November 1st – Disco A

Dear Parents,

There is so much to talk about! But I will try to keep it short so you can get to the end. And please read to the end! 🙂

This week, we took a deeper dive into ‘Who We Are’ and where we are from. I added pictures of the children to the large globe we have in the classroom next to their home countries. This gave them a visual and helped them to better connect to others that are from the same country. Then the children painted their home country flags onto the homemade paper they made during SDG week.

The children began creating numbers with loose parts this week. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. The loose parts used to create numbers this week were coins (from Ms. Deborah’s travels), glass stones, shells, small sticks and googly eyes. This will carry over into the next couple of weeks. It’s a great fine motor activity and is perfect for exploring, playing with and enjoying numbers.

Yesterday was a big hit with dress-up day. It was so fun watching the kids so proudly walk around in their costumes and act out their parts. We had princesses, a cat, a kitty cat, a cat boy (yes, these are apparently all different), a dinosaur, a pirate, a skeleton, superman, a pumpkin, a witch and a jazzercise girl.

It was also spirit day, so we ventured once more down to the sports center for an introduction of teams from around Southeast Asia attending the MRISA basketball tournament at UNIS. We welcomed the teams with a cheer and grooved to some music and a drum presentation.

After that, we met with our grade 3 buddies in the elementary school playground to reconnect and play. The bonds that the children are forming with their buddies is very special. It is enhancing their communication, collaboration, negotiation and problem solving skills just to name a few.

Today, the children participated in a very special Diwali presentation put on by both Prayan and Aanav’s mother’s. First we watched a short video of a story and then listened to an explanation about the celebration. The children then participated in an activity using beautiful colored sand. All of Discovery were given a ‘Diya’ to bring home and then special sweets were passed around.

Next Thursday November 7th, the Elementary School will participate in International Outdoor Classroom Day.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:
-wears sunscreen to school
-is dressed appropriately for the weather
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
  • Discovery A has put together a Holiday book with all of your pictures you sent in from your October holiday’s. I have collected descriptions from the children about what they experienced and we will revisit this book often. If you have not sent in a photo or two, please do so. We want  to complete the book including our entire community. I don’t want anyone to be left out.
  • The new PE unit is outdoors so please make sure your child wears proper PE clothes and sport shoes.
  • The weather has been a bit colder lately. Make sure your child has a warmer sweatshirt, jumper or long sleeved shirt to put over their t-shirt just in case.

Pictures of the week

Have a relaxing weekend,


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