May 22nd – Disco A

Dear parents,

This week we celebrated ‘Wellness Week’. Each morning we Zoomed from our classroom with the rest of the elementary classrooms, Distance Learning students and the PE department. The children participated in many active experiences during these times.

Please enjoy some of the videos here.

We also worked on a Discovery Dragon story altogether this week. We brainstormed ideas for the different parts of the story as well as titles. Then each child drew a page for the story with pastels, described their page and then was recorded talking about it. It’s going to be put together along with Discovery B’s work by Ms. Emma and Ms. Liz to be presented at the D/K1 Arts Celebration. Some details have been added to your child’s Seesaw account. Please take a peek with your child.

The children have also had lots of fun playing games, connecting floor puzzles, collecting cicadas and decorating the windows with special markers.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos here.

Have a lovely weekend,


May 15th – Discovery A

Dear parents,

It has been so wonderful being back at school with your children this week! We are a small class of all girls so the play has been quite a bit different than before. They have learned the new routines very quickly and are really having fun.

This week was book week and so we have been reading, reading and more reading! Not that that’s much different than before. 🙂 We have also been listening to stories online. Here is a great website for you to do this with your child at home as well. It features celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.

The theme for this week was “Creative Creatures” which inspired many of the stories we read. The children also created their own creatures using playdough and loose parts. Then they drew them and described them. Check them out on your child’s Seesaw account.

We did two whole class math activities together as well. The first one we did was “The Book Basket Challenge”. We sorted a basket of books according to soft or hard cover. We tallied how many of each and then we counted how many altogether.

The second had to do with connecting to our friends that are still in Distance Learning. We took a close look at our globe and talked about where everyone is currently around the world. Then we looked at our class picture and tallied how many children are back at UNIS and how many are Distance Learning.

We also attended our first virtual assembly. All classrooms and Distance Learning children joined. Ms. Monica read us a story all the way from Australia.

Lastly, have you heard the word cicada in your house? A couple of cicada skins were found during outdoor play which sparked a lot of interest. So we went on a cicada hunt with all of Discovery. We found more skins and tuned into the sounds the males make in the trees. Upon returning to the classroom we watched a really cool video about the cicada life cycle. I have a feeling this will continue for a while.

We have been so busy and don’t nap anymore, so I’m sure the children will need some well deserved rest this weekend.

Please enjoy our photos of the week here.

Have a relaxing weekend,


January 17th – Disco A

Dear parents,

This week, we have started preparing for the Tet holiday. We have two beautiful peach blossom branches in our classroom that the children are observing closely and recreating their own version of by cutting up construction paper for the branches and leaves and gluing on pink tissue paper for the petals. Next week, they will make their own Tet envelopes and money to put inside that will hang from the tree.

We also have a platter of traditional fruit that the children can take apart to feel and smell the fruits and then rearrange. The fruits include bananas, mango, oranges, red peppers, dragon fruit and a fruit called ‘Buddha’s Hand’. The children also have been making banh chung as a sensory activity using sticky rice rolled up into leaves and tied with bamboo wrap. They are also bringing home real banh chung that they made in Vietnamese class.

This week for cooking, the children made traditional Vietnamese spring rolls. We counted 7 ingredients including carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, spring onions, vermicelli noodles, rice paper and egg. After they finished lunch, they enjoyed their delicious work.

Lastly, we had a pottery maker come this week to show the children how to spin a pot on the wheel. All of Discovery and K1 participated and enjoyed using this material to create a small bowl which they will paint after it is fired in the kiln.

Important Reminders for next week:

Monday– Field trip to 20/10 school for their traditional Tet celebration. The bus will leave promptly at 8:30, so please make sure to be on time for school that day. Also, your child needs to wear their ao dai to school and also their UNIS ID card. Please make sure that your child also has extra sets of clothes to change into upon returning as well as on a regular basis for water play and toilet accidents.

Tuesday– Student report cards are emailed to parents. PLEASE make sure to read your child’s report before your scheduled teacher conversation the next day. The idea of this conversation is just to have a brief chat about it answering any questions you might have. So please come with comments or questions written down if you have them.

Wednesday– Parent Teacher Conversations. Remember that bringing your child is optional. They will not be a physical part of the conversation. We will have our Ta’s supervising the playground if needed and one activity set up inside if needed as well.

Thursday– UNIS Tet celebration and the last day of school before the holiday. Please make sure that your child comes to school in their ao dai. Also, the Tet assembly on that day for Discovery-Grade 1 is held in the theater from 9:25-10:15. Parents are welcome. As you will not be able to sit with your child if you choose to attend, I invite you to join your child in the ECC to greet them and give them a hug before you leave. It will be our outdoor playtime and snack directly afterwards so it would be a fine time to spend a little time with your child if you would like to. Also, this day is a regular day, so pick up is the normal time.

Whew! That was a lot of information! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Here are some pictures from the week.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


January 10th – Disco A

Dear parents,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was restful and full of fun family time.

It has been an extremely smooth transition back into the classroom for the children. They easily remembered the daily routines and expectations and are excited to be together again.

This week we have started “box construction” using different materials. This allows children to use their imaginations to create different things using materials that would have otherwise been put to waste. It may look like something simple, but they are putting lots of time and effort gluing, taping, cutting and painting their creations. It’s also an excellent fine motor activity. Please continue to send in any empty and clean containers, boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.

This week the children baked passion fruit cake. Cooking is an important part of our week and supports the development of math, language and social skills. Invite your child to help you cook or bake with you at home. They love talking about the ingredients, doing the measuring and then feeling proud of the final product.

IMPORTANT: Monday January 20th, we have been invited, along with K1A, to the 20/10 school to participate in their Tet celebration. I was lucky enough to take my K1 class last year and it was a huge success. Permission forms for this field trip will be sent home next week. Fo this event, the children will need to wear their ao dai’s. Please send them to school in their ao dai’s as we will leave promptly at 8:30am. They can change into their regular clothes when we return to school.

Thursday January 23rd we will celebrate Tet at UNIS. Please send your child in an ao dai on this day as well. So yes, ao dai’s on two days during the last week of school before the Tet holiday.

Parent Teacher Conferences are fast approaching on Wednesday January 22nd. Children are welcome to attend but this is optional for you. We will have an activity available for your child should you choose to bring them, but they won’t be part of the conversation. Also, you will be signing up for a 15 minute time slot, but we can keep the conversation as short as you wish.

Pictures from the week

Have a lovely weekend,




December 13th – Disco A

Dear parents,

Wow! We made it to the long December holiday! It has been so amazing teaching your children and watching them learn and grow. It has been a great year so far and I look forward to the rest!

Click here for a super fun short video taken today with all of Discovery.

Thanks to Jakob’s mom for coming in to make special Christmas cookies with the children. They were delicious!

Here’s wishing you a restful holiday filled with joy, love and laughter,




December 6th – Disco A

Dear parents,

Our garden is growing! The children observe our garden every day to look for new growth and have so much fun taking care of it by making sure it is watered every day. Take a look next time you visit and have your child talk to you about it.

This week we painted conical hats as part of exploring materials. Next week we will brainstorm where the materials come from and how they change in order to become this traditional design and essential part of Vietnamese culture. After the holiday we will have visitors join us to show Discovery the art of making conical hats.

We celebrated two birthdays this week along with Discovery B. Happy Birthday Prayan and Prisha! We now have four 4 year olds and twelve 3 year olds.

Today we were in for a special treat. Taisuke wanted to be our Mystery Reader! He read the story titled ‘The Giant Turnip’ to the whole class. This inpired Prayan to the read his favorite book titled ‘Are You My Mother?’. Both boys got a big clap from the children. We were all so proud of them for being risk takers!

Please enjoy these pictures of the week.

Have a fun weekend!



November 29th – Disco A

Dear parents,

As you know, last week the Discovery A blog did not get sent out. So this week will include info from last week and this week as well.

Thank you all so much for joining us for Open Classrooms last week. Your children enjoyed having you here to share in their learning. Please remember that you are always welcome into our classroom to read a story, play an instrument, cook or anything else you would like to share. Just send me an email and we can set up a time.

Speaking of, thank you to Emmanuel’s dad for coming in to read a couple of great books from home! Both Discovery classes thoroughly enjoyed it!

Last week Prayan’s mom and Gioulia’s mom (Discovery B) taught the children how to make pizza. They each rolled out their own mini pizza, added the delicious toppings, baked it and enjoyed!

Ms. Hang, Ms. Nhung and myself would like to say a heartfelt thank you for the kind words and treats you gave to us on Teacher’s Day. It’s an absolute joy to teach your children every day. It makes us smile and want to come to work every day.

This week, Ms, Thao was with us again from the 20/10 Vietnamese school. We have buddied up the children in our class with hers. So each of your children will get to know one or two buddies from her Discovery classroom. I will give you more details as this unfolds.

We have also planted a garden! The children pulled all of the weeds and roots from the garden bed, tilled it up with shovels and then planted some seeds. They planted carrots, broccoli, lettuce and fresh mint. Some of the seeds have already sprouted and so the children will be observing closely to see how the garden vegetables change during their growth cycle.

Our new Unit of Inquiry is all about materials. The children will learn to describe and explore different materials and think about how they can change materials into something else. For this unit, we are in need of some box construction materials. So any empty boxes, washed out milk or yogurt containers, or paper towel or toilet paper rolls would me much appreciated!

Here are some pictures of the week.

Have a fun weekend,


November 15th – Disco A

Dear parents,

Discovery A was lucky enough to welcome a new student this week. Her name is Mingyeong, she is from Korea and has a sister in K1. The children welcomed Mingyeong into our classroom community with open arms and immediately friendships started to develop. They are modeling kind, safe, responsible and respectful behaviors as she becomes familiar with our classroom routines .

Wednesday marked our 2nd Snack Sale of the year. It was inside the staff room, so the children were a bit hesitant, but they chose great healthy snacks and enjoyed a picnic after their purchases.

Pete the Cat books are popular in our classroom. This week, we read “I love My White Shoes.” It entails Pete the Cat stepping in different fruits and mud causing his white shoe color to change. Then, we listened to the audio version read by the actual author noticing how that sounds a bit different to the way Ms. Deborah reads it and sings the song. This led the children to choose their favorite color to add to our ‘Who We Are’ class book.

Next, we read “10 Black Dots” which allowed the children to interact with numbers which included counting them and representing them on their fingers in different ways. Then, we collected the data of their favorite numbers. We will also add this to our class book.

Another Mystery Reader joined us today! Lucia’s dad read the children ‘Swimmy’ written by Leo Lionni. It’s a great story about making a plan and cooperating. Thank you Luke!

We have an all school lockdown next Monday afternoon. In preparation, Discovery A & B explained the plan and then practiced. The children were amazing sitting together quietly in a small space.

Pictures of the week


Please join us for Open Classroom Day. Tuesday November 19th from 10:40-12:20. This will be a time to connect with your child in the classroom and participate in their learning. This is also a time to focus only on them and put your device on silent. They are looking forward to playing with you!

Have a fun weekend,



November 8th – Disco A

Dear parents,

The highlight of the week was definitely Outdoor Classroom Day. Our grade 3 buddies joined us for this special event and they took very good care of each other. There were lots of new outdoor activities to explore such as water beads, playdough, bubbles, legos and a parachute.

This week the children also continued to paint their home country flags on our homemade paper. This year we have been talking in depth about our school community and relationships, our home community and about our connection to each other and our home countries. So the children drew their own flag onto a square piece of fabric to represent their ideas about “connection”. All of Discovery and K1 drew a “connections” flag and all of the squares will be sewn together to show our connection as a D/K1 community.

Mr. Neil, our maker space specialist, led some of the children in a fine motor activity which included paper clips, pipe cleaners and beads. They had a blast making jewelry. He will be back next week so that others can participate.

We celebrated another birthday today! Congratulations Olivia for turning 4 years old tomorrow!

Please enjoy these pictures of the week.


  • No school Monday Nov. 11th
  • Open Classroom Day is Tuesday Nov 19th (details to follow)

Have a lovely weekend,



November 1st – Disco A

Dear Parents,

There is so much to talk about! But I will try to keep it short so you can get to the end. And please read to the end! 🙂

This week, we took a deeper dive into ‘Who We Are’ and where we are from. I added pictures of the children to the large globe we have in the classroom next to their home countries. This gave them a visual and helped them to better connect to others that are from the same country. Then the children painted their home country flags onto the homemade paper they made during SDG week.

The children began creating numbers with loose parts this week. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. The loose parts used to create numbers this week were coins (from Ms. Deborah’s travels), glass stones, shells, small sticks and googly eyes. This will carry over into the next couple of weeks. It’s a great fine motor activity and is perfect for exploring, playing with and enjoying numbers.

Yesterday was a big hit with dress-up day. It was so fun watching the kids so proudly walk around in their costumes and act out their parts. We had princesses, a cat, a kitty cat, a cat boy (yes, these are apparently all different), a dinosaur, a pirate, a skeleton, superman, a pumpkin, a witch and a jazzercise girl.

It was also spirit day, so we ventured once more down to the sports center for an introduction of teams from around Southeast Asia attending the MRISA basketball tournament at UNIS. We welcomed the teams with a cheer and grooved to some music and a drum presentation.

After that, we met with our grade 3 buddies in the elementary school playground to reconnect and play. The bonds that the children are forming with their buddies is very special. It is enhancing their communication, collaboration, negotiation and problem solving skills just to name a few.

Today, the children participated in a very special Diwali presentation put on by both Prayan and Aanav’s mother’s. First we watched a short video of a story and then listened to an explanation about the celebration. The children then participated in an activity using beautiful colored sand. All of Discovery were given a ‘Diya’ to bring home and then special sweets were passed around.

Next Thursday November 7th, the Elementary School will participate in International Outdoor Classroom Day.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:
-wears sunscreen to school
-is dressed appropriately for the weather
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
  • Discovery A has put together a Holiday book with all of your pictures you sent in from your October holiday’s. I have collected descriptions from the children about what they experienced and we will revisit this book often. If you have not sent in a photo or two, please do so. We want  to complete the book including our entire community. I don’t want anyone to be left out.
  • The new PE unit is outdoors so please make sure your child wears proper PE clothes and sport shoes.
  • The weather has been a bit colder lately. Make sure your child has a warmer sweatshirt, jumper or long sleeved shirt to put over their t-shirt just in case.

Pictures of the week

Have a relaxing weekend,