TLW Basketball Camp Begins Tomorrow

Does your child enjoy playing Basketball? Would they love the chance to improve their skills? If the answers are yes and yes, then sign them up for this weekend’s Thang Long Warriors Basketball Camps!
The camps are open to both girls and boys in Grades 2 – 8. Sign up via the Parent Portal today.

Cross Country Team Compete in Virtual Race

COVID-19 led to an increase in Virtual Race participation amongst the running community. On Tuesday Cross Country ASA runners participated in their first Virtual Race organised by ISB Bangkok with 30 schools around the world competing. Virtual Races provide an opportunity for students to experience competitive running events.

Cross Country ASA runners who train Tuesday and Thursday (6:30 am-7:30 am) were excited to challenge themselves in a competitive setting. On Tuesday the skies of Hanoi were blue and there was a cool breeze, perfect running conditions. A 400m  track was marked on the field with the waterlogged parts of the field creating an authentic cross country experience! Middle school runners participated in a 3k time trial whilst High school runners participated in a 5k time trial. The times will be submitted and points allocated based on the overall position.   

Here are some student comments;

  • I run cross country to push myself to become a better athlete and student. It’s a way for me to exercise while taking a break from any chaos in my social or school life, and running has always been one of my passions. The race on Tuesday was an incredible way to connect schools all over the world through sport despite COVID-19, and it was a nice experience. 
  • I love the freedom of running. I love being free and running against other people.
  • This race was very different from the run we normally do as we were running on a turf that was very muddy, similar to the trails in Bangkok last year.  Although I was not as tired as I expected myself to be after finishing the race, my legs felt very tired and stiff.



Update from APAC

UNIS Hanoi is a proud member of APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference). We are one of twelve schools in the region actively working together to offer our students a range of exciting tournaments and concerts that give them the chance to perform their chosen talent at the highest levels.

As many in our community know, COVID-19 has disrupted planned events for most of this year. Here we provide you with the latest update from APAC:

“It is with great disappointment that the APAC Heads of School have been forced to temporarily suspend all student travel for APAC events across all APAC schools, until at least February 28th, 2021. Given the current travel situation for all APAC schools, this decision was unanimously made to protect the health and safety of our students and communities. Our students and families have endured much hardship this year, and we hope that the global pandemic development and travel complications will improve in the following months. We hope to resume events for season 3 and will announce a decision by January 15th, 2021.”

Secondary School Intra-Squad Gala Happening Tomorrow!

On Saturday October 3, Phoenix Swim Club will have its second Intra-squad Swim Gala. This time the Middle School and High School swimmers will battle it out for personal best times over the 50m distance. 80 swimmers will be involved and not only will we be live streaming it with a new ‘aerial’ view camera shot but also show-casing the school’s new 6 lane timer so everyone can follow the results.The swim gala will begin at 09.30 and end at 12.00. Join the live stream on:

Tennis October Camp and Tournaments – MSHS Spaces Available!

Thank you to families who’ve signed up their Elementary School child. We’re excited to have them join the Camp. There are still spaces available for Secondary School students on the Tennis October Camp and Tournaments event organised by the UNIS Tennis Academy.

Sign your child up today!


Date: Monday-Wednesday, October 12-14
Class time: Grades 9-12: 08.00-09.30

Costs: High School 950,000 VND

Registration deadline: Thursday October 8, 2020

  • Monday October 12: 14.00-17.00 (for Grades 9-12)
  • Tuesday October 13: 14.00-17.00 (for Grades 6-9)

The tournament entry fee is 200,000 VND payable on the day but pre-registration is required.

Registration deadline: Thursday October 8, 2020

* Following UNIS Hanoi’s campus regulations, K2-G2 students will be picked up and dropped off at Gate 1 by coaches from and to parents or guardians. G3-12 students are responsible for accessing and departing campus at Gate 1. They will also be responsible for making their own way to and from the tennis courts.

If you have further any questions, please contact the UNIS Tennis Academy Manager – Nick Firth at

Still Time to Sign-up for Saturday Youth Sport (G3-5)

We are pleased to announce that we have secured Brazilian Football School (BFS) and Thang Long Warriors (TLW) Basketball Academy to run some Saturday Youth Sport offerings for your children.  We hope to expand the offerings in the future with more sport and activity options, as well as opening up to the younger grade levels. 

Please see details below from each organization, as well as the links to sign-up:

Thang Long Warriors (TLW) – Saturday Youth Sport Basketball
September 19-November 28
8:00-9:00 am:grades 3 – 4 (girls/boys)
9:10-10:10 am: grade 5 (girls/boys)

With instruction and guidelines from professional coaches, your child will be able to learn the basics of the game of basketball with the Thang Long Warriors Academy. Whether they are a beginner or have played before, there is an opportunity for all. This program will allow each and every child to establish new skills, in a fun, safe and professional environment. Whether you are looking for an outlet for more fitness for your child or want them to improve on their basketball skills, our team will ensure that all participants will receive proper techniques and training to discover their edge. Feel more energized, healthier, faster and stronger than ever.


Brazilian Football School (BFS) Saturday Youth Sport Football
September 19-November 28
8:00-9:00 am: grades 3 – 4 (girls/boys)
9:10-10:10 am: grade 5 (girls/boys)

Our Brazilian Football School team will come to UNIS and deliver fun training (10 sessions) which not only develop key soccer skills but also promote healthy physical activity and important social skills, such as teamwork and communication. We will challenge and facilitate the development of your child’s skills in the soccer training from the beginner level onward. Your child will learn the basic concepts of soccer and sharpen motor skills which will further enhance their enjoyment of the beautiful game. Training topics will include: Passing & receiving technique, change of direction and dribbling skills, 1v1 attacking moves & creativity on the ball, shooting & finishing skills and basic team concepts – 3 v 3 & 4 v 4.


Secondary School Open Court Opportunities

Saturday Open Court opportunities will begin this Saturday for Secondary School (MS/HS) students. Boys and Girls are welcome to join the fun in the UNIS Hanoi Sports Centre for some informal sport activity and an opportunity to socialize with friends while being active. During MS basketball season, options will include Badminton, Futsal and Volleyball. No basketball will be available during this time. During HS volleyball season, options will include Badminton, Futsal and Basketball. No volleyball will be available during this time. Students who sign up must be willing and able to participate in activity.

When: Saturdays
MS Time: 10:30 – 12:30
HS  Time: 12:30 – 14:30
Limitation for sign-ups: 80 students per session.
Where: UNIS Hanoi Sports Centre
Sign-ups will be sent directly to all students every Thursday.  If students are not on the sign-up list, they will not be permitted to participate.

Students who were unable to sign-up because the form closed due to reaching max allowable participants may e-mail Director of Activities, Mr. AL-Iesa at and will be placed on a priority list for the following week.

Saturday Open Court Rules

  1. UNIS Hanoi behavioral expectations apply at all times.
  2. Please make sure to sign up by Thursday for the upcoming Saturday. Individuals not on the sign-up list will not be permitted to participate. Sign-ups will be on a first come first served basis.
  3. If you sign-up and do not show up without giving the Activities Office prior notice, you will not be permitted to sign-up for the next two Saturdays.
  4. UNIS Hanoi ID Badge is required for campus access in line with our campus security regulations. 
  5. Proper sports apparel and footwear is required.
  6. During “Open Court” the Sports Centre is an informal recreation facility and will be set-up for various sports. We ask that you respect the spirit of our community and invite others to join and/or share spaces to maximize participation.
  7. Two supervisors are always on duty and available for support.
  8. Please only bring in water bottles or sport drink, no other food or drink is permitted in the Sports Centre.
  9. You must leave campus immediately following the end of Open Court.

HS Varsity Tennis Season Starts

High School Varsity Tennis 2020/21 has had an excellent start to the season with 34 students coming to the first trial session. With no APAC event and travel cancelled this year due to the times we’re in, this season will look a bit different. With one eye on development this season the Team will be selected as normal with six boys and six girls who will train on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays will now be used for players who missed out on team selection this year and new for Saturdays will be “UNIS Tennis Ladder” -a set up which will involve all players (and Middle School students) to get in that all important match practice.
Through some links with local clubs we aim to set up some local competition with them and we look forward to the annual staff challenge that will be 3rd October this year.
Here’s to a good season!
Coaches Firth and Tate

ASA, UAA, and UTA Sign-ups Coming Up Next Week!

We have several exciting activity options on offer during the Autumn Session. Please make sure to log in and sign-up during the registration process which is open from 9:00 on August 26 to 12:00 noon on August 28.

After School Activities (ASAs) and Youth Sports (Grades 4-5)

A range of craft, sport, technology and other interests – anything goes! Options for Kindergarten-G12 with a focus on the younger years.

Check out what’s available!

ASA Catalogue and Registration (login required to view catalogue)

Youth Sport (G4-5) Catalogue and Registration (login required to view catalogue)

Guideline for registration, please click here: ES Parents CHQ and MSHS Students CHQ

For these programmes the system assigns places at the close of the registration period.

Questions? Contact:

UNIS Tennis Academy (UTA)

Offers Tennis instruction in a range of programmes for UNIS Hanoi students only. Due to campus regulations there will be no adult and community classes in Season 1 from September to October. We hope to run a full programme from Season 2 so look out for information on that in November.

UTA Catalogue and Registration Sign ups will open during the above dates and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Questions? Contact Nick Firth:

UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA)

The UNIS Aquatics Academy offers a swimming training programme for all ages and ability. This is known as the Phoenix Swim Club and is solely offered to UNIS Hanoi students. Please visit the Aquatics Academy website for all the information about the programme.

UAA Catalogue and Registration UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Swim Club students only but please only sign up once the students group has been determined, after the assessment. Squad Allocation will be sent by August 23. Sign ups will open during the above dates and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. 

Questions? Contact Martin Hamilton:

Secondary School Autumn Sports Season

The first sports season of the year is planned to begin as soon as possible. 

High School (Grade 9-12) volleyball and tennis as well as Middle School (Grade 6-8) basketball will start when we are able to safely and efficiently start practices. Be on the lookout for sign-up details as well as additional general information from our respective coaches.

Middle School sports are a two-day a week commitment while High School is a three to four-day a week commitment. Our Middle School programmes operate as a ‘no-cut opportunity’. Everyone wishing to participate will have the opportunity to practice, improve, and play some competitions. Please be advised that, given the ever evolving situation, we will need to remain responsive and flexible as the local regulations guide our planning and adjustments.

Good luck to all. GO PHOENIX!

Talented Students Recognized at Virtual Co-curricular Awards Ceremony

Yesterday, UNIS Hanoi came online together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of its secondary school sports stars, artistes and student leaders. The Virtual Co-curricular Awards Ceremony was an opportunity for the community to honor all co-curricular groups as well as recognize some stand-out individual accomplishments.  

Director of Activities, Tarique Al-Iesa said, “Our students’ talents are as diverse as our student body. Every individual who’s signed up and participated in an activity, committed to the necessary training, practice and prep work and gone out on the field, court or stage to perform deserves a round of applause.”

As is tradition, coaches and directors nominated individuals that had shown exceptional dedication, commitment and success to their chosen sport or activity throughout the school year. 

Watch the Ceremony again!

If you missed the premiere of the Awards Ceremony, don’t worry! You can watch it again here.

High School Sports Awards

The winners are: 

Male Junior Varsity Athlete of the Year: Iestyn Rusinow

Female Junior Varsity Athlete of the Year: Mia Kritenbrink

Male Varsity Athlete of the Year: Shay Smith

Female Varsity Athlete of the Year: Co May Nguyen

Male High School Ambassador: Richard Dang

Female High School Ambassador: Josefine Schmitz


High School Arts Awards

The winners are: 

Thespian of the Year: Bailey Shelley

Musical Artist of the Year: Bao Chau Nguyen

Commitment to the Arts: Merel van Tienen

Excellence in Arts: My Anh Truong


Middle School Sports Awards

The winners are: 

Middle School Male Athlete of the Year: Segdae Lucardie

Middle School Female Athlete of the Year:Jada Al-Iesa

Male Middle School Ambassador: Oliver Pollack

Female Middle School Ambassador: Sophia Chagas



Most Valuable Player Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball: Frances Phan

JV Girls Volleyball: Tey (Tue Chan) Le

Varsity Boys Volleyball: Richard Dang

JV Boys Volleyball: Lam Nguyen

Varsity Tennis: Nguyen Dao

Varsity Girls Swimming: Flora Hamilton

Varsity Boys Swimming: Jan (Honza) Krubner

Varsity Girls Basketball: Co May Nguyen

JV Girls Basketball: Audrey Hanson

Varsity Boys Basketball: Malik Sy

JV Boys Basketball: Iestyn Rusinow


Player’s Choice Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball: Co May Nguyen

JV Girls Volleyball: Mia Kritenbrink

Varsity Boys Volleyball: Richard Dang

JV Boys Volleyball: Gia Khang Vo


Varsity Girls Swimming: Flora Hamilton

Varsity Boys Swimming: Jan (Honza) Krubner


Varsity Girls Basketball: Co May Nguyen

JV Girls Basketball: Trang Pham

Varsity Boys Basketball: Zaid Zeidan

JV Boys Basketball: Junho Hwang


MS Coach’s Choice Medal Winners

Girls Basketball: 

Jada AL-Iesa, Victoria Kim, Mikkeline Lundsby, Giulia Landini, Svea Schmidt, Melissa Teo

Boys Basketball: 

Segdae Lucardie, Clemens Schmitz, Duc Vinh Nghiem, Sai Radu

Girls Soccer: 

Sophia Chagas, Nathalie Rowe, Polly Ward, Harley Dore, Robin van Tienen, Emily Dinh

Boys Soccer:

Ségdae Lucardie, Will Francis, Thoma Bigot, Alinghi Song, Duc Vinh Nghiem, Clemens Schmitz


MUN Recognition

Recognition of MUN Leadership team:

Da Hyun Yu: In recognition of your leadership including your presence as a reliable guiding force throughout 2019-2020.

Ji U Jeong: In recognition of your organisational skills, specifically your management of the administration & hospitality for our two UNIS MUN conferences.

Harrison Wallace: In recognition of your embodiment of UNIS MUN core principles including your role as Secretary General for UNIS MUN 2020.

Seokhee (John) Yoon: In recognition of your affability & team building specifically with regard to the development of UNIS MUN Delegates.

Bao Chau Nguyen: In recognition of your dedication including your role as President of the Security Council at THIMUN 2019.

Binh Vu: In recognition of your commitment to raising the profile of UNIS MUN including your design of the UNIS MUN homepage & weekly TinTuc articles throughout 2019-2020.  

Ho Lun (Felix) Shum: In recognition of human resource management skills including your training & development of UNIS MUN Presidents & Chairs.  

Long Tran: In recognition of your interpersonal skills towards the development of a professional team of UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassadors.    


Recognition of Ambassadors and Special Delegate 

Duc Anh Nguyen Phu: In recognition of your leadership & professionalism as a UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassador at ISPP MUN.

Thanh An Nguyen: In recognition of your leadership & professionalism as a UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassador at ISPP MUN.

Heedong Cho: In recognition of your outstanding lobbying & debating skills as a UNIS MUN Delegate at ISPP MUN.

Jeongha Kim: In recognition of your leadership & professionalism as a UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassador at THIMUN.


Performing Arts Recognition

Concert Band 

To the seniors – Yoo Chan Ko, Roy Lee, Jiyoon Kang, and Hye Min Lim In recognition of their dedication to leaving the Band Program at UNIS better than how they found it.

Harry Chowdhry, Ben Knaggs, and Ambrose Phelps In recognition of their stellar attendance, being dependable members of the Band, and always being ready to contribute at a high level. 


APAC Band 

Sophie KimIn recognition of her ability to lead by example with consistently strong and excellent playing that makes the whole group better

Thanh Nguyen In recognition of his drive and dedication to make himself a better musician


HS Mekong Delta 

Jinha OhIn recognition of her focus and attention to detail in rehearsal and performance 


APAC Choir

Chinh Mai In recognition for his dedication, expertise and leadership in his role as a Tenor in APAC choir. 

Da Hyun Yu In recognition of your dedication to APAC choir and your leadership in the Soprano and Alto sections.

Sung EunIn recognition for your resilience and commitment to the group as a reliable support for your peers. 



Jeremy Smith In recognition for his tireless work on the technical aspects of production, training other students and keeping it all running smoothly.

Gaby Chanen In recognition of her outstanding commitment to role and consistent demonstration of creative process.

Elena McCullough In recognition of her outstanding commitment to role and consistent demonstration of creative process.

Matthew Wood In recognition of his outstanding commitment to physical characterisation.

Solene Shelley In recognition of her focus and reactions when not having a lot to say. And her innate comic timing.

Frances Phan In recognition of her focus and reactions when not having a lot to say. And her innate comic timing.


Senate Recognition

To the HS Senate Officers – Hye Min Lim, Dao Nguyen, Harrison Wallace, Jeremy Smith and Eileen Kang – you are recognized and gratefully thanked for your leadership, initiative, organization and work in improving the HS Senate throughout the year and your ongoing efforts to engage with students and maintain Senate operations during Distance Learning. 

To the HS Senate Events Committee – Shaivee Sharma, Jae Hee Jung, Huy Nguyen, Woochang Jung, Bao Chau Nguyen, Daniel Jung, Lenard El-Hage and Minh Thien Mai – thank you for your efforts in organizing and running exciting student-centered activities that help raise school spirit throughout the year.

To the HS Senate Student Representatives Committee – Oskar Stenman, Sarah Anthony, Binh Vu, Eddie Lee, Hong Hai Tran, Long Tran, Johnny Ngo and Holly Seo – thank you for your efforts in creating opportunities for all students to have their voices heard through town hall meetings, HS assemblies and other outreach programmes.




Co-Curricular Talents Celebrated at Virtual Awards Event

The ban on large gatherings did not deter the Activities Office from organizing an event to celebrate the talented students involved in the co-curricular programme. Instead of the traditional annual banquet and awards night that’s hosted by the Boosters, the Activities Office has produced a virtual awards ceremony that will be live-streamed via YouTube on Thursday May 21 at 19:00. The ceremony will recognize athletes, musical and theatre artists as well as student leaders. 

Personalized invitations to the event were sent to hundreds of students, parents, coaches and supporters earlier today (Friday May 15). 

Organize a Watch Party!

To make the event extra special, why not gather a small group of friends and family members to watch the show together, cheering on the award winners as it happens? 

Save the Link

The Virtual Co-Curricular Awards Ceremony will be live-streamed via UNIS Hanoi’s Co-Curricular YouTube channel. 

Save this link:

Award winners can collect their trophies and certificates from the Activities Office on Friday May 22. 

See you at 19:00 on Thursday!

Virtual After School Activities Coming Soon!

Students from Kindergarten right up to High School will soon get the chance to sign up for After School Activities (ASA) once again! From Monday April 27th, multiple ASA’s will go online for a period of five weeks, giving students the chance to get engaged in purposeful activities once their school day ends. These one hour sessions, starting from 15.30, offer students the chance to have fun and connect with their friends. 

UNIS Hanoi’s Director of Activities, Tarique Al-Iesa said, “Every activity we offer will be fun based and aims to give students the opportunity to investigate areas of potential interest, improve skill sets and interact with like-minded individuals outside of their immediate peer group.”

All classes will be free of charge. “On April 16th, my team will communicate the full list of offerings” revealed Tarique. “Registration will open from April 17 to April 22 through the normal CHQ platform.”

Watch this space!

Community Programmes Spring Session 2020

Please note that due to the disruption caused by the COVID – 19 outbreak, the registration for the Community Programme Spring Session 2020  will be postponed until further notice.

We will be providing further updates as we have more information. Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding as we work together to keep our community safe.