MRISA Arts Exchange 2019 at HIS

Since January, the UNIS Hanoi MRISA Arts team has been preparing for the MRISA Arts Exchange that took place last week at Hanoi International School. The six MRISA schools each brought a team of 20 Middle and High School students to participate in and lead workshops in Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.

UNIS Hanoi students took risks and grew in their creative endeavors. They wrote and performed songs and drama skits, they created stunning art pieces. They also had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow MRISA artists and take on creative problem solving together.

These artists feel fortunate to have been able to part of this exchange in the arts, and they experienced new aspects of the arts and all grew as artists.


MRISA Girls Soccer: A Journey to Victory

From the first day of the season until the end, MRISA Girls soccer team has worked extremely hard as one unit out on the field. The long lasting journey to our victory in the MRISA tournament was not an easy one; it was filled with sweat and tears that all came together in the end, resulting in a great achievement. The team traveled to Vientiane International School in Laos from the 20th of February to the 24th, and came back home with a gold medal of pride and dedication around each of our necks.

The season started off with our strong leaders; Misaki and Sophia as captains, and our coach, Coach Coleman, having our backs throughout our journey no matter what. Our team had 4 returners; the captains, Ngoc, and Caitlin, and 8 players who were new to MRISA Soccer – Abi, Beeke, Elione, Jada, Kim, Lily, Michelle, Ngoc, and Saki.

The first few practices didn’t quite meet our expectations, as we were all still new to playing in this team. As time went by and we started to improve, we grew not only as individual players but also came together as one team. With multiple repetitions of the same drills; passing and moving to space, shooting off a pass, and ball controlling footwork, our dedication towards the sport never stopped.

All those practices continued with countless numbers of sprints, burpees, lunges, and strength-agility training. The circuit workout that we included in a couple of our practices helped us immensely during games by emphasizing on endurance, flexibility, and speed. Even during school holidays, our team would encourage each other to stay in shape and exercise regularly.

On January 19th, our team participated in the Hanoi Athletic Conference (HAC) Tournament. Returning with a first place trophy, for both the girls and the boys’ team, we knew that we were ready for the challenge we were about to face; MRISA Junior Soccer tournament in Vientiane International School. We were all nervous. We were all anxious. But none of those feelings stopped the fire of determination burning inside us; because most of all, we were ready to win.

Arriving in Laos, our whole team was exhausted from the delayed flight and lack of sleep. However, we knew nothing could stop us, even the stifling atmosphere since this was part of what we had to fight against; and part of what we’ve been working towards.

Our first game started at 8:30 am, playing against the Saigon South International School (SSIS). With a very close game winning 1-0 and beautiful passing by midfielders Misaki, Sophia, Caitlin and Ngoc, we were now facing one of our biggest competition; Vientiane International School, the host school of the tournament. Seeing the signs and hearing the chants of supporters all rooting for VIS, this game might’ve been one of our toughest challenges. With our careful passes and communication that we’ve been establishing throughout the season, after two long 20 minute halves, we were able to beat the team by 1-0 after a top left corner shot by Caitlin. With a mixed emotion of relief and excitement, we were now against the International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP), one of our strongest opponents. Thanks to our teamwork, Abi and Lily’s speed in the midfield to keep the ball away from our goal, and coach’s guidance, we beat them by 3-1. After a long day of playing 3 games, we were ready for whatever the second day had to bring.

We were off to a great start for day 2, winning our first game against Hanoi International School (HIS) by 2-0. This is the game when our strong defenders Michelle, Saki, Beeke, and Elione really started to blend with the offense to not only keep the ball out of our goal area, but also set up attacks on goal. After beating the ISPP-B team by 4-0 and Ngoc adding her first goal to the mix, we were now first seed after the round robin. We went into the third and final day of the tournament, undefeated.

Our opponent for the semifinals game was SSIS. We were all dripping in sweat already in the first 10 minutes, with blinding sunlight directly in our eyes. Even after the third quarter, the scoreboard showed the point of 0-0, haunting us with nervousness. Both teams were eager to advance into the finals. We had to show that UNIS Ha Noi girls wanted it more. With 2 seconds remaining in the game, our last, fading hope was now shining towards us when we got a free kick due to the handball of the other team. Each one of us praying and waiting for our hope to be turned into a reality, after the sound of the referee’s whistle, Sophia took the shot. The strong shot went right into the goal, and the buzzer telling us that the game ended was also a sign that we were now in the finals.

Right before our finals, our coach called us all for our last huddle. “I’ve never coached a team this supportive, committed, intelligent, and bring the best out of each other. I love being your coach.” With the emotional words from our coach, as we all held back our tears we screamed, “Phoenix on 3! 1, 2, 3, Phoenix!”

We were now off in the field, playing our last ever game of the season. Everything we’ve worked on throughout this season was for this moment. We were all sprinting, calling for passes, defending our goal, and just giving our best out there. With Sophia’s early shot and our great midfield plays, we were leading the game with 1-0. Thanks to our great defenders always stealing the ball and our amazing goalie, Jada, blocking every single shot in the game including a late penalty that could have sent us into golden goal overtime, being the MRISA champion was now an attainable dream. After the second half when the buzzer went on telling us the game ended, we all ran up to each other hugging and screaming, “We won! We did it! We’re the champions!”

Thanks to each one of our hard work and commitment towards the team, and most importantly, our coach’s dedication to improving us as a team, we were able to get to where we are right now. Our victory was not only represented by the gold medal, but also as a sense of achievement and teamwork.

“We did it! We are the MRISA Champions”

On 10 November 2018, the UNIS Hanoi girls basketball team won the Jr. MRISA tournament in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The road was long and hard, starting way back in the hot and humid end of August.

The season began with a bit of uncertainty. The team only had three players returning from last year: Abi, Jada, and Sophia.  The rest of the team, Beeke, Celina, Lisa, Lily, Michelle, Ngoc, Trang, Luna, and Kiara were new to MRISA Basketball.  Four out of the nine newcomers were even new to the sport. However, as practices began, the team slowly grew in confidence. We won our first game, beating HIS 40 to one. Despite the score, the entire team groans whenever the game is mentioned. With the awful rainbow passes, horrible shooting form, and confusion during the inbound plays, we all recognize it was not our best game.

Practices didn’t get easier. With pushups, stair laps and the endless suicides, we were always dripping with sweat by the time they were over.  But, with every practice and the seven games that followed, we got better and closer as a team. We weren’t just individual players anymore.  We were becoming teammates, thanks the guidance of our amazing coach, Coach Cortney.

The regular season ended with the Hanoi Athletic Conference (HAC) Tournament on the 3rd of November. After winning three games in five hours, we walked away with the championship trophy, and so did the boys.

After that tournament, we only had one more practice before getting on a plane for the MRISA tournament in Cambodia. Some of us were nervous, but we all knew that we hadn’t come to this tournament as individuals. We had come as a team. We were ready for whatever Cambodia threw at us.

On the first day, many of us had to wake up at 5:30 a.m.  Even with the early start, we played our first game, winning 28 to 20 against South Saigon International School (SSIS).  With a boost in our energy and excitement, we did well in our next two games against the International School of Eastern Seaboard (ISE) and the International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP), outscoring both by a total of 33 points.  After our game against ISPP, Coach Cortney told us she hadn’t won against ISPP in the last five years.  We hadn’t known that, and cheered even louder than when we had won the game.

On the morning of our second day, Coach sent us us a message on Whatsapp, saying, “I saw the forecast for today. Sunny with a chance for UNIS Hanoi to be first seed!” She was right. We outscored our next two opponents by a total of 60 points, and went 5 – 0 in the round robin. That meant we were the first seed in the playoffs.

Our semi final game was against Vientiane International School (VIS). Thanks to our incredible defense, we won 34 to 4.  One of our teammates whispered on the bench, “Oh my god.  We’re completely shutting them down.”  She was right.  And Coach Cortney was right about the endless defensive drills during practice. They were the key to us reaching the finals.

Right before the championship game started, Coach pulled us all aside into our last team huddle. She told us that this was why were were there. This was what we had trained for. We were ready, and it was time for us to play our game. And we did.

From the first blow of the referee’s whistle, we were playing our game. We ran our offense, Jada and Sophia with their incredible two-man play. We did our defense, all of us on our toes in case someone needed help. We played the way we knew we could play. Finally, with all of us breathing hard, it was down to the last few seconds of the game.  It was our ball, and we were up 30 to 10. The ball was passed in, we held it, and the buzzer sounded.

The stands and bench exploded. We all ran up to each other. We hugged, we high fived, we celebrated so much we accidentally threw each other on the ground. “We did it!  We actually did it!”  We were the middle school girls basketball team from UNIS Hanoi, and we were MRISA Champions.

As our teammate Sophia said, “Our team has grown a lot in this season and it’s amazing how many of our players went from never playing basketball to winning a gold medal.”  Because of everyone’s hard work, everyone who was cheering us on, and, most of all, to Coach Cortney, we won.  But, we didn’t just win at MRISA. We won as a team throughout the entire season, all twelve of us.

“So Jada, about dying your hair blue if we win MRISA…”

“Oh shizzles.”

Kiara Fenn

Our Phoenix Pride Shone at the Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball

Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball place 2nd at MRISA in Thailand November 2018

After winning our local HAC league the Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball team traveled to Thailand for their season finale MRISA tournament. 6 teams played a round robin followed by semifinals and finals. Our UNIS Hanoi Phoenix came second overall, after a very intense and close third set final. This year’s team was made up of Captain Ji Seong Park, Dario Landini, Kiet Nguyen, Duc Anh Nguyen Phu, Alex Kim, Long Nguyen, Lam Nguyen, Minh van der Wielen, Iestyn Rusinow, Gia Khang Vo, Jeongha Kim, Huy Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, Danila Zuyeu.

The level of volleyball in Thailand was nothing like we had encountered in our local league here in Hanoi. The boys played exceptionally well and put up a good fight against some very tough opponents with big hits and hard serves. Their hard work paid off as the boys went undefeated in all sets and games going into the final. The heart, commitment and attitude of our JV boys was amazing – they never gave up, and kept a positive team atmosphere both on and off the court. The skill level and game IQ they posses proved above and beyond their young years. The boys represented UNIS Hanoi proudly as all weekend complements of how remarkable the boys were by host families, teachers, other coaches and players came pouring in.

When it was all over the boys played with everything they had and I could not be more proud to be their coach. The drive and dedication they had for our team this year was outstanding. Our Phoenix Pride shone throughout the competition. The boys played with passion and heart. From a coaches perspective it has been a joy to watch them grow not only as players, but as young men as well. I had some wonderful times coaching this amazing group. Thank you to all the parents for allowing your son to be a part of this team and for all the extra practices, team meetings and dinners. Finally, thank you to all the players for putting up with this novice coach and her crazy ideas. I look forward to our future seasons.

Coach Nikki Carey


Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball’s Success in Thailand

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball place 3rd at MRISA in Thailand November 2018

This year, in addition to winning our local HAC tournament, the Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team had the opportunity to play in a Varsity tournament hosted by UNIS Hanoi. That experience proved invaluable as we traveled to Thailand for the MRISA Varsity tournament  where six teams played three days of high intensity volleyball. This year’s team was made up of Co-Captains Ezell Wambua and Audrey Hanson, Mai Linh Neefjes, Ha Ngo, Linh Trang (LT) Do, Victoria Moro de Mendoza, Mia Kritenbrink, Elaine Dang, Mai An Nguyen, Natalie Krubnerova, Didi Bullard, Kitty Tran, and My Nguyen.

Our Phoenix came out strong, winning four of five matches solidly. Their knowledge of the game and commitment to each other kept us in every game with close scores and exciting rallies. Our defense, led by liberos Elaine and Mai An, and powers Mai Linh and Natalie, worked tirelessly to produce an accurate pass to the setter to start a strong offensive play.

Our middles contributed to our defense then transitioned quickly to offense. Our setters and hitters were strategic with their hits and tips, and were solid on defense as well.

Congratulations to the girls for their commitment to the team all season and for representing UNIS Hanoi proudly as we took 3rd place at the MRISA Varsity tournament!

This was an exciting season of volleyball.  Players showed consistent dedication to the sport by showing up early on Wednesday mornings, coming to optional Saturday practices, and building extra volleyball workouts into their own personal fitness routines; all while maintaining their academic and service commitments. It was my absolute pleasure to work with this group of athletes. Thank you to the parents for allowing your daughters to spend so much time developing their play. We are looking forward to next year.

Coach Keri Giller