Turn Up and Support UNIS Hanoi Phoenix Teams

Do not miss the important sports event coming up! Please join our UNIS Hanoi team on the days at the following locations/events and show your Phoenix spirit:

HAC JV Soccer Tournament @ ISV (Saturday, 16 March)

UNIS Hanoi Badminton Invitational (Saturday, 16 March)

Varsity Girls Soccer vs University of Science @ UNIS Hanoi (Saturday, 16 March, 9.30-11.00)

JV Girls and Boys Soccer vs CISH @ UNIS Hanoi (Monday, March 19, 16.00-17.30)

MS Spring Production: Homework Eats Dogs And Other Woeful Tales by Alan Haehnel (Friday-Saturday, 22-23 March)

March Madness Swim Gala (Saturday, 22 March, 8.00-12.00 )

HAC Varsity Soccer Cup @ SPAS (Saturday, 22 March)

Varsity Boys Soccer @ PVF U16 (Saturday, 22 March)


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