This Week in Discovery A, September 25th

What a fabulous and fun-filled week in Discovery. We celebrated Peace and the Moon Festival all the while continuing our investigation on families. We also had swimming for the first time this school year and became authors. Wow, what amazing students we have in Discovery. 

Paint Moon Cakes

Last week during cooking, we made salt dough moon cakes. This week, we painted our moon cakes. The students loved making them and painting them. They were so excited to bring them home to share with you. We also put them in our kitchen area at school. 

International Day of Peace

On Monday, we had a wonderful day celebrating the International Day of Peace. All of the students from Discovery and K1, went into the Center for the Arts foyer and met as a big group. We talked about what it means to be peaceful and all of the teachers took turns reading the book I am Peace by Peter Reynolds. Ms Kris, our elementary counselor, came and did some mindfulness yoga with us and we ended with a big silent cheer. The students loved being together and celebrating our special day. Thank you for helping your child wear blue and white.

Moon Festival & Assembly

The Moon festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival or Têt Trung Thu, is an annual holiday in Vietnam and many Asian countries. Children eat moon cakes, celebrate the fall harvest and take part in lion dance parades. At school, we made lanterns, made and painted salt dough moon cakes and made all of the shapes of the moon from a sliver to a full moon. We were able to watch the Vietnamese students in Grade 2 and 4 perform in a special Moon Festival assembly while dressed in our beautiful Ao Dais. The assembly was followed by Grade 5 students performing the lion dance for us. We ended the day by eating a special moon cake…yummy!


What a successful first week of swimming. The students were so brave getting into the water and trying different swim techniques by our amazing PE staff, led by Ms Clare. The loved splashing in the water, attempting to put their heads underwater and playing some games with all of the teachers. Well done, Discovery!!!

Book Making

This week we started bookmaking in our classes. The students love listening to stories and have started becoming authors themselves with their very own books. After they make a book, the students present it to the class and we celebrate their writings and drawings. We look forward to sharing more details of the books and our student authors with you on Seesaw. 

What is Book Making?

  • It is project-based learning
  • It is child-centered; children are able to follow their own interests in making books
  • Since art is a child’s “language”, they can focus on composing stories through illustrations and/or symbolic writing
  • Children know that books are a real form of published writing; a single piece of paper is not. -Ray and Glover, Already Ready, 2008

Behavior in Discovery

Here are some details regarding expected behavior in Discovery.  As we know, our students are developing their personal, social and emotional skills.  At times, our students will have a conflict or not want to follow classroom directions.  Occasionally, a student will exhibit a behavior that breaks our classroom agreements, such as ‘gentle hands’, ‘being kind’, ‘being responsible’ or ‘being safe’. When this happens, we offer a child three opportunities to make a ‘good choice’.  If the student refuses to apologize or follow directions it is sometimes necessary to use another option in order for the student to reflect on his/her behavior.  We want to be consistent in Discovery and will be using the term ‘thinking chair’ to reinforce positive behavior.  This is by no means a new concept and we are sure some of you have a ‘thinking step’ or ‘take a break chair’ at home.  If you have any questions regarding the ‘thinking chair’ please let me know.  


October 1 Learning Conferences, No School

October 12-18 October Break, No School

Here is the link for the school calendar if you need it.  You can download the latest version of the calendar here.

Please share these photos with your child over the weekend.  You will be amazed by what they can tell you.

With kind regards.

This Week in Discovery A, September 4th

The shorter week flew by.  We have been continuing to build relationships within the class and also talking about our classroom agreements which include ‘gentle hands’ and ‘walking feet’.

This week we concentrated on drawing and painting our families, counting the number of people in our family, drawing pictures for our friends and building homes for animals. 

DoHa’s Birthday

Today we celebrated DoHa’s Birthday. We were so excited to help him celebrate turning 4 years old. We sang Happy Birthday to DoHa in English, Korean and Vietnamese. It was such a fun day for all of us. Thank you to DoHa’s parents for the yummy cupcakes. We all LOVED them.



In math this week, we looked at our family photos and started to count who is in our family. We used rocks, shapes, numbers, people shapes and gems to count. Exposing students to numbers in various forms introduces them to counting one by one which is one of the first steps to numeracy at this age.


We have been continuing to talk about families. We looked at our family photo and drew our family members with a black marker. When we were finished, we used watercolors to paint our drawings. The students took a lot of time to draw and paint their family. The concentration and fine motor skills are amazing.


At one of our stations this week, we set up a mailbox for friends to write or draw pictures for a friend in class. The students loved working on a special surprise for a friend. The students that got a picture were so excited to see what was inside the mailbox.


In UOI, we read stories about families and homes. We also listened to some new songs about family. The students built homes out of legos and kapla blocks. They built tall, short, wide and long homes with each other. The students were cooperating and taking turns while building.



Please look for an upcoming email with your Seesaw code to access Seesaw. These will be sent to you early next week. We are very excited to share with you some of the projects the students are doing in class.


  • DoHa’s Birthday
  • Making mango smoothies during cooking
  • Drawing our families and then painting them
  • Making homes out of legos and wooden blocks
  • Writing letters to friends and drawing pictures for them


Ribbons – Please can you return your ribbon for our hopes and dream wheel.  If you need a new ribbon please do not hesitate to ask. We have plenty more for you. 

Photo Day – Wednesday 9th September.  Please have your child dress in photo ready clothes. 

Swimming – will start the week beginning Monday 21st September.  It will be for a period of 3 weeks.  More details to follow.  


This Week in Discovery A, August 28th

We had another wonderful week in Discovery. The students are really getting to know each other and are starting to learn each other’s names. They have continued to explore the many provocations in our classroom and on the playground. Here are some photos of our week. 

Back to School Night

Thank you to so many parents who attended our Back to School Night. It was so nice meeting you again and talking about your children. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of your child’s growth and development this school year. As mentioned, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

UOI: Who We Are

During our first Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are, we have been learning about our families. During our morning meeting, the students had the opportunity to introduce us to his/her family. The students showed us their family photos and told us who is in their family. Some of the students also shared what they were doing in their photos. The students practiced their communication and presentation skills. We will be learning more about each of our families by creating graphs of our family members, looking at similarities and differences and also drawing family and self-portraits.

Ms Nitasha comes to Read

This week we had Ms Nitasha come and read us a special story to us. We love Piggie and Gerald books by Mo Willems and this one was a great one all about elephants not knowing how to dance. Thank you, Ms Nitasha for coming in and reading to us. We loved it!





Classroom Agreements

As an Elementary school, we believe teaching all students to be kind, safe and responsible with each other, with teachers and with our materials. 

This week we introduced some classroom agreements with our students. We talked about how it is important to use walking feet in our classroom, to be kind and caring to each other (gentle hands), to listen to our teachers and friends, to share with our friends and to take turns. We will continue to learn more about these agreements in the next few weeks.









This week we continued our cooking class and made fresh fruit ice lollies. The students loved making the lollies and worked hard together, chopping fruit for themselves and squeezing fresh orange juice to hold the fruit together. We think that they loved eating them most of all.

Vietnamese Class

Each week Ms Dung comes to our class and teaches us Vietnamese. It is so wonderful for us to learn the language of our home and host country. The students really enjoy learning about Vietnam and hearing words in Vietnamese.






  • September 1 ES New Family Virtual Welcome Coffee 9-10am
  • September 2 No School Vietnamese Independence Day
  • If you have a nanny or housekeeper or driver that will consistently pick up your child, please register him/her with UNIS at to create a UNIS ID badge
  • Please remember to return your ribbon, with your ‘hopes and dreams’ for your child written on it.  Please add your child’s name to the ribbon too.  Thank you.
  • Sleep things have been returned today please be sure to send clean bedding back to school on Monday.  This is something that we do not keep spares of.