12th April

Welcome back after Spring Break. This week your children have been enthusiastic puppeteers, mindful mathematicians, confident communicators, creative illustrators and writers, reflective thinkers and courageous risk-takers.

We are thinking about Who We Are as Learners : What can we do now in April, that we couldn’t do at the beginning of the year? K2C were very surprised to know that teachers and parents are learners too!

We are ‘reflective’. What is the IB Learner Profile? What are the Approaches to Learning? How can the Learner Profile and ATL’s help us find out about strengths and challenges? 

We started a new Unit of Inquiry ! What does ‘creativity’ mean?

In  We enjoyed learning a new math game called Beetle (This is one Ms Cathie remembers fondly from her childhood) Ask your child to teach you how to play.

Thanks for sending your child to school wearing blue yesterday! Ask your child to tell you about the soccer! You can watch 2019 APAC Soccer teams playing live at

UNIS play ⚽️ 10.30 and 15.30 on Friday, and 12 April 10.00 on Sat. 13 April.

15th April- NO SCHOOL (Monday is a Public Holiday)

K2C are busy preparing for next Friday’s STUDENT LED CONFERENCES . Your child will be your ‘tour guide’. Please note: There will be no regular school for Discovery – Grade 4 students on Friday 19th April while conferences are in process (as advertised in the UNIS Calendar).  Regular classes will resume on Monday 22nd April.   

We invite you to sign up for a conference with your child via Veracross – from Wednesday 10th April – Tuesday 16th April.  This is not a time for a parent-teacher conference, which you are welcome to schedule with your child’s teacher at any other time. Below you will see some of the things your child will show/explain to you. 

Where does the money go? How can students access funds for literacy initiatives?

Funds raised from the SCO Book Sale will be used to empower a variety of literacy projects created and led by UNIS Hanoi students through our Service Learning Programme.

Questions? Contact us at: booksale@unishanoi.org


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