ASA, UAA, and UTA Sign-ups Coming Up Next Week!

We have several exciting activity options on offer during the Autumn Session. Please make sure to log in and sign-up during the registration process which is open from 9:00 on August 26 to 12:00 noon on August 28.

After School Activities (ASAs) and Youth Sports (Grades 4-5)

A range of craft, sport, technology and other interests – anything goes! Options for Kindergarten-G12 with a focus on the younger years.

Check out what’s available!

ASA Catalogue and Registration (login required to view catalogue)

Youth Sport (G4-5) Catalogue and Registration (login required to view catalogue)

Guideline for registration, please click here: ES Parents CHQ and MSHS Students CHQ

For these programmes the system assigns places at the close of the registration period.

Questions? Contact:

UNIS Tennis Academy (UTA)

Offers Tennis instruction in a range of programmes for UNIS Hanoi students only. Due to campus regulations there will be no adult and community classes in Season 1 from September to October. We hope to run a full programme from Season 2 so look out for information on that in November.

UTA Catalogue and Registration Sign ups will open during the above dates and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Questions? Contact Nick Firth:

UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA)

The UNIS Aquatics Academy offers a swimming training programme for all ages and ability. This is known as the Phoenix Swim Club and is solely offered to UNIS Hanoi students. Please visit the Aquatics Academy website for all the information about the programme.

UAA Catalogue and Registration UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Swim Club students only but please only sign up once the students group has been determined, after the assessment. Squad Allocation will be sent by August 23. Sign ups will open during the above dates and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. 

Questions? Contact Martin Hamilton:

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