Autumn Activities Begin Next Week!

More than 400 students have signed up to participate in at least one co-curricular activity! The Autumn Activities session kick-starts next Monday (September 7) and will give UNIS Hanoi students a chance to participate in a variety of sports, musical endeavours, and much more. 

Tarique Al-Iesa, Director of Activities at UNIS Hanoi said, “All coaches, directors and activity sponsors are extremely excited at the opportunity to begin working with all our enthusiastic students in their areas of passion and interest.  It has been great to see the large numbers of students signing up and looking to get involved.” 

From Monday, the following activities will begin: 

  • High School and Middle School Season 1 Sports (HS Volleyball, HS Tennis, MS Basketball)
  • Secondary School Music Programmes (Band, Choir, Orchestra)
  • High School Play
  • Model United Nations
  • After School Activities (ASAs)
  • UNIS Music Academy (UMA), and UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA).  

Details of specific meeting times and other relevant information is communicated out by the respective coaches/directors/activity sponsors or the Activities Office in the case of ASAs and UMA.



Co-Curricular Programme 2020-21

The Co-Curricular Activities Department is looking forward to delivering an inclusive and engaging set of offerings in the coming academic year. Our plan is to maintain core programmes, while simultaneously ensuring we are responsive to any impact of COVID-19.  

Our plan is based on the following levels: 

  • LEVEL 1 – Campus closed. Virtual options may be provided (Based on Government regulations)
  • LEVEL 2 – Campus open to UNIS Hanoi students only (Based on Government regulations)
  • LEVEL 3 – Campus open: Local travel – Hanoi only  (No Domestic or International travel)
  • LEVEL 4 – Campus open: Travel and exchanges within Vietnam (No International travel)
  • LEVEL 5 – Campus open: Normal travel (e.g. APAC/MRISA) (International travel permitted) 


Co-Curricular Activity Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 – 5
ASAs Online programme
(Differs from on-campus

Regular programme.

Sport Teams, Performing Arts Groups, Academic Competitions, Festivals, MUN

(Sports and Arts on offer will follow our regular programme)

Some programmes may continue virtually depending on feasibility, availability of a virtual culminating event and/or change in focus on process over product.  Run internally with UNIS students only. For Example: Intramural league. 

Regular programme with culminating events adjusted according to level. 

LEVEL 3 – Event/tournament with local Hanoi schools.  

LEVEL 4 – Event/tournament with schools in Vietnam. 


UNIS Music Academy (UMA)

Lessons continued via Zoom sessions.

Regular programme

UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA) and UNIS Tennis Academy (UTA) Campus closed – No programme Regular programme and run internally with UNIS students only. Swim meets and tennis tournaments will follow the same process as “sports teams” above. 
External Partner Academies (BFS Football, TLW Basketball) Campus closed – No programme.

Regular programme

 Be ready to get involved in an exciting co-curricular programme and pursue your passions outside of the school day. To kick off the year there will be opportunities in: Visual and Performing Arts, Academic Pursuits, Technology, Sports and Movement, and Social/Cultural interests. Be on the lookout for more details coming in August.

Sign-Up for ASAs Now Open!

Registration for Virtual After School Activities (ASAs) has opened. Students from Kindergarten right through to High School have a range of activities to choose from. Activities are free and start from 3.30pm for one hour via Zoom. 

“We’ve designed bespoke activities that will be age-appropriate and engaging, but will be the least likely to require adult supervision and support, thus easing the burden on parents” said UNIS Hanoi’s Director of Activities, Tarique AlIesa. 

The ASA’s will commence on Monday April 27. To register, please follow the instructions sent via email on Thursday April 16 from the UNIS Co-curricular Activities Office. Login to CHQ to read the activity available for your child, the full activity description, the day of the week the class runs, the class size limit and name of instructor. Registration ends on Wednesday April 22.

Snapshot of ASAs for the Elementary School
(please log in to CHQ for full details)

Word Warriors (K2 – G3)
Word Warriors is an exciting word club for students, which helps expand vocabulary and improve both spelling and dictionary use. Children will be challenged with a lot of word games, puzzles, crosswords and quizzes.

Mind Mapping for Children (K2-G1)
A mind map is a graphic organizer or diagram that is used to visually outline information. It’s like a large web where a central word or idea branches out into related subjects. The ideas are listed out and connect to one another. This makes it easy to see how concepts are related to get a better understanding of the subject. Using words, pictures, and diagrams help to organize your thoughts which in turn helps you follow your train of thought when you come back to study further.  

Cool Science (K2-G1)
Learn interesting science facts by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways. Your child will find a lot of experiments can be done using simple ingredients. The materials we use to perform experiments are simple, safe and perfect for young kids.

If you love solving problems using your mathematical, scientific, technology, engineering knowledge and skill, come and join our STEAM club where you’re free to come with your ideas. It’s all about making and building models!

STEAM Kid Club (K2-G2)
STEAM is an amazing club which offers kid-friendly and hands-on science, technology, engineering, art and math activities using materials you probably have lying around the house. Don’t worry if you have never made it before and what is more important, you do not need to prepare anything special.

Fun Science Experiments (G1-3)
Students will have the chance to learn interesting science facts by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways. With materials easily found at home like water, vinegar, ice-cream, baking soda… our science projects hope to  help students acquire new ways of understanding the world.

Fun Origami (G2-G3)
Origami is a popular form of art. With no requirement for too many materials, origami helps develop eye hand coordination as well as improve patience and sequencing skills. It can also be very relaxing and creative.

Show and Tell (K2-G2)
Show and tell (or show and share) is a wonderful introduction to public speaking as children are often given the option of speaking about a topic they know well and are interested in. Speaking about something you love always makes you love it even more!
When you are asked to help your child prepare a show and tell, remember the positive impact it can have on his or her confidence and communication skills!

Challenging Capers (K1-G5)
Each week there will be a range of challenges for the students. This will include quizzes, scavenger hunts, talent shows, folding clothes and more. It will be a lot of fun and remember…points mean prizes!

Making little doll house (G3-G5)
Have you ever had a chance to use a needle to sew some cute things? Now is your chance! The big project we will do together is making a little doll house. We will make a stuff doll, and a collection of clothes and jewelry for your lovely doll. To join our club, please make sure you have some pieces of felt or fabric, needle with thread which you are able to work on, fabric scissors and your patience!

Story time (K1-K2)
A purely relaxing story time your children need after a hard-working day. There will be some fun activities to follow with the story. A promise of fun, relax, no-pressure time ahead….

Reading club (G2-G3)
Books are the most nutritious meal for humans. Only by reading more and more, can kids be promoted to establish reading habits. Also, reading not only enriches our second knowledge but also in the academy. So, reading club will be a special chance for kids to learn reading comprehension and to be more confident in a variety of skills such as reading aloud,  fluency, sharing and reflecting.

Learn to Juggle/Ball Games (G4-G5)
This will be fun based activity exercising fundamental core skills mainly co-ordination. Lots of different activities using balls for instance; target throwing, throwing and catching, You will need 3 tennis type sized balls. All exercises will be based indoors

Be More Sustainable By Doing It Yourself! (G5-G7)
So you care about the environment and you want to live more sustainably, but you just don’t have the time? Well, one of the advantages of distance learning is you have more time at home to explore and experience doing things for yourself. In this ASA we will explore how we can make household products ourselves instead of buying them in wasteful plastic packaging.

These will include learning to:

  • Make compost bins
  • Make homemade yoghurt and cheese
  • Make homemade soap and other toiletries and more…

Fun Yoga for kids (G1-G3)
Virtual Fun Yoga for Kids provides students with opportunities to discover their own body and help them to relieve stress after a long, hard-working day with distance learning. Fun Yoga for Kids develops students’ self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. We value cooperation and compassion and yoga is a great gift to give our children. Students will need to have a Yoga mat for this activity.

Music and Movement (K2-G2)
Virtual Music and Movement provides students with opportunities to discover their own body and help them to relieve stress after a long, hard-working day with distance learning. Students can have fun while listening to music and doing some brain break, being away from the screen.

Snapshot of ASAs for the Middle School and High School
(please log in to CHQ for full details)

Sporcle Trivia Challenge (G6-G12)
This 5-week trivia challenge will cover topics from Sports, History, Geography, etc. Each week points will be accumulated to crown an ultimate champion after 5 weeks.

APAC Tennis Pre-Season (G8-G12)
For any players having desire to play APAC Tennis Season next year this will serve as a headstart to that. Learn about the overview of the season structure plus many activities that can still be done at home in preparation

Preseason “Prehab” Exercises (G6-G12)
This 5-week programme will focus on exercises and stretches used to prevent common injuries in sport. New joint, body parts, and injuries will be discussed each week to give student-athletes information and confidence leading up to their next sport season. All exercises and stretches will be easy to complete at home.

Sustainable By Doing It Yourself! (G5-G7)
So you care about the environment and you want to live more sustainably, but you just don’t have the time? Well, one of the advantages of distance learning is you have more time at home to explore and experience doing things for yourself. In this ASA we will explore how we can make household products ourselves instead of buying them in wasteful plastic packaging. These will include learning to make compost bins, homemade yoghurt and cheese, homemade soap and other toiletries to name a few…

Bootcamp (G9-G12)
Need help being motivated to workout. Join me as we cycle through exercises to get our heartbeat going and our bodies moving. All levels welcome and no equipment is needed.


Community Programme Spring Session 2020 – New Registration Dates

Please note that due to the disruption caused by the Corona Virus outbreak, the Community Programme Spring Session 2020 will take place between March 16th and May 30th. Registration will be from March 9-12. Please sign-up during this new registration period to secure your spot.

If any questions, please contact Ms Ha at

APAC Basketball Coming to UNIS Hanoi

On February 6-8, UNIS Hanoi will be hosting the 2020 APAC Basketball Tournament. Our community will be welcoming athletes and coaches from Brent International School-Manila, Hong Kong International School-Hong Kong, International School Beijing, Seoul Foreign School-Korea, and Shanghai American School PX, to join our UNIS Hanoi Phoenix in a high-level interscholastic competition.

These athletic events offer an outstanding opportunity to bring our community together as we show our spirit, school pride and unity.

Our girls team plays at 10:00 and 14:30 on Thursday; 12:00 noon and 16:30 on Friday; and 10:00 on Saturday. 

Our boys team plays at 11:30 and 14:30 on Thursday; 9:00 and 13:30 on Friday; and 8:30 on Saturday.

The rest of the tournament schedule will depend on the results from the first five games and will be available on the tournament site at:

Bring the family out and join us for the highest level of boys’ high school basketball in the region and enjoy the community atmosphere.  Go Phoenix!

Meet MUN Head of Admin

While the delegates take up most of the public eye, a spotlight must be shone upon the hardworking and diligent students that make up the Administration Team. The Administration Team, commonly referred to as the Admin, assumes a variety of roles during MUN conferences, and they play an essential role in UNISMUN conferences.

Amongst their many roles, the Admin has to set up all the placards and arrange the tables prior the delegates’ arrival, they are also charged with meeting delegates’ needs throughout the conference, including keeping an eye on refreshments, as well as running around printing various papers, checking notes, et cetera. And the young lady who heads all of this is Ji U Jeong, an eleventh-grade student who, while juggling 6 IB classes, is able to effectively manage and organise the whole Administration Team.

Why did you choose to become an Admin, and later Head of Admin?

At first, I decided to become an Admin because I wanted to participate in the MUN conference but I didn’t want to debate and talk in front of people. Then I encountered this role which I will be able to fully participate in the whole conference and even get to see behind the scenes of such a big event. Just out of curiosity, I joined the admin team and luckily, participating as an Admin for 2 consecutive years, I was able to take the role as the Head of Admin. 

What changes are you planning on implementing for this year’s conference to ensure that it runs smoother than in previous years?

In the previous years, it was the Head of Admin who had to oversee everyone during the conference which wasn’t really effective. So this year, we have created sub-groups that will be more focused on specific tasks, and their respective leaders to be systematic. I truly believe that this will ensure the conference run smoother than the previous years. 

How is this plan going?

We have all the leaders and specific job descriptions, and I am sorting out the photography team and the MS press corps which is also new this year. We are going to have official admin meetings after the TET break and I hope the plan works!

What is your biggest challenge and/or fear for this upcoming Spring conference?

The biggest challenge is that I don’t have enough admin members in our team right now, even after the additional recruitment. So I have to make some adjustments and work with the people I have. Also, since this new sub-group system is new for me as well, I am a little scared and because most of our admin members are new this year, which is great, we have a lot to go through but I’m sure we will be an awesome team!

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Middle and High School Spring Sports Season

The third and final sport season of the year kicks off shortly after we return from Tet Holiday. High School soccer and badminton begin on Monday, February 10, and Middle School volleyball begins on Tuesday, March 3.

Students who are interested in HS or MS sports should make their way to the sign-up boards outside the UNIS Hanoi cafeteria and register as soon as possible.  Be on the lookout for more detailed information from your respective coaches.

Middle school sports are a two-day a week commitment while high school is a three to four-day a week commitment. Our middle school programmes operate as a no-cut opportunity. Everyone wishing to participate will have the opportunity to practice, improve, and play some competitions.

Good luck to all. GO PHOENIX!

Middle School Gearing up for MUN

The Middle School MUN had their very first meeting today. It was wonderful to see so many students from Grade 6 through to Grade 8 volunteer to be involved in the UNIS MUN.

Middle School MUN students will play an active role in the upcoming UNIS MUN Conference as a part of the Press Corps. Middle School students will be involved in the UNIS MUN Conference by:

  • Interviewing Directors and MUN Chairs from UNIS Hanoi
  • Interviewing Delegate Ambassadors and Delegates from UNIS Hanoi and participating schools
  • Participating as reporters at the UNIS International Conference (February 26 – March 1)
  • Communicating their experience to the wider UNIS community via a blog linked to our UNIS MUN Website.

This involvement will provide students with an opportunity to be immersed in the culminating UNIS MUN experience as well as meaningfully take part as members of the Press Corps.

Over the following weeks prior to the UNIS MUN Conference Middle School students will engage Monday lunchtime meetings where they will learn the foundational skills of the MUN and participate in simulations that will provide with the knowledge and understanding to actively engage as members of the Press Corps.

Should any Middle School students be interested in joining the MS MUN team, please simply contact Ms England via email: 

Meet the MUN Delegation Ambassador!

UNISMUN aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda. Delegates do research about their assigned country and its position on the discussed topics, debate, negotiate, and then work towards solutions to the issues.

During the conference, participants have to employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills to defend the position of the country they represent. To fulfill this role, delegates within a delegation work together to build strong research, debate skills and work ethics.

Every delegation has a selected, voted or appointed Ambassador. An Ambassador is responsible for being a delegation leader and point person for anything relating to their country. They organise the delegation’s meetings and take initiative on research. This role is incredibly crucial for the delegation’s growth.

This week, we will introduce one of our Delegation Ambassador: Sarah Anthony, the Ambassador of Japan.

A short introduction from Sarah:

As a student in Grade 9, I have many interests and like to explore with extra-curricular activities based around music, sports and, of course, Model UN. I started doing MUN in Grade 7, and continued doing it in Grade 8; now, in UNISMUN XII I am a delegate in General Assembly 6 and the delegation ambassador for Japan.

Why did you join MUN?

At first, I joined MUN so I would have a way to consistently develop my public speaking skills with people who would give me input and advice throughout the experience. Now, I find that MUN is a great way to learn about past, current and possible future issues that are taking place around the world and I have a chance to look into them through different perspectives with students from various places around South-East Asia.

What do you want to achieve as a delegate but also as a delegation ambassador? 

As a delegate, an important goal to work towards is to fully understand a country’s perspective on certain issues and be able to represent that country’s ideology and opinions as well as possible. As a delegation ambassador, that goal is even more important; but it’s also our job to oversee and guide the rest of our delegation through that process.

How do you feel about your delegation’s progress so far? 

A few people in my delegation are new to MUN, but the mix of experience has meant that the more confident delegates are able to help anyone who’s struggling with the tasks. While the progress has been a little slow so far, the delegation is on track and improving along the way. I believe that the delegation of Japan will be able to make this conference interesting and productive.

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

HAC Varsity Basketball Cup

On January 11 UNIS Hanoi will be hosting the 2020 HAC Varsity Basketball Cup.  Our community will be welcoming teams from the Hanoi Activities Conference to compete for the trophy.  Athletic events offer an outstanding opportunity to bring our community together as we show our spirit, school pride and unity.  The schedule for our teams is as follows:

13:15 if UNIS Hanoi wins
16:30 if UNIS Hanoi wins again.

14:30 if UNIS Hanoi wins.

 Go Phoenix!

UNIS MUN Faculty Mentor

Committee chairs and council presidents play an important role in assisting delegates’ research process to create a fruitful conference. To fulfill these responsibilities, student officers receive help from faculty mentors who are passionate experts on issues of the conference. They guide students officers towards understanding topics in-depth as well as writing research reports.

Meet one of our faculty mentors, Ms Donna Frose who is the mentor of General Assembly 1, Disarmament and International Security Committee.

As the director of UNIS MUN 2019, Ms Frose is familiar with the structure of the conference. She is a DP History teacher who is an expert on global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community.

When asked about her thoughts on the topics of GA1, Ms Frose shared:

“The issues for GA1 are really interesting and timely for our world today. I think that the issue related to the protection of cultural heritage sites in conflict zones is very timely with the current escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran. The rhetoric coming from President Trump of the United States threatening the cultural sites of Iran shows that this is not just an issue of the past and that the United Nations needs to have a focus on ensuing sure that the worlds cultural sites are protected.”

Ms.Frose further talks about her work with Jeongha Kimm – the head chair of GA1: “I am enjoying working with Jeongha as a student officer. He is capable and organised and with the research and work he is putting into the conference preparation I am sure that Committee 1 will be a success.”

Jeongha shares: “Ms.Frose guided me in the right direction by consolidating my array of ideas per topic. She has suggested different sources that I can look at for my research reports.”

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Peter Goverde Tennis Tournament 2019

Sunday 24 November 2019 saw the 12th annual Peter Goverde Tennis Tournament. There was mass activity on the tennis courts with over 60 players participating over four age categories; 8 & Under, 12 & Under, 18 & Under and Adults.

The day started with 8 & Under age group. They were grouped in a round-robin format and played each other in singles format. Congratulations to the winners:

Champion – Kevin
2nd – Kojiro
3rd – Seoungwon

The next age group was 12 & Under age group. With quite a wide age range they were grouped into grade levels for some singles before all mixing together and playing doubles. They played with the mini orange ball which aided a great spectacle of high quality rallies and tennis. Congratulations to the winners:

Champions – Saleema & Henry
Runners – Up – Tobias & Ibtihaz
3rd – Emily & Dylan

Next up were the 18 & Under. Suddenly there was a real increase in pace and the ball was coming off the rackets like a rocket from these players! A mixture of singles and doubles was played in this age category and there was quite an age range as Grade 7’s were playing with and against Grade 11’s. Congratulations to the winners:

1st – Nathan & Hyeong
2nd – Taku & Mayu

It was the adults turn in the afternoon. The weather started to heat up and so did the tennis skills on offer. An excellent entry of 22 players included 7 players playing their first UNIS Tennis Event. They played doubles tie-break scoring for a 12 minute time limit and after 4 rounds of play the top 8 scorers moved through to play knockout semi-finals. Followed by final and 3rd/4th. Congratulations to the winners:

1st – Maeve O’Donovan & Haewoog Choi
2nd – Elina Caunite & Toby Jarman
3rd – Saori Shiwa & David Hoang

It was a wonderful day with lots of excellent tennis played. Well done and thank you to all participants.

If you would like to be involved in events like this or have interest in taking coaching classes at UNIS please contact Nick Firth – UNIS Tennis Academy Manager at

UNIS Hanoi Varsity Basketball Invitational – Saturday 30 November

Come out and support the varsity basketball teams this Saturday as the take on some tough competition against university and club teams.  GO PHOENIX!

Boys Teams include: UNIS Hanoi Varsity (UNIS), Air & Air Defense Force (A&A), Hà Đông Basketball Club (HDBC), Ngôi Sao Basketball Club (NSBC).

Girls Teams include UNIS Hanoi Varsity (UNIS), Hanoi Basketball Team (HBT), National University Basketball Team (NUBT), Whales Basketball Club (WBC).

Game (Court 2)

Saturday – Nov 30

Game (Court 1)


9:00 Boys



10:15 Girls



11:30 Boys

HDBC vs A&A 


12:45 Girls



2:00 Boys



3:15 Girls