A Full Week of Celebration

Dear Parents,

Lots happening this week in Grade 2- we’ve had our first Healthy Snack Sale, celebrated the Moon Festival (Check Out the Photos), celebrated UN International Day of Peace, began a new unit of inquiry and continued building community and sharing our thinking.

We celebrated the UN International Day of Peace by identifying what Peace means to us, and ways that bring us Peace. One way we found Peace this week was by adding 15 minutes of play and connection first thing in the morning. We also added our pledges of Peace to a flipgrid which you can check out and add your pledge for making the world a more peaceful place.

Global Goals Week

This next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and center in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week, we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here.

Please remember, Wednesday, September 26 is the Grade 2 Math Coffee Morning with Beth Murray at 8:30-9:30 in the creativity space on the ES Campus near playground 2nd floor. We hope to see you there. Come and find out more about how your child is experiencing Math at UNIS.

Digital Citizenship – An inquiry into “How We Organize Ourselves”.

We have started our new unit of inquiry. You can support your child’s language development by discussing the information below in your mother tongue at home.

Central Idea:

Choices that digital citizens make impact the global community.

Inquiry into:

Purposes and forms of digital technology

-Online responsibilities

-Ways to evaluate media


Thank you as always!

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