January 17th – Disco A

Dear parents,

This week, we have started preparing for the Tet holiday. We have two beautiful peach blossom branches in our classroom that the children are observing closely and recreating their own version of by cutting up construction paper for the branches and leaves and gluing on pink tissue paper for the petals. Next week, they will make their own Tet envelopes and money to put inside that will hang from the tree.

We also have a platter of traditional fruit that the children can take apart to feel and smell the fruits and then rearrange. The fruits include bananas, mango, oranges, red peppers, dragon fruit and a fruit called ‘Buddha’s Hand’. The children also have been making banh chung as a sensory activity using sticky rice rolled up into leaves and tied with bamboo wrap. They are also bringing home real banh chung that they made in Vietnamese class.

This week for cooking, the children made traditional Vietnamese spring rolls. We counted 7 ingredients including carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, spring onions, vermicelli noodles, rice paper and egg. After they finished lunch, they enjoyed their delicious work.

Lastly, we had a pottery maker come this week to show the children how to spin a pot on the wheel. All of Discovery and K1 participated and enjoyed using this material to create a small bowl which they will paint after it is fired in the kiln.

Important Reminders for next week:

Monday– Field trip to 20/10 school for their traditional Tet celebration. The bus will leave promptly at 8:30, so please make sure to be on time for school that day. Also, your child needs to wear their ao dai to school and also their UNIS ID card. Please make sure that your child also has extra sets of clothes to change into upon returning as well as on a regular basis for water play and toilet accidents.

Tuesday– Student report cards are emailed to parents. PLEASE make sure to read your child’s report before your scheduled teacher conversation the next day. The idea of this conversation is just to have a brief chat about it answering any questions you might have. So please come with comments or questions written down if you have them.

Wednesday– Parent Teacher Conversations. Remember that bringing your child is optional. They will not be a physical part of the conversation. We will have our Ta’s supervising the playground if needed and one activity set up inside if needed as well.

Thursday– UNIS Tet celebration and the last day of school before the holiday. Please make sure that your child comes to school in their ao dai. Also, the Tet assembly on that day for Discovery-Grade 1 is held in the theater from 9:25-10:15. Parents are welcome. As you will not be able to sit with your child if you choose to attend, I invite you to join your child in the ECC to greet them and give them a hug before you leave. It will be our outdoor playtime and snack directly afterwards so it would be a fine time to spend a little time with your child if you would like to. Also, this day is a regular day, so pick up is the normal time.

Whew! That was a lot of information! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Here are some pictures from the week.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


January 10th – Disco A

Dear parents,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was restful and full of fun family time.

It has been an extremely smooth transition back into the classroom for the children. They easily remembered the daily routines and expectations and are excited to be together again.

This week we have started “box construction” using different materials. This allows children to use their imaginations to create different things using materials that would have otherwise been put to waste. It may look like something simple, but they are putting lots of time and effort gluing, taping, cutting and painting their creations. It’s also an excellent fine motor activity. Please continue to send in any empty and clean containers, boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.

This week the children baked passion fruit cake. Cooking is an important part of our week and supports the development of math, language and social skills. Invite your child to help you cook or bake with you at home. They love talking about the ingredients, doing the measuring and then feeling proud of the final product.

IMPORTANT: Monday January 20th, we have been invited, along with K1A, to the 20/10 school to participate in their Tet celebration. I was lucky enough to take my K1 class last year and it was a huge success. Permission forms for this field trip will be sent home next week. Fo this event, the children will need to wear their ao dai’s. Please send them to school in their ao dai’s as we will leave promptly at 8:30am. They can change into their regular clothes when we return to school.

Thursday January 23rd we will celebrate Tet at UNIS. Please send your child in an ao dai on this day as well. So yes, ao dai’s on two days during the last week of school before the Tet holiday.

Parent Teacher Conferences are fast approaching on Wednesday January 22nd. Children are welcome to attend but this is optional for you. We will have an activity available for your child should you choose to bring them, but they won’t be part of the conversation. Also, you will be signing up for a 15 minute time slot, but we can keep the conversation as short as you wish.

Pictures from the week

Have a lovely weekend,