doors we would like to give parents a glimpse of student-centered, constructivist teaching and learning in action. We aim to demonstrate our inquiry-based teaching philosophy which is central to our identity as an IB school.

What is my responsibility as a visitor to an active learning environment?
● Please try to be quiet when the class is gathered together. Put away all mobile devices.
● Please enter the classrooms quietly and be on time. We recommend you stay for at least 20 minutes to see the flow of the lesson.
● Please leave younger siblings at home with a caregiver, so that you may give you full
attention to your child’s class.
● All parents must wear their UNIS Parent ID badge.
● Photographing other students is not permitted

A big thanks to Fred for bringing in some black and white cupcakes for us to try on a Friday. They were greatly appreciated by all. Here are some photos of us enjoying these.

Here are some photos of the week

Have a great weekend

Ms L!!!