A Week of Perspective, Unfairness and Conflict

Hi Parents,

This week we have been exploring the concepts of perspective, unfairness, and conflict. We have participated in 4 different activities throughout the week that has given us a glimpse of what it might be like for others. For our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry, we have been looking 4 different SDGs so that we can choose which one to inquire deeper into. Ask your children to explain what happened with Quality Education, Good Health and Well Being, Climate Action and Clean Water and Sanitation- might be an interesting perspective. Our class has voted and the results are in, we have chosen to dig deeper into SDG number 6, Clean Water and Sanitation. If any of you out there have some ideas, or knowledge that you would like to share with us please let me know. We want to make this an action-focused inquiry, so any ideas or knowledge is appreciated.

In math, we have been focusing on regrouping, and really getting our facts down. We have reviewed our strategies and are also trying to think of some new ones that might help us to solve problems in multiple ways so we remain flexible thinkers. We have been playing a fun game that requires us to regroup as we build to 100, and then back to 0. Some of us are wanting to move on to 200, so watch out!

In writing, we have begun our new focus on persuasive writing. We are using an OREO graphic organizer to help identify our opinions and then have examples to back it up. Get ready to be persuaded.

Some upcoming reminders:

  • 8-24 April:  SCO’s Used Book Drive – donations welcome!
  • Saturday, 13 Apr:  come cheer on UNIS Varsity Boys for APAC soccer at 10:00
  • Monday, 15 Apr:  no school
  • Thursday, 18 Apr:  Community Blood Drive 8:30-5:30, B7-1-104 Community Room
  • Student-led conferences, Friday, 19 Apr (please sign up on Veracross)
  • Shrek the Musical, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th at 6.30pm and Saturday 20th at 4pm. The show will run for approximately 2hrs and 20 min inc, 20 min interval and is suitable for all ages. Tickets are 150,000 VND each and are available from the Arts Office during class time. Come along and enjoy this big, bright, beautiful show!!
  • 29 April to 1 May:  no school
  • 3-4 May:  SCO Book Sale
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Science Expo Success

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you who were able to come and join us for the Science Expo. We realize that not everyone will be able to come to these events, and we thank you for your support. Check out these pictures and please have a look at your child’s Seesaw as there is a great explanation of their experiment.

We hope to see you at the Spring Fair on Sunday, it is another great opportunity to support our school and the community.

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Science Expo and Open Classrooms

Dear Parents,

Last week we published some information regarding the Open Classroom opportunities and the Science Expo– we have had to change some of that information due to the music rehearsal on Friday. Please see the schedule below for opportunities to join us in the classroom. Our main event is the Science Expo where students will have a chance to share their learning with you, and where you can ask questions regarding their scientific thinking.

Science Expo- How the World Works- Thursday, March 14th from 2pm -3pm.

Students will present their learning through an experiment and sharing their scientific method. The session will be broken into two parts. During one part your child will present their learning through a demonstration and discussion. During the other part, your child will be an inquirer and observe and learn through observing and discussing other experiments. If you plan on attending this session it would be great if you could shadow your child during both parts. Some parents might not be able to attend and it is nice for all our students to have an audience and share their learning. Thank you in advance. We will also have an open classroom opportunity on Friday after recess at 10:30am.



And if you have any questions or concerns please email:



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Get Ready!

Dear Parents,

You are invited to share your child’s learning during open classrooms on the following dates:

Thursday, March 14- Science Expo

Exploring how different chemicals react with fire. This is how fireworks are made!

12.05 PE

12.50 ART

13.45 – 14.30 Unit of Inquiry

How the World Works – Matter/Science

Your child will present their learning through an experiment and the scientific method.

The session will be broken into two parts.

During one part your child will present their learning through a demonstration and discussion.

During the other part, your child will be an inquiry and observe and learn through observing and discussing other experiments.

If you are attending this session please shadow your child in both parts of the session.
Friday, March 15th

8.40-9.20 Math
We look forward to your participation.

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Igniting Passion

Dear Parents,

Our unit How The World Works is sparking such great conversations and passion in our students! We are having so much fun experimenting and thinking about how things work, and how things change. This week we really dug into Matter and discovered that matter is everywhere and that we can sort matter into three categories-solids, liquids and gases. We are figuring out how to describe the characteristics/properties of each as well. Students have been bringing in science experiment books, microscopes, and other materials- we even had a courageous guest student from another class come in and model an experiment that he had done at home with his dad. It is so exciting as a teacher and fellow learner to be surrounded by these young scientists. We also took a field trip to the Middle School Science Lab and learned some safety rules, along with an experiment about acids and bases- so cool!

Today, I discovered a very powerful tool that I would like to share with you. Maybe you already know about it, but if not there is an International Children’s Library with 4619 books in 59 languages! Students can create a login, it can be used on the iPad or iPhone as well as a laptop or desktop. We know that when students have a strong foundation in their mother tongue that learning another language comes much easier and quicker, so please take advantage of this free site to help your children continue reading and learning in their mother tongue. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!

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We Are Knowledgeable in 2C

Wow, has it really been only a week since the Tet Holiday? So much great learning has taken place in 2C that it seems like weeks have passed.

Students have been showing off how knowledgeable they are by writing Information Reports. Students have chosen a topic of interest, and are working through a spider map graphic organizer to gather facts for their three micro paragraphs. We have seen reports on candy, ice cream, dogs, dinosaurs and tons of other things. We are really getting the structure of a report down, and our note taking skills are slowly improving.

In math, we have been showing how knowledgeable we are by focusing on place value. We have spent the week working on mental math and finding strategies to help us solve more complicated problems. We have also been working on solving and creating word problems. For word problems, we are focusing on making sure that we are able to make a picture of it in our head, or on the paper, and that we show it with an equation as well.

The real excitement came this week from exploring different materials (Flubber, honey, milk, helium, oobleck, sawdust, butter, playdough…) and identifying some of their characteristics. We continue to talk about what are the characteristics (qualities that make things different from others) of the different materials so that we will have an understanding of gases, liquids, and solids. We are learning how to be true scientists by asking questions, and thinking through the scientific method.

Important Notes:

Monday is a bake sale that WE (2C) are responsible for contributing to (ahhhhhh). Hopefully, someone reads this today and lets everyone know that we have to contribute.

The 2018-2019 Snack Sale Dates and Contributing Classes:

  • February 18 (All Grade 4 homerooms + Grade 2c + K1c + Discovery a + Discovery b)

Walkathon money is due. We need to collect our donations. Please send in money. Thanks.

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Wow! What a Week

Dear Parents,

First off thank you for a wonderful Wednesday of sharing your child’s learning. It is always wonderful to sit down with each of you and get a better understanding of your child, and life at home. Also, thank you to those parents who volunteered today to count laps for the walkathon.

The last week and a half have been filled with learning about our host country and how they celebrate Tet. We have made fresh spring rolls, made pig masks, released fish for the gods, cleaned our classrooms all to prepare for the biggest holiday our country celebrates. We have learned a lot and have a better understanding of celebrations in Vietnam.

Today was the walkathon- the sun came out, the rain cleared the pollution out and we ran some laps to raise money to send children from Blue Dragon to school. It was awesome!

Check out some photos from the weeks

A New Unit and Kindness Ideas

Dear Parents,

Thank you for those parents who came along on our two field trips this week- we couldn’t do it without you!

On Tuesday, you should be receiving a digital copy of your child’s report card. It would be extremely helpful if you were to have a look through it before our conferences on Wednesday. Please bring along any questions, wonderings, or concerns you might have to the conference as these will guide our conversation.

January 30th is The Great Kindness Challenge. There are some fun ideas and videos to inspire us to make the world a kinder place. 

Next week we will begin a new unit that is all about science! We will be investigating how and why materials change- below is a letter that introduces the unit, and also has some vocabulary and ideas for how you could possibly support your child at home. It is a great unit that students get super excited about- curiosity and questions are at the forefront, so helping your child develop their curiosity and their questioning ability- what makes a good question?

Blue Dragon Walkathon is next Friday! We will need parent volunteers to help us keep track of our laps- anyone willing to come and help us out from 1:15pm- 3:00pm? Thank you in advance. 

The Aquathon is happening on March 3! Get ready!

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It’s a Busy Couple of Weeks

Dear Parents,

There is so much going on these days. Please have a close look at the upcoming important dates so that you are well prepared.

  • Tuesday, 22 Jan:  Field Trip to Temple of Literature (please bring a hat, suitable walking shoes, a snack and a water bottle)
  • Wednesday, 23 Jan: Walking Field Trip to the Cherry Blossoms (please bring a hat, suitable walking shoes)
  • Wednesday, 30 Jan: Parent-teacher conferences (no school for students)
  • Thursday, 31 Jan:  4th Grade Market Day – 2nd grade can bring money in to purchase food, beverages, and handmade items as well as play games…all for great causes selected by fourth-grade students
  • Thursday, 31 Jan: ES Tet Assembly (students are welcome/encouraged to wear their Aoi Dai)
  • Friday, 1 Feb 1:15-3:00:  Blue Dragon Walk A Thon  – parent volunteers needed
  • 2-10 Feb:  Tet Holiday – Happy Lunar New Year!

Learning in the Classroom:

In math, we are continuing on with number by focusing on word problems, and number patterns. We have also started to look at fractions and how they are a part of a whole. We work with fractions by sharing equally between groups- halves, quarters and thirds of shapes.

In literacy we are exploring non-fiction, and looking at strategies and ways to help us gather information from non-fiction: Recalling information we already know about the topic, asking questions as we read, make connections to other information. Students are also learning about the parts of an information report- Macro topic, micro topics with facts, and the conclusion- students will be working towards writing their own report.

Next week is our week dedicated to understanding and appreciating the Tet (Lunar New Year) celebrations of our host country. We will then in the week before the holiday touch on some of the ideas surround our upcoming unit- How the World Works.

On Monday we welcome two new students- Hiro and Mia. Hiro was at UNIS last year in grade 1 and has come back to UNIS. Mia is new to UNIS and is from Taiwan. Mia is just learning English and luckily we have Amanda and Tian Tian who can help translate for us. So please help us welcome them and remind your children how it important it is to welcome new people and to help them feel safe. It takes a village.

Thanks! And thank you to those parents who have volunteered to come with us on the field trips.


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Happy New Year

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! We are back in full swing in 2C. Students have really come back from the holidays ready to learn and picking up where we left off- plus I think they have grown!  The students have all come back refreshed and full of energy from their winter holidays. It has been fun listening to all the adventures and explorations students had over the break as they create their presentations. Hard to believe it’s only three more weeks until the Tet holiday!


Wednesday Library Day

January 30th, Parent Teacher Conferences (No school for students)

January 31st, TET Assembly

February 1st, Blue Dragon Walkathon

February 4-8 TET Holiday, no school


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