26th October

Welcome to K2C Brayden

Reflecting on our week in K2C.

This week K2C were architects, storytellers, singers, teachers of grown ups, problem solving mathematicians and curious inquirers.

A big thank you to the parents who joined us on ‘Math Minds Monday’ this week. (Every Monday  8:10-8:40 am, our doors are open for parents to come in, have fun and learn how to play math games with us.)

Do you have a Three Little Pigs story at your house? How does it end?

Do you know UNIS has a Maker-Space? All students in the Elementary school and ECC will use this space and Ms Nhan and Ms Michelle are asking all families to save and collect empty cardboard boxes and tubes. Lids from bottles are also very useful ! We aim for the maker space to be a way for students to also think about the Sustainable Development Goals ( SGD’s) by taking action to rethink, reduce, recycle and repurpose.

I am wondering how much your child talks about school at home? What did he/she enjoy  most this week? Ask her/him to retell the story of Snuffles House. Can he she describe the shapes and materials? We are also enjoying the Three Little Pigs stories, to help us make connections to our Unit of Inquiry. I wonder if your child has increased their understanding of these big words: architect, design, environment, resources, purpose? 



Our Snuffles house architect designs are displayed on our classroom window. Click on the links below to see /hear videos of K2C in action this week

  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Zones Of Regulation

Today was the last day of swimming. Starting next week, on PE days, children will need to wear appropriate running shoes. ( No sandals or crocs please)

Listening skills are a focus in K2 at the moment. K2C are able to generate rhyming words and have enjoyed their own version of ‘A Hunting We Will Go ‘.

Looking ahead:

  •  Sunday of Service :October 28 choose from four varied service activities. There are no costs to participate.
    PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR FULL DETAILS (ages, available spaces etc)
  • Monday Snack Sale– It is K2C’s turn to contribute to this snack sale, and also In order for your child to purchase a snack, please send him/her to school with 10,000 VND- 20,000 VND
  • Tuesday 30th- Ethnology Museum K2 Field trip 8:15-11 am. Thank you to our 3 parent volunteers ( Basti’s Mum, Hans’ Mum and Villa’s Dad) who will be joining us.
  • Wednesday 31st Dress Up Day ( Please read the ES TinTuc for full details)
  • Thursday 1st/Friday 2nd November: Faculty/ Staff Professional Development – No Classes


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19th October

It was very pleasing to see K2C settled very quickly into our routines again after a week off school.

Starting next week, parents who are interested in learning to play math games are welcome to drop in on any Monday Morning ( 8:10-:840 am) and have some fun growing their math minds!  Your child will be your teacher!

Some of our English language/literacy learning intentions are :

  • To understand concepts of print ( During morning message time, Toby Bear helps us to think about :What is a word? What is the difference between a letter name and a letter sound? What is a sentence? What are full stops for? What does a question mark look like?) 
  • To recognise and produce rhyming words.
  • We had some fun creating new verses to the A Hunting We Will Go song.

Oh, a-hunting we will go,
A-hunting we will go;
We’ll catch a ___________and put him in a __________________,
And then we’ll let him go! 

I wonder if your child can sing the song they created ( cat/hat, dog/ fog, snake/cake, goat/boat, pig/wig, bug/jug)

During our  daily morning meeting time, K2C  answer the questions and share their thinking  “How many are we?” and “How many days have we been at school?” and do you know we have only been at school 42 days? 


Unit of Inquiry Click here to see a video of K2C researchers, communicators, architects and builders in action ! 

Please look in your child’s bag to find this Field Trip note. Please sign it and return to school. Due to limited seating on the bus, each class will only have enough spare seats for 2-3 parent volunteers. Please email me if you would like to join us on Tuesday morning 30th October.

Ms Mi has been absent all this week. Luckily Ms Binh was able to help us. We also had Ms Thanh ( who is one of 10 teachers visiting UNIS from local Vietnamese kindergartens)

K2C  welcome a new student to our class. His name is Brayden and he will start on Monday 22nd October.

Looking ahead

  • Monday, October 29- ES Snack Sale 
  • Tuesday Oct. 30- K2 Field Trip to Ethnology Museum
  •  Sunday, October 28- 10:00am – 4:30pm  Sunday of Service Families can join with faculty and staff and alumni to participate in different activities led by our students.
  •  November 1 – 2 Faculty/ Staff Professional Development – No Classes



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4th October


Reflecting on our week in K2C This week’s highlight was of course, our assembly performance of Make Way for Ducklings.( I sent this link to the video to families via email yesterday). Afterwards, some children chose to draw the stage, while others chose to build structures for ducklings

This week K2C also participated in Travelling Tales.  Travelling Tales connects classrooms around the world so students can collaborate to create a tale about the SDG’s. ( Travelling Tales currently has over 100 classrooms working on #globaled digital stories. If you’re interested to know more look on this  Website- http://bevansjoel.wixsite.com/travellingtales

K2C created the beginning of a tale. Title: Five Global DucksOur Global Ducks tale is now in America, then it will travel to Thailand and Switzerland, then back to Vietnam and will finally be published by a teacher in Panama.

K2C are also developing their Communication and Thinking skills through a game: Which One Doesn’t belong?

K2C Mathematicians learned a new game  this week. It is called “Make 5”. Ask your child to explain how to play this dice game. After the break, K2C parents are welcome to join us on any Math Minds Mondays 8:10 am-8:40 am. Come into our classroom and join the fun of learning Mathematics through play!Unit of Inquiry:  K2C’s cooperation skills are also growing. The children have lots of enthusiasm to work together on designing and building structures using Kapla blocks.

Looking ahead:

  • Oct 6th – 14th : Autumn Break – Offices Open Weekdays/ No Classes
  • Mon Oct 15 – 22nd:  Sign-ups for UNIS Hanoi After School Activities (ASA) program opens at 9:00 a.m. on October 15th and closes at 1:00 p.m on October 22nd.
  • Mon Oct 29- ES Snack Sale

Other information

  • Please remember to label your child’s belongings with her/his name
  • Please- NO TOYS FROM HOME at school
  • If you haven’t already done so, please send in headphones for your child to use with iPads
  • We still want your clean junk ( small boxes and cardboard cylinders)

Enjoy your break !  I am going to Hong Kong to have a reunion with teachers I worked with at Hong Kong Academy 17 years ago !

A big thank you again to all parents for your positive feedback and support. I understand it has busy recently with coffee mornings, conferences and assembly.  Stay safe, healthy and happy! See you again on Monday 15th October.


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