25 January

K2C have had lots of hands on fun this week, as they tried to find out  answers to teacher questions:

  • What is the difference between goods/services? 














  • What does community service mean?
  • Who helps us at UNIS? How? 


  • How might K2C help the UNIS community?

    • What is a production line?

  • Ask your child to explain how K2C worked together in a ‘production’ line to make play dough!
  • If you want to make playdough at home, here is the recipe we used!

Looking ahead

  • Wednesday, January 3010:00am – 6:00pm: ES Parent – Teacher Conferences (No Classes or Activities for ES)
  • Thursday, January 319:25 – 10:05am
    Tet Assembly: Discovery – Grade 1 TET is one of the most important celebrations in Vietnam. All parents are invited to come and watch this exciting assembly.  ( Children encouraged to wear Vietnamese Ao dai)
    Thursday, January 319:25 – 10:05am – Please send 60,000VND for your child to make purchases
  • Friday, Ist February9:25 – 10:05am ES Walk-a-thon Annual Service Learning Event
      K2C Parent Helpers are needed from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. We will need at least 4 helpers, but more would be wonderful! Please let me know if you can help take a group of children to the field, join in with the warm-up exercises on the field, mark each child’s arm with a water-based marker each time they complete a lap and ensure all the children in their group return to our classroom at the end of the afternoon.

    UNIS Hanoi Blue Dragon WALKATHON

    We hope you are getting excited to come together and support the Blue Dragon Foundation.
    Blue Dragon is an organization that supports young people in crisis throughout Vietnam. This organization works to help children living on the streets of Hanoi, children with disabilities, children from very poor families, and victims of human trafficking. Blue Dragon’s dedicated staff aid over 1,500 of the most vulnerable girls and boys in Vietnam. You now have the sponsorship form to support your child as they walk to raise money to help other children in Vietnam. Please use the sponsorship form and send in your donations after the Walkathon. Cash donations can be submitted to your homeroom teacher OR donations can be made directly to Blue Dragon via their website. Students are welcome to invite friends and family abroad to support this worthy organization.

    Donate to Blue Dragon

    If donations are made directly on the Blue Dragon website, please write “UNIS Walkathon” in the message section (so donations can be tracked). 

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18th January

Click here to see a video of K2C learning about letters, sounds and words.

Unit of Inquiry :This week K2C did a ‘See-Think -Wonder”, using the slideshow below. to start building the vocabulary needed for our new Unit of Inquiry.. We also talked about how we organize ourselves at school and at home? I wonder, how many of these words does your child already know the meaning of? 

To see a video of K2 Cooperating in teams and  ‘organizing themselves’ to cut, unjumble, glue and read the central idea of our Unit of Inquiry Click Here 

As part of tour inquiry into Goods and Services, next week I plan to set up some role play/dress up areas for children to explore different community helper roles/jobs/services . If you have any props or dress up clothing that might help children have fun role-playing services people provide our community, we’d love to borrow them for a few weeks. Thanks.

As you know Basti’s Mum, Carmen was our K2C class parent, and as they have moved to Switzerland, I want to say a BIG thank you to Han’s Mum, Juliette for volunteering to be our new class parent. Her email is j.vigneault.dubois@gmail.com.

At least 4 K2C Parent Helpers are needed for the Walk-a-thon

Parent Volunteers will:

  • go to their child’s class for 1:00 pm
  • take a small group of children (assigned to them by the teacher) to the field
  • join in with the warm-up exercises on the field
  • take their group to a marker on the track
  • mark each child’s arm with a water-based marker each time they complete a lap
  • encourage the children in their group to stop and drink water as needed
  • ensure all the children in their group return to the classroom at the end of the afternoon

If you are available to help on Friday, 1st February 2019 . 1:00 -3:00 pm please contact our class parent Juliette, or myself 

Show and Tell in K2C will start next Tuesday. (This new routine will help develop your child’s Oral language skills of listening, asking questions and speaking clearly in full sentences.)

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11th January 2019

Welcome to 2019! I am very pleased with how well K2C have settled back into the routines of school after their 3 week break. I enjoyed listening to your children recount their holiday stories: where they went, what they did etc. I wonder if your child remembers what their classmates said? Who went to Ireland? Who went skiing? Who went to the beach? Who went to Japan? Who stayed in Hanoi?

As you know, K2 are counting the number of days we come to school. Today is only the 84th day of school. (Almost half way through the school year) We are looking forward to celebrating our 100th day!

It was Ms Mi’s birthday on Tuesday ! 

For our Math learning this week we learned a new game called Get The Gold. K2C then taught K2D how to play ! I sent this game home for you and your child to have some Math fun at home too! (You are welcome to borrow this game for one week.) We also had some fun learning this pirate songOur new ‘Fruit and Candy’ shop, was a great way for children to explore addition concepts, solve simple number problems and use mathematical language, as well as make connections to our new unit of inquiry.

This week we started ‘tuning in’ to our How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry with the central idea:’People organize themselves through a process to create goods and services for the community’  

Two of the lines of inquiry for this unit are:

    • The needs and wants of a community
    • Our responsibilities as producers and consumers

At home, you might like to continue having a discussion about the difference between what we need and what we want! Can your child retell this Charlie and Lola story?Today K2C learned how to play a game called ‘Sight Word BINGO’. 

Looking ahead

      • Jan 30: Parent-Teacher Conferences ( NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS)
      • Jan 28: Reports go home
  • Feb 1 :ES Walk-a-thon Annual Service Learning Event This is the annual ES Walk-A-Thon event which raises money for the Blue Dragon Foundation to support local street children in Hanoi. All parents and encouraged to come and support the children during the Walk-A-Thon. Parents can meet children on the field at 12.50 and cheer on the students as they walk their many rounds. Students will be collecting pledges from family members and friends.
  • Feb 2-10: Tet holiday (SCHOOL CLOSED)
      • Feb 12: 100th day of school 


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