Turn Up and Support the UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Teams

Do not miss the important sports event coming up! Please join our UNIS Hanoi team on the days at the following locations/events and show your Phoenix spirit:

Seussical Jr. – ES Musical Production 
Saturday,18 May,15.00-16.30

HAC MS Badminton Invitational @ HIS (Saturday, 18 May)

Phoenix Booster MS Sports Awards Ceremony @ UNIS Hanoi (Thursday, 23 May, 16.00-17.30)

UNIS Hanoi (HAC) Invitational – Spring Swim Meet (Saturday, 25 May)

UMA Concert (Saturday, 25 May 13.30-16.30)

Phoenix Booster HS Sports Banquet @ UNIS Hanoi (Wednesday, 29 May, 18.00-20.30)


ISHCMC Invitational Swim Meet

Last weekend the Phoenix Swim Club traveled to HCMC for the annual ISHCMC Invitational Swim Meet. Our swimmers placed 4th at the meet – the highest place of any team traveling to the meet!  The meet took place in the new ISHCMC Secondary School pool.  We knew right away we were going to swim fast.  The pool was new with state of the art equipment and the swimmers felt strong during warmup!

The team broke 9 team records with Rio Nakasuji leading the way as she broke 5 records on her own. One of the records she broke was 14 years old!  Rio set new standards in the 9+10 50 free, 50 back, 50 fly, 100 fly and 200IM.  In addition she anchored our freestyle relay coming from behind to place 4th.  Chikashi Nakano smashed the 100 backstroke record for 9+10 boys and Duc Le did the same in the boys 13+14 200IM.  Jacob Biros continued his assault on the UNIS Hanoi record board with new records in the 50 breast and 100 breast.

Flora Hamilton won the high point award for Girls 15+over with a first place in every event she swam.  Jacob Biros also received a trophy placing 3rd overall in the Boys 15+over age group.

Our swimmers were especially tough winning almost all the close races we were part of.  Every swimmer in every race fought to the end resulting in dozens of personal best times.  This was the first meet with preliminaries and finals for our age groupers.  In each of the 50 meter events, the fastest 8 were chosen to race against each other after the initial swim. Swimmers who participated in one or more finals were:  Chikashi Nakano, Rio Nakasuji, Rei Ogasawara, Rory Hamilton, Nam Khanh Truong, Jonathan Katen, Betty Bui-Reilly, Jacob Biros, Flora Hamilton, Linh Trang Do, Gaby Chanen, Mina Dippe, Lily Noda, Nghia Le, Mina Mok, Alexandra Slewka, Gai Ogasawara, Amelie Ogasawara, Duc Le and Ben Josi.  Well done PSC Swimmers!!!

See you at our next and final meet of the year is Saturday, May 25.

MRISA Junior Volleyball Girls

On the fifth of May, 2019 the UNIS Hanoi girls got ready to play SSIS to get into the championship game. As we walked onto the court, we knew we would play hard until the end, no matter the score.

The season began with some uncertainty. We had two returning players Isabella and Jada. Only one was on the MRISA travel team. The rest of the team: Sophia, Michelle, Abi, Beeke, Kiara, Trang, Lily, Elione, Ngoc, Saki, Carolina, Sarah were either completely new or have been playing for just one or two years. At the beginning of the season, we were all individual players. We lost our first game against BVIS in three sets and our second game to HIS in three sets. But losing wasn’t all a bad thing. It encouraged our team to improve and bring ourselves together as a team. As practices and games passed and we neared the MRISA tournaments, we continued to improve.

Throughout the season, our team continued to grow with the help of our amazing Coach Cortney, who worked us hard, up until we left every practice more conditioned than the last. Our team benefited from all the extra sessions we put in over weekends, holidays, and even before school.

Our entire team shakes their heads when we think about our first couple of games and how poorly we played. Luckily, thanks to our wonderful coach and our team’s dedication, we grew individually and as a team and gave everyone at MRISA a run for their money. As we look back and think about our SSIS game, we couldn’t be prouder of how hard and intense our team played against this championship team!

Jada AL-Iesa and Sophia Chagas

Boys Volleyball – MRISA Jr Runners Up!

After an undefeated season in our local HAC tournament, the Middle School Boys Competitive Volleyball team stayed in Hanoi for their season finale MRISA Jr. tournament. Six teams played a round robin for the first two days and on the last day the finals. This year’s team was made up of Captains Segdae Lucardie and Min Yong An who led the team with great spirit and leadership. Our middles Nam van der Wielen, Harald Hogberg and Kiet Nguyen lit up the court with all their blocks and spikes. Our fantastic outside hitters Heedong Cho and Toby Fujii Bennett were consistent throughout the whole season getting hits off the charts. Our reliable Opposites Perry Baek, Hieu Nguyen, Aoi Ito and William Francis all played exceptionally well when it came down to the close moments. Last but not least our Liberos who were amazing, Takao Saito and Minh Khoi Phan were as helpful as always.

Our Phoenix came out strong and took the first match solidly against SSIS in a nearly error-free match of beautiful volleyball.  After winning all the round robin games we were ready for the Finals. Since we finished top of the ladder we went straight to the semi-finals playing ISE Eagles, who were looking very strong. ISE challenged us the entire game but with the strength of our blockers and the skills of our hitters, we moved onto the Finals against SSIS.  In the Finals, our middles contributed to our offense with well-placed hits and strong blocks, our setter Segdae was being tactical the whole game choosing who to set to and when. Minh Khoi was making great receives and setting up attacks.  We lost the first set, but we were able to bounce back in the second set with Min Yong’s incredible serves. We won the the set making it 1-1. It all came down to the last set, both teams tired from the previous sets making every play their best. It went all the way down to the wire unfortunately SSIS got the better of UNIS Hanoi on the day. All the boys were full of pride and exhaustion for playing such a great tournament that we will all remember till the end of our lives.



Congratulations to the boys for representing UNIS Hanoi proudly. Congratulations to Min Yong and Segdae for making the all tournament team. Thank you to all the players for their commitment and dedication on and off the court with practices, extra workouts, and Saturday open courts, while also managing school work. Thank you to our parents for allowing us to spend so much time developing our game and finally to the crowd for going along on the journey the whole season. There were ups and downs and you were always there for us. A big shout out to all the people who supported the team and dedicated their time towards this volleyball side, Coach Schneider, Coach Richard, Coach Rohan and Coach Momo. And one last special thanks  to Coach Keri who helped us improve our skills as volleyballers and as people. She has taught us the fundamentals and skills that a volleyball player needs to succeed, so from all players of the UNIS Hanoi MRISA boys team we thank you so much. You are a committed, dedicated, passionate coach who loves the sport and leads by example. We are looking forward to coming back next year and winning the title.

Who’s House?
Our House!

Who’s House?
Our House!

Phoenix on three, one, two three Phoenix!

By Segdae Lucardie and Min Yong An.

Turn Up and Support the UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Teams

Do not miss the important sports event coming up! Please join our UNIS Hanoi team on the days at the following locations/events and show your Phoenix spirit:

HAC MS Volleyball Tournament & Festival @ BVIS (Saturday, 11 May)

Saturday Soccer Tournament @ UNIS Hanoi (Saturday, 11 May, 8.15-11.45)

Youth Sport Indoor Athletics Festival @BVIS (Tuesday, 14 May, 14.00-17.30)

HAC MS Badminton Invitational @ HIS (Saturday, 18 May)

Seussical Jr. – ES Musical Production 
Thursday, 16 May, 18.00-19.30
Friday, 17 May,18.00-19.30
Saturday,18 May,15.00-16.30


Racquet Sports Summer Programme

UNIS Hanoi is pleased to offer a specialised Racquet Sports Summer Programme from 17-18 June. Led by the Tennis Academy staff, these two weeks gives players opportunity to try: tennis, badminton and table tennis, work on their skills and play matches in these sports.

The racquet sports programme caters to all levels of play. Kids that are new to the sport will be introduced to the basic techniques of groundstrokes and underhand shots, overhead strokes and footwork, in order to play half court and full court singles. Doubles rules and positioning will also be introduced. More advanced players will have the opportunity to learn more complex shots and the strategies and tactics of the sports all in a ‘play the game’ based approach. Each day will consist of game situations, technical/tactical coaching, match-play and other fun individual and team games.

For more information and registration please visit Racquets Summer Programme Registration

Turn Up and Support the UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Teams

Do not miss the important sports event coming up! Please join our UNIS Hanoi team on the days at the following locations/events and show your Phoenix spirit:

MRISA Jr. Volleyball @ UNIS Hanoi (2-6 May)

MS Festival Boys & Girls Volleyball @ Concordia International School Hanoi (Tuesday, 7 May, 15.30-18.00)

HAC MS Volleyball Tournament & Festival @ BVIS (Saturday, 11 May)

Saturday Soccer Tournament @ UNIS Hanoi (Saturday, 11 May, 8.15-11.45)


MRISA MS Volleyball Coming to UNIS Hanoi

On May 2-5 UNIS Hanoi will be hosting the 2019 MRISA MS Volleyball Tournament.  Our community will be welcoming athletes and coaches from Hanoi International School (HIS), International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE), International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP), Saigon South International School (SSIS), and Vientiane International School (VIS) to join our UNIS Hanoi athletes to compete for the 2019 MS Volleyball Championships.

These athletic events offer an outstanding opportunity to bring our community together as we show our spirit, school pride and unity. Let’s build on the amazing community support we received for our soccer team during the APAC event we hosted a few weeks ago.  Our teams play throughout the day on Friday, May 3rd, and Saturday May 4th.  On Sunday, May 5th the schedule will be determined by standings from the round robin stages. Check out the schedule and follow all the action at: https://mrisasports.unishanoi.org/

Bring the family out and join us for and exciting atmosphere as our teams compete against top schools in our region.  Go Phoenix!

Aquatics Academy Intrasquad Meet

Last Saturday Phoenix Swim Club swimmers had another fun day of racing!  Over 150 swimmers swam and cheered each other on!  Again, we had so many personal best times, that I couldn’t begin to count them!  Every swimmer had multiple best times!  Well done to ALL swimmers.  We have added our Development Squad and Squids to our meets and they swam exceptionally well.  The Development Squad started this year with lots of skills to learn and as the year progressed, their skills improved to a strong level.  Each of them can do all four strokes and are able to race them!  Our Squids are 1st graders who only swim once per week and they also have dramatically improved.  We are excited to have them join our competitions.

As always the coaching staff and swimmers owe a huge thanks to all the parents who supported the team by helping us run the meet.  For each meet we have 25 or 30 parents support the team by timing, announcing and assisting the swimmers in getting to their races in a timely manner.  We can’t do it without you!

Nine more PSC team records fell to our mighty Phoenix swimmers.  Record breakers were:  Valerie Katen in the 8+under 200 breaststroke; Lily Noda and Nico Lyon in the 13+14 200 fly; Chikashi Nakano in the 9+10 200 free and 200IM; Duc Le in the 13+14 50 back and 100 back; Jacob Biros in the 15+over 100 breaststroke and 100 fly.  Congratulations!

In two weeks 55 of our swimmers travel to ISHCMC for the ISHCMC Invitational, our final travel meet.  May 25 is the HAC Championship which ends our season!  The coaches look forward to a final month of our swimmers perfecting their technique and going that extra mile to end the year on the highest note!

Adult Wimbledon Themed Social Tennis Tournament 2019

Saturday 20 April 2019 saw UNIS Tennis Academy host its 2nd (now annual) Adult Wimbledon Themed Social Tennis Tournament. A superb maximum number sign-up of 24 players played in very testing; hot and humid conditions. Keeping with Wimbledon tradition players were asked to wear predominantly white, strawberries and cream were served as snacks throughout the event.

After three great rounds of tennis the quarter-finalists were formed. From then we played knockout and final positions were determined:

Winners: Pamela Thompson & Jacques Antin

2nd Place: Ulla Camara & Trinh Nguyen

3rd Place: Tracy Matic & Pho Nguyen

In the evening most of the participants headed for dinner and drinks which was a lovely way to cool down and socialise after the days play.

If you are interested in playing tennis matches why not join the social tennis sessions at UNIS Hanoi?

  • Wednesday’s 7:00 – 9:00 pm (led by Nick),
  • Saturday’s 4:00- 6:00 pm
  • and Sunday’s 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Contact Nick at tennisam@unishanoi.org for more information on these and other tennis sessions offered by UNIS Tennis Academy.

Varsity Badminton at Super APAC

During the season the team competed in our local HAC tournament where both boys and girls teams came home with the 1st place plaques. At our UNIS Hanoi invitational our teams faced some very tough opponents from local club teams and universities preparing them for the APAC event.

As a culminating event on 14 April, the Varsity Badminton team traveled to Beijing (WAB) for the first-ever Super APAC Badminton Tournament. With 192 student-athletes from 12 APAC schools, the tournament was so exciting, challenging and really tough competition for all our team members. Super APAC is a great test which challenged all players physically and mentality with 5 or 6 matches per day for each player. The girls team had one of the hardest tournaments, however they were fighting hard and gaining new experiences that will continue to shape their future in this sport. The highlights of tournament for the girls was the “Never Give Up” attitude, no matter what situation they were in. The #1 Girls doubles team of Trang Bui and Mo Bui played well during the round robin and qualified for the top 16 playoff. The girls team finished 10th. For the boys side their goal was to continue their winning streak from last year and stay near the top of the field. The Boys team finished 4th overall, missing a bronze medal by only a few points. As individuals, the # 1 Doubles team of Alex Kwon & Jae Chan Lee achieved the first ever bronze medal for UNIS in any Super APAC. But the whole team had a great showing in the tournament. Earning valuable points and finishing 4th were the # 2 doubles team of Kevin Ryan and Ji Seong Park. Honorable mention should go to all boys team players who played many tough matches with commendable character and resolve in close pressure situations. Our Mixed doubles teams of Honza Krubner and Serena Mohanty and Alex Kim and Rachael Cherian performed very well during the round robin portion both qualifying for the top 16 playoffs. Hopefully the team will continue to build for next year as UNIS is hosting APAC Badminton for the first time in 2020.

Singles Players:
Jiyoon Kang  (21st)
Jaewon Choi  (22nd)
Enus Fina  (14th)
Kevin (Jeongyun) Bae  (18th)

Doubles Teams:
Jae Chan Lee & Alex (Do Yoon) Kwon (3rd)
Kevin Ryan  & Ji Seong Park  (4th)
Trang Bui & Mo Bui  (11th)
Hyo Rim Yoo & Yu Jin Cho (24th)

Mixed Doubles Teams:
Jan Krubner & Serena Mohanty  (8th)
Alex (Do Gyun) Kim & Rachael Cherian (16th)

Thank you to all the players who made it a great trip. It was wonderful to see you supporting your teammates, surrounding their courts and cheering them on.

Coach: Mr. Pho Nguyen
Coach: Anne Thompson-Wambua
Chaperone: Lily

The Historic APAC Girls Soccer Team

The best performances on the field never actually start when a team steps on to the field. They start long before that moment. They start the instant that a team decides who it wants to become. For this year’s historic Varsity Girls Soccer team, that moment came two years ago. The  team was having a team meeting. They sat in a room strung with posters. Each poster had statements written on them such as, “We can compete for a championship” and “Other APAC teams take us seriously.” On each paper the players placed different colored sticky notes depending on how much they agreed with the statement. Red was for “disagree,” yellow was for “kind of disagree” and green was for “definitely agree.” The posters were full of yellow and red stickers.  Just two years earlier the team had finished playing in an APAC tournament where they not only didn’t win a game but they didn’t score a single goal. Other teams didn’t take UNIS Hanoi seriously. Why would they? UNIS Hanoi themselves didn’t think they could compete at APAC.

But in that moment, in that meeting the girls looked around the room and decided they wanted to change all that.  They no longer wanted to play in scoreless APAC tournaments where no one feared them. They wanted to compete. So they began the long hard process of reaching their goals. The girls committed to training all off season, improving their skills, mentoring younger players, watching game film, eating healthy and staying fit. During the season they continued their hard work and dedication giving up Saturdays for runs in Soc Son, evenings to study game tape, afternoons and spring break for extra practices. By April 11, when the girls arrived in Hong Kong for the APAC tournament, they were ready.

The first game was against Seoul Foreign School. UNIS Hanoi got off to a good start by playing to their strengths. They played possession style football looking for triangles and passing opportunities from the defense through the midfield. Then maintaining possession by putting relentless high pressure on the opposing defense to create scoring opportunities. UNIS Hanoi scored their first and second goals on such pressure. The first was off a cross from Natalie that Josefine raced to and struck into the goal. The second was after the strikers pressured a defender into desperately trying to clear the ball only to find Uyen racing in to head the ball into the back of the net.

The second game of the day against Hong Kong International School proved a difficult one for UNIS Hanoi.  Just before halftime, starting center back Phoebe broke her arm and Phuong the other starting center back injured her ankle. Without the heart of it’s defense UNIS Hanoi quickly found themselves down 3-0. But through pure team play and determination, they came back to score two goals one by Natalie and the other by a combined play from Irma and Ines. The game ended 3-2.

The next day UNIS Hanoi needed a win against Canadian Academy and Shanghai American School if they wanted to keep their chances of going to the championship alive. It wouldn’t be easy without their two starting center backs. Co May and Sian stepped up and took over as center backs for the day and they played magnificently. Through brilliant team defense, UNIS Hanoi held both teams scoreless and got two 1-0 wins off of scores from So Eun and Uyen.

On the final day of competition UNIS Hanoi found themselves in a position to make the final if they could get either a tie or a win in their game against Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). Phuong was now healthy enough to play. UNIS Hanoi was warned by other teams that they might get muscled off the ball.  But UNIS Hanoi would have none of that. They matched the physical toughness and speed of WAB by playing tough and fast on their own. The game got off to a scary start when WAB scored an early goal and went up 1-0. But UNIS Hanoi didn’t stop believing in themselves and just before the half, Irma found the ball on the edge of the box and shot it past the goalkeeper to tie the game at 1-1. UNIS Hanoi held strong for the next 35 minutes and pulled out the tie that they needed to guarantee their spot in the championship game.  As the final whistle blew the players swarmed the field hugging each other in recognition of what they had just accomplished. They had just become the first ever women’s team of any sport at UNIS Hanoi to make an APAC championship game.

The final pittited UNIS vs. the host school HKIS, who most teams had said was unbeatable.  But if there was one team at the tournament not afraid of HKIS, it was UNIS Hanoi. That was because UNIS Hanoi knew just how good their own team was.  The game was a hard fought, physical battle with neither team giving any balls away easily. HKIS scored off an impressive shot before halftime to go up 1-0. UNIS Hanoi played strong and physical and had their chances but ultimately was not able to score an equalizer. They lost 1-0.

In the end the UNIS Hanoi girls did not win the championship but they accomplished the goals that they set out for themselves that day two years ago. They became the team that everyone took seriously and the team proved to themselves just how much they are capable of.

Amazing job girls. You are legends.

A special congratulations to the seniors: Phoebe, Ines Vi, Irma, Phuong, Uyen and Thanh.  What a legacy you have created.

Coach Mindy and Coach Wiggins

Saturday Sports – The Evolution of Saturday Soccer

For over a decade Saturday Soccer has been a wonderfully successful programme at UNIS Hanoi, attracting hundreds of students each year. Initiated by an enthusiastic parent, the programme was created to meet the needs of the young soccer players at UNIS Hanoi and within our broader community.

However, over recent years and with a number of soccer/football academies that have begun in Hanoi these needs have changed. Therefore, we have decided to keep up with these changes and modify the programme accordingly.

After much thought and consultations with various stakeholders a decision has been made to pursue the following ‘Saturday Sports’ model:

Starting September 2019

Autumn Season

(10-week season)

Winter Season

(10-week season)

Spring Season

(10-week season)






Floor Hockey



Tag Rugby

Here are the key changes you should be aware of:

  • The model above caters to a wider range of interests
  • Sports have been aligned to compliment other co-curricular programmes at UNIS Hanoi
  • 30 weeks of activity will be available instead of 20 weeks
  • The seasons will align with ASA, UMA and Community Programme dates to support family planning
  • Paid coaches will provide instruction and leadership, not volunteers
  • The Brazilian Football School will lead the Futsal and Soccer
  • The Thang Long Warriors will lead the Basketball
  • Prices will vary according to each sport
  • Saturday Sports will now come under the Community Programme umbrella
  • Registrations for the Saturday Sports Programme will take place on Veracross (details to follow)
  • We will provide sports for students up to under 11’s only

Although there will be significant changes we would like to emphasis we will be maintaining the friendly, non-competitive ethos of the programme.

The time and duration for the various groups will be as follows:

  • Under 6’s: 08:15 – 09:00 (45 minutes)
  • Under 9’s: 09:15 – 10:15 (60 minutes)
  • Under 11’s: 10:30 – 11:45 (75 minutes)

We sincerely hope you are excited about the changes made and the additional opportunities provided to our UNIS students and community as a whole.

Warm wishes,

UNIS Hanoi Co-Curricular Office

Turn Up and Support the UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Teams

Do not miss the important sports event coming up! Please join our UNIS Hanoi team on the days at the following locations/events and show your Phoenix spirit:

MS Boys and Girls Volleyball @ CISH (Tuesday 23 April, 15.30-17.30)

MRISA Jr. Volleyball @ UNIS Hanoi (2-6 May)

HS Spring Musical: Shrek The Musical Last show tomorrow Saturday 20 April @ 16:00. Tickets are on sale at 150,000VND each at the entrance.