2018-19 Phoenix Booster Banquet

This past week, UNIS Hanoi student-athletes, their coaches and parents attended the 4th Annual Phoenix Booster Sports Banquet. The event was a wonderful opportunity to recall the highlights of what has been another successful year of UNIS Hanoi sports. Our programme continues to evolve and improve each year.  As we highlight the wonderful opportunities from this year, we also look to a bright future for Phoenix Sports.

During the banquet, the captains of each team had the opportunity to reflect on the season and share highlights and anecdotes. The coaches then presented and MVP Award and a Player’s Choice Award to members of their team. Major awards were also presented at the banquet including JV Athlete Of The Year, Varsity Athlete Of The Year, and Ambassador Sports Awards.  

Most Valuable Player Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball – Co May Nguyen Hoai
JV Girls Volleyball – Mai Linh Neefjes
Varsity Boys Volleyball – Rohan Gowda
JV Boys Volleyball – Long Nguyen
Varsity Tennis – Nguyen Dao
Varsity Girls Swimming – Flora Hamilton
Varsity Boys Swimming – Jacob Biros
Varsity Girls Basketball – Uyen Trinh
JV Girls Basketball – Mia Kritenbrink
Varsity Boys Basketball – Malick Sy
JV Boys Basketball – Jinha Hwang
Varsity Boys Badminton – Do Yoon Kwon
Varsity Girls Badminton – Serena Mohanty
Varsity Girls Soccer – Uyen Trinh
JV Girls Soccer – Gabi Chanen
Varsity Boys Soccer – Charlie Wood
JV Boys Soccer – Oscar Forsberg

Player’s Choice Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball – Mikaela Fenn
JV Girls Volleyball – Mai An Nguyen
Varsity Boys Volleyball – Oliver Hanson
JV Boys Volleyball – Jiseong Park
Varsity Tennis – Nguyen Dao
Varsity Girls Swimming – Annika Moore
Varsity Boys Swimming – Gai Ogasawara
Varsity Girls Basketball – Co May Nguyen Hoai
JV Girls Basketball – Mia Kritenbrink
Varsity Boys Basketball – Kevin (Anthony) Gibney
JV Boys Basketball – Ji Seong Park
Varsity Boys Badminton – Enus Fina
Varsity Girls Badminton – Mo Bui
Varsity Girls Soccer – Thanh Le
JV Girls Soccer – Navya Kala
Varsity Boys Soccer – Oliver Hanson
JV Boys Soccer – Eddie Lee

HS Ambassador Sports Award Winners

Male – Charles Wood
Female – Uyen Trinh

Athletes Of The Year Award Winners

JV Male – Iestyn Rusinow
JV Female – Audrey Hanson
Varsity Male – Oliver Hanson
Varsity Female – Co May Nguyen

Congratulations to all of our high school student-athletes on their accomplishments while representing UNIS Hanoi in the competitive sports arena this year.

For more photos, please click here.

The Activities Team would like to express our gratitude to all members of the community who supported our programme and made this year a success.  Have a great summer.

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