Meet MUN Head of Admin

While the delegates take up most of the public eye, a spotlight must be shone upon the hardworking and diligent students that make up the Administration Team. The Administration Team, commonly referred to as the Admin, assumes a variety of roles during MUN conferences, and they play an essential role in UNISMUN conferences.

Amongst their many roles, the Admin has to set up all the placards and arrange the tables prior the delegates’ arrival, they are also charged with meeting delegates’ needs throughout the conference, including keeping an eye on refreshments, as well as running around printing various papers, checking notes, et cetera. And the young lady who heads all of this is Ji U Jeong, an eleventh-grade student who, while juggling 6 IB classes, is able to effectively manage and organise the whole Administration Team.

Why did you choose to become an Admin, and later Head of Admin?

At first, I decided to become an Admin because I wanted to participate in the MUN conference but I didn’t want to debate and talk in front of people. Then I encountered this role which I will be able to fully participate in the whole conference and even get to see behind the scenes of such a big event. Just out of curiosity, I joined the admin team and luckily, participating as an Admin for 2 consecutive years, I was able to take the role as the Head of Admin. 

What changes are you planning on implementing for this year’s conference to ensure that it runs smoother than in previous years?

In the previous years, it was the Head of Admin who had to oversee everyone during the conference which wasn’t really effective. So this year, we have created sub-groups that will be more focused on specific tasks, and their respective leaders to be systematic. I truly believe that this will ensure the conference run smoother than the previous years. 

How is this plan going?

We have all the leaders and specific job descriptions, and I am sorting out the photography team and the MS press corps which is also new this year. We are going to have official admin meetings after the TET break and I hope the plan works!

What is your biggest challenge and/or fear for this upcoming Spring conference?

The biggest challenge is that I don’t have enough admin members in our team right now, even after the additional recruitment. So I have to make some adjustments and work with the people I have. Also, since this new sub-group system is new for me as well, I am a little scared and because most of our admin members are new this year, which is great, we have a lot to go through but I’m sure we will be an awesome team!

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Middle School Gearing up for MUN

The Middle School MUN had their very first meeting today. It was wonderful to see so many students from Grade 6 through to Grade 8 volunteer to be involved in the UNIS MUN.

Middle School MUN students will play an active role in the upcoming UNIS MUN Conference as a part of the Press Corps. Middle School students will be involved in the UNIS MUN Conference by:

  • Interviewing Directors and MUN Chairs from UNIS Hanoi
  • Interviewing Delegate Ambassadors and Delegates from UNIS Hanoi and participating schools
  • Participating as reporters at the UNIS International Conference (February 26 – March 1)
  • Communicating their experience to the wider UNIS community via a blog linked to our UNIS MUN Website.

This involvement will provide students with an opportunity to be immersed in the culminating UNIS MUN experience as well as meaningfully take part as members of the Press Corps.

Over the following weeks prior to the UNIS MUN Conference Middle School students will engage Monday lunchtime meetings where they will learn the foundational skills of the MUN and participate in simulations that will provide with the knowledge and understanding to actively engage as members of the Press Corps.

Should any Middle School students be interested in joining the MS MUN team, please simply contact Ms England via email: 

Meet the MUN Delegation Ambassador!

UNISMUN aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda. Delegates do research about their assigned country and its position on the discussed topics, debate, negotiate, and then work towards solutions to the issues.

During the conference, participants have to employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills to defend the position of the country they represent. To fulfill this role, delegates within a delegation work together to build strong research, debate skills and work ethics.

Every delegation has a selected, voted or appointed Ambassador. An Ambassador is responsible for being a delegation leader and point person for anything relating to their country. They organise the delegation’s meetings and take initiative on research. This role is incredibly crucial for the delegation’s growth.

This week, we will introduce one of our Delegation Ambassador: Sarah Anthony, the Ambassador of Japan.

A short introduction from Sarah:

As a student in Grade 9, I have many interests and like to explore with extra-curricular activities based around music, sports and, of course, Model UN. I started doing MUN in Grade 7, and continued doing it in Grade 8; now, in UNISMUN XII I am a delegate in General Assembly 6 and the delegation ambassador for Japan.

Why did you join MUN?

At first, I joined MUN so I would have a way to consistently develop my public speaking skills with people who would give me input and advice throughout the experience. Now, I find that MUN is a great way to learn about past, current and possible future issues that are taking place around the world and I have a chance to look into them through different perspectives with students from various places around South-East Asia.

What do you want to achieve as a delegate but also as a delegation ambassador? 

As a delegate, an important goal to work towards is to fully understand a country’s perspective on certain issues and be able to represent that country’s ideology and opinions as well as possible. As a delegation ambassador, that goal is even more important; but it’s also our job to oversee and guide the rest of our delegation through that process.

How do you feel about your delegation’s progress so far? 

A few people in my delegation are new to MUN, but the mix of experience has meant that the more confident delegates are able to help anyone who’s struggling with the tasks. While the progress has been a little slow so far, the delegation is on track and improving along the way. I believe that the delegation of Japan will be able to make this conference interesting and productive.

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

UNIS MUN Faculty Mentor

Committee chairs and council presidents play an important role in assisting delegates’ research process to create a fruitful conference. To fulfill these responsibilities, student officers receive help from faculty mentors who are passionate experts on issues of the conference. They guide students officers towards understanding topics in-depth as well as writing research reports.

Meet one of our faculty mentors, Ms Donna Frose who is the mentor of General Assembly 1, Disarmament and International Security Committee.

As the director of UNIS MUN 2019, Ms Frose is familiar with the structure of the conference. She is a DP History teacher who is an expert on global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community.

When asked about her thoughts on the topics of GA1, Ms Frose shared:

“The issues for GA1 are really interesting and timely for our world today. I think that the issue related to the protection of cultural heritage sites in conflict zones is very timely with the current escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran. The rhetoric coming from President Trump of the United States threatening the cultural sites of Iran shows that this is not just an issue of the past and that the United Nations needs to have a focus on ensuing sure that the worlds cultural sites are protected.”

Ms.Frose further talks about her work with Jeongha Kimm – the head chair of GA1: “I am enjoying working with Jeongha as a student officer. He is capable and organised and with the research and work he is putting into the conference preparation I am sure that Committee 1 will be a success.”

Jeongha shares: “Ms.Frose guided me in the right direction by consolidating my array of ideas per topic. She has suggested different sources that I can look at for my research reports.”

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

UNIS MUN- Committee Carousel

We are back on track with the weekly meeting every Thursday. This week, all delegates are having a committee carousel designed by the chairs of each committee. This aims to help them understand more about each committee and the topics within it. After the workshop, delegates will be able to choose a committee that they are interested to be in the February conference.

The committees available for UNISMUN are:

  • GA1 – Disarmament & International Security
  • GA2 – Economic & Financial
  • GA3 – Social, Humanitarian & Cultural
  • GA6 – Legal
  • Environmental
  • Special
  • Human Rights Council
  • Security Council
  • Historical Security Council

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

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UNIS MUN- End of A Beginning

After 4 days in Phnom Penh, the ISPP traveling team have landed in Hanoi on Sunday, 27 October.

Learn more about the trip from Thanh An Nguyen, Ambassador & head of the UNIS MUN Russian Delegation in the article below.

When asked about their highlights from the trip, the delegates answered:

It was an amazing experience for me. My favorite part of the trip would be how we all gathered together to play games like pool and were able to even go and explore the busy city of Phnom Penh as a team. If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would be when we went to explore the scenery from the back of a Tuk Tuk.” -Ho Yeon

My highlight would actually be the conference itself. I have made many new friends and was introduced to many new perspectives and ideas. My knowledge and opinions were challenged during the conference by people that I didn’t know. This is an aspect that made the conference so thrilling and engaging!”- Trang Pham

When asked about his highlights from the trip, the ISPP traveling team’s chaperone, Mr. Stephan Anagnost said:

I was really impressed. We had sent a really interesting team to ISPP. Since the team is made up of 9th and 10th graders, this trip was a perfect opportunity for them to familiarize themselves with the dress code, the procedure and the interaction when it comes to lobbying and merging countries. They really understood the mission and spirit of what a MUN program is supposed to be. It is not about winning the debate or the resolution making it through the closing plenary, it is about the relationship that you build. Not just the personal ones, though they are important, but also the relationships that you forge to draft a resolution that meets the needs of your co-submitters, as well as the ultimate needs that we have on the planet. The delegates that we had, who are new to MUN, got a sense that this is more than just a co-curricular activity; instead, this is an activity that really has the potential to incrementally and evolutionary make the fundamental changes that we need to see happen.

If you see any of the delegates or chaperones, please congratulate them for their successful trip to Cambodia!

After months of hard work to prepare country research, opening speeches, policy statements, and resolutions, all delegates participated in the October Conference (Security Council Simulation) this Tuesday from 4:30 to 8:30pm.

The October Conference focused on The question of the security of crucial trade routes near conflict regions.

Jennette shared insights on her experience as the delegate of the October Conference:

“I thought this mock conference was really helpful. Since I am a new delegate, this conference really helped calm my nerves down for the UNIS February Conference. For me, this was the time where I could make mistakes and learn from it. Plus, I really liked the pizza for dinner. We also had really funny superlatives at the end!”

After a busy week, the MUN Leadership Team would like to thank all the delegates, admins, student officers and MUN directors for their hard work and unwavering enthusiastic spirit.

However, this week is merely marking the end of a beginning to our MUN journey.

Starting November 14, 2019, after 2 weeks of re-energizing, we will continue with our weekly MUN meeting every Thursday. During the break, the THIMUN delegates will continue to have meetings to prepare for the upcoming conference.

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Binh Vu (Head of The MUN Publicity Team)

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Our UNIS MUN delegations were expertly led & prepared by Ambassadors Thanh An Nguyen (Russian Federation), Duc Anh Nguyen (Somalia) & Traves Lee (Fiji) but we soon realized that clearly more research was needed (what was the capital of Somalia again? Who is the CURRENT UN Secretary General?) so we spread out waiting for our delayed flight to depart to do a little more background on the countries we are expected to faithfully represent.

We visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Memorial after we arrived.

At the Tuol Sleng Genocide Memorial we met & had the chance to speak with Bou Meng, an artist, & Chum Mey, a mechanic. They are two of only 179 known survivors of S-21 when it was liberated by the Vietnam. Their stories were also inspiring as we began to prepare our opening statements & consider our resolutions before the start of the conference. Bou Meng was quoted directly; many of us made connections to the genocides in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda & of the Rohingya; others considered ways in which we could strengthen existing UN capcities & laws like the Genocide & Refugee Conventions.

For many of us, ISPP Day 3 kept Bou Meng & Chum Mey’s call to action & civility as a central focus.

We began with what is perhaps the most valuable elements of MUN: Lobbying, Merging & Approval.

It is through the lobbying that we can reach out to other delegations, testing our own mastery of our country’s positions, international, legal & institutional frameworks as well as our ability to empathise, sympathise &, truth be told, manipulate & mislead.

While not much was ultimately past, the final day of ISPP brought out the best of our delegates in GA Plenary & Security Council.

We did engage in meaningful debate on the struggle between the right to privacy & the need for security; the future of Isreali-Palestinian relations; a lasting & universal convention recognising & protecting the rights of LGBTQ+; a strengthening of child protection & misery allievation; an amicable & sustainable solution to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Our delegates were active & that activity received both recognition & commendation (as well as a less-than-perfectly-timed-in-committee-nap). More importantly, we learned & are motivated to reinvest these experiences in February’s UNIS MUN international conference & beyond.

Thanh An Nguyen


After long weeks of hard work and careful preparation, the ISPP MUN traveling delegates flew to Phnom Penh this Thursday. Stay tuned for insights on their experiences!

To prepare for the October conference next week, the non-traveling delegates are having a mock debate in their assigned committees on the topic of: the question of the political climate in Hong Kong.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

UNIS MUN- A Busy Week

This Thursday is a very busy week for both delegates and student officers.

The ISPP delegates are preparing for their departure next week on October 24. They are finalizing their resolutions, opening speeches, and getting their game faces on.

As for non-traveling delegates, they are starting opening speeches and finishing resolutions to prepare for the October Conference on Tuesday, October 29.

The admins are also getting busy with preparing and organizing materials for the October conference.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

UNIS Model United Nations XI

Model United Nations is an opportunity for young people to practice the diplomatic and critical thinking skills of the United Nations. We will be hosting over 400 students and their MUN directors from 20 schools including UNIS for a three day conference starting on Thursday February 28.

The conference is student organised. The student leadership starts in April to prepare for the conference the following March. The first item on the agenda is choosing a theme that had depth and will be of interest to the delegates who attend. This year our theme is Development and Technology. The delegates will be looking at issues on automation, transnational crime, freedom of the press, responsible extraction of natural resources, international standards on eco labeling to name just a few. The full list of issues on the agenda is available here. Each committee room as well as the opening and closing ceremonies is entirely run by the student leadership team. They are supported by Ms. Giang Dang as the MUN Conference Coordinator who takes care of the logistics of the visiting schools.

The first day of the conference the students who represent the countries of the UN will work together to find common solutions which they will craft into resolutions. This involves collaboration, empathy, and a willingness to compromise to find solutions that will address some of the largest issues that the world faces. On day 2 and 3 the students will debate these issues  in committee and finish with a plenary session where the resolutions that have passed in committee are debated by the General Assembly. The delegates have been working preparing research on their country and policies for months.

We will also have the honor of having Mr.Kamal Malhotra, the UN Resident Coordinator and Mr. Kyle Kelhofer IVC Country Manager to provide some real world advice on some of the issues on the agenda.

Although we have limited space it is possible to come and sit in and listen to some of the debate. There will be signs posted around campus on the committee rooms. If you need directions please just look for the Admin Staff. They will be dressed with red ties and can answer any questions that you have about where to go to find committee rooms.

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THIMUN 2018 . . . In Their Own Words

The students who attended the THIMUN Conference this year were asked to describe the conference in their own words. Here is a selection of the comments that they made.

Vi Nguyen
For me, THIMUN wasn’t just a formal debate, but it was also an opportunity to make friends across the globe. I started from not wanting to raise my placard at all to raising it after every questions asked by the chair. A highlight of my committee is definitely when Mexico tried to legalized drugs as a solution to organized crime; that was definitely the most controversial debate I’ve ever participated in.

Shin Young Kim
THIMUN has always been an event I would look forward to, and each year, it does not disappoint.

In THIMUN we have the opportunities to meet new amazing people, and further develop our public speaking, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

If you truly do love MUN and debate, THIMUN is an incredible chance that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Tiffany Cheng
THIMUN has been a memorable experience, having made new friends from the conference and was given the chance to take part in some fruitful debates. I not only enjoyed the intense debate we had in my committee, I also liked the free time we had every evening.

Hanbee Seo
This trip has allowed me to improve as a delegate through collaborating with other delegates and discussing the different methods to solve certain issues. Thus, this trip helped me to stand out of the comfort zone where I could socialise further with more diverse communities.

Thuy An Le
THIMUN provided me with an opportunity not only to meet and connect with people from various cultures and nationalities, but also to debate and to work together with them to propose solutions to real world problems. As such, the highlight of THIMUN for me would definitely be the people: the intelligent, admirable individuals that I got to work with and learn from.

Ha Nguyen
I like THIMUN! It has given me a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and speak up in front of a full auditorium of people. I learned so many things, more than I could ever thought of. I will use this experiment to continue developing my skills for the upcoming UNIS MUN and other MUN conferences in the future.

Bao Chau Nguyen
THIMUN was a difficult yet rewarding experience that you just simply can’t forget. From the long hours of actively listening to debates and trying to pick out details from everyone’s speech to actually standing up on the podium to speak, even if you are allowed to speak for a certain number of times. It is all worth it in the end to see people actually cooperate and agree with each other’s stances on the topic, even though half the time we were always at each other’s necks.

Kiet Nguyen
THIMUN Singapore 2018 was an unforgettable experience; especially the Black Friday. It was my first ever MUN conference so at the beginning I was very nervous about being roasted by other delegates but however, that never happens. I had a fun time coming up with solutions to world issues and debating with students from everywhere in the world. One of the best thing at THIMUN was the Instagram page (@thimundane) filled with interesting memes and kept the energy up for the whole week of debate. Despite having a lot of threats on legalizing prostitution, overall the experience was remarkable and I will never forget this year’s THIMUN Singapore.

Miki Takechi
The highlight of THIMUN was cooperating with students from all over Asia in order to create a substantial resolution to serious issues humanity face today. Through this experience I learnt how to effectively answer challenging POIs (Points of Information)  on the spot and my debating skills improved so much more. Furthermore, the friendship I was able to build within the 5 days at THIMUN allowed me to make new connections with many students from different cultural backgrounds. I believe this experience helped me grow as a participant of MUN and an active debater.

Min Jae Kang
THIMUN is an unforgettable experience. We had the opportunity to meet delegates from thirteen different countries and discuss world issues with them. This was a valuable experience as I got to meet outstanding public speakers and global thinkers from all around the world. After the conferences, we had time to explore Singapore, and this created a bond between the UNIS delegates.

Kevin Rayan
Our GA effectively debated and passed over 7 resolutions out of the 9 resolution made. THIMUN unlike most of the sporting events I have been to helps you make a really close bond with many different people around the world and that bond is meant to last for years to come. I did not only learn about world issues but THIMUN was a great opportunity to learn how to interact with people from different regions, how to make important decisions within short periods of time and mainly how to back yourself under any circumstance against anyone.

Hannah Seo
THIMUN conference gave me opportunities to strengthen my public speaking skills, communication skills and team work. The trip was full of passion, excitement and commitment. I met numerous number of friends from all over the world, and I wish to join THIMUN again next year!


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UNIS Hanoi at THIMUN Singapore

UNIS Hanoi Model United Nations students have been in Singapore all week debating the important issues that the world is facing. Whether it be the illegal drug trade, autonomous weapons systems, climate change, testifying before the International Court of Justice or calling for defending the human rights of those who are powerless it has been a busy week.

Enjoy some of the photos from the trip! Watch this space next week for some more details and photos on the conference.

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Model United Nations for Change

The annual Security Council Conference is always a very anticipated event on the UNIS MUN March school calendar, and this year was no exception. Over 110 well prepared delegates from grades 8 -12 turned up smartly dressed in their formal best to hotly debate this year’s highly relevant issue, ‘Climate Change as a Threat to Our Society’.

Photo: Jacob Gee

We were very fortunate to have our High School Vice Principal, Glenda Baker, to open up the conference. She gave a very real example of how in Hanoi, we are the recipients of a polluted environment that daily impacts our health and longevity, and that we have an individual and collective responsibility to ensure that take positive action to reverse this devastating trend.

With this potent message in mind, all of the delegates passionately debated each of their arguments with the positive intention of ensuring that the future of our planet would be in safe hands. Each clause was debated individually to create a resolution by consensus within each group.

It was a very smoothly run event thanks to the hard work of the Admin team, our photographer Jacob, the wise and patient Chairs and the behind-the-scenes organisation of Ms. Giang in the Activities office. Our gratitude also to the Executive Committee who worked extremely hard to ensure that the evening would be a success. Many thanks for helping make this evening one to remember.

Sandra Schneiderman
Co-Director UNIS MUN



The conference was a culmination of hours of hard work and training, with delegates meeting every Thursday for 2 hours in order to familiarise themselves with the MUN format, and learn how to come up with practical and workable resolutions to debate in front of other delegates.

Some delegates were new to the MUN debate, and worked especially hard to seek advice, and assistance in writing the many policy statements, resolutions and opening speeches required to participate. Over the past two months, they had the opportunity to debate with more experienced delegates all in preparation for the October Simulation.

Delegates investigated the approaching “point of no return”, and were reminded, throughout the conference, of the serious necessity to make changes not only because of our responsibility in being a UN school, but also because of our position as young students who will experience the consequences of our inaction. Their research emphasised the need for our delegates to discuss these issues in order to be the future change makers of tomorrow.

For 3 hours, the conference rooms were filled with intense and passionate debate. Delegates fervently fought for their resolutions to be adopted by the rest of the council, discussed several solutions to an abrupt crisis, and furthered their understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and the formal workings of the UN. All the while, the Admin staff-  lead  by Giang Thu Pham, worked around the clock, passing notes, printing documents, and attending to the needs of each council.

“It was great seeing a bunch of 8th-12th graders talk about global topics in such a passionate way”, remarked Minh Quan Do, one of the student officers of the conference, “It truly is so gratifying to see our hard work pay off, and watch the delegates flourish as a result of meticulous planning.”

The atmosphere remained diplomatic and professional, true to the spirit of the UN, and the dedication of our delegates. After a long night, the conference concluded with the delegates receiving their well deserved certificates.A few special recognition superlative certificates were also given out for standout delegates.

It doesn’t end here however. The MUN Leadership team, and participating delegates are now set to prepare for another conference, UNIS MUN XI, with over 350 delegates attending from schools in the local Hanoi community and the East-Asian Area. The skills  delegates have acquired during this conference will now be put towards preparation for this conference in March.

MUN Leadership Team 2018-19

Amani Parvathaneni and Bao Chau
Members of the MUN  Leadership team