Short – Long week!

Hello Parents- we have had an interesting short- long week as we managed to fit a lot into it. We were fortunate to have grade 5A peers take time out from their busy exhibition work to come and teach us what they knew about graffiti art. That involved a lot of listening, following instructions, creativity and stepping outside the comfort zone. The final products are great and we are very proud of them. See below

Good to see you all at your children’s conferences today and great to hear their voices proudly explaining their learning to you.

Monday is Earth day and we are all being encouraged to wear green to show support for this very important day. We have a calendar of suggestions related to the SDG’s that are teaspoons of change-easily carried out- to make a difference. Monday will also be ‘meatless’ in the school canteen and we are encouraging students to bring ‘nude food’ – no plastic wrappers- in their snack boxes for the next couple of weeks. Who knows it may just become a habit. It’s time to be creative and think about how we use to manage without zip lock plastic bags and cling wrap- I am old enough to remember when they were introduced and we all thought they were marvelous inventions- not understanding the consequences for our Earth at that stage.  Thank you for your support with this.

As you all know the week after next is a very short week- two days at school- and we come back into BOOK Week. On that Thursday morning ( 2nd May) there will be a special assembly. Everybody comes dressed wearing either a costume/ hat /sign from a book and we have a grand parade- it is a lot of fun and raises the profile of the importance reading. Thank you for your support with this too!

I will take this opportunity to wish you a relaxing 5 day break for that weekend. My youngest daughter is coming to Vietnam for the first time so I’m just a wee bit excited!


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Visiting Artists & APAC Soccer tournament

Hello Parents,

Hope you all had a great holiday- I did- special with family visiting! It has been a busy week with the time zipping by. We have been supporting one of the visiting soccer teams and managed to see part of two games. Today’s game was against our own UNIS team so we were cheering for both sides- great example of sportsmanship.

For our UNIT OF INQUIRY – How we express ourselves- we have been fortunate to have teachers who are also artists come and tell us about the process and show their art. We also had a workshop from Mr Linc on mime which was good fun and easy once you know how, but requires thought and patience.

Enjoy the long weekend- more busy weeks ahead!


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Spring break

Hello Parents,

We were so lucky with the weather today for our fun sports day. With the early morning rain, we had clean air and still time enough to complete two rotations- a fun way to head towards SpringBreak.

After the break we will be continuing with our Inquiry into ‘How we express ourselves’ which was the focus of our field trip last week. Artist from our faculty have also been sharing their experiences as artists with the students and encouraging them to be creative.

I hope you all have a relaxing holiday and fun family times.


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Music Concert

Hello Parents,

I think most of you made it to the music concert and will agree that it was fantastic. The hours of practise and thought that had gone in to it really showed. I was very proud of 3A- everybody was so enthusiastic and on to it. Great entertainment. Photos below:

Patiently and quietly waiting for our turn on the stage!

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Buddies fun!

Hello Parents,

It was great to see those who could make it at openclassrooms this week.

We also paid a visit to our buddy class this week and had a lot of fun playing drawing reading and building with our buddies. One of the students said ” It’s the best time- playing and talking with our little buddies.”

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Hello Parents,

As you are aware it is open classrooms next week on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of March. There will be no World language available as we have a music concert practise on Friday in that time slot. Music is also unavailable as you will be able to come to the music concert the following Thursday 21st March at 9am. We hope to see you if you can make it. Here is the timetable and options available.

                             3A’s Open classroom times are 

 Thursday  10:30 to 11:10 Maths –  Our Classroom number 130

Thursday  14:30 to 15:10 PE      Gym

 Friday      10:30 to 11:10  Literacy -Our Classroom number 130

 Friday        13:45 to 14:25  Art Centre Room 111


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Art Auction

Hello Parents

I hope most of you made it to the silent Art Auction.  The students enjoyed seeing their peers, parents and teachers contributions as well as the class art piece. We were very proud to see Hoang’s two entries. This fits in well with our next unit of Inquiry – How we express ourselves.

I know some of your children have been talking to you about the Inquiry we have just done on- How we organise ourselves- looking at Fair Trade, Food miles and Fashion. It is always interesting for me to receive emails or chat to you about direct or indirect action that your children may be taking- whether it is asking for no plastic straws when out for dinner or noting which places do not use single use plastic.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th and 15th of March for Open classrooms- timetable next week- if you can make it. Isn’t the year flying by!

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Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Good afternoon Parents,

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Hope you all had a relaxing Tet break. We have launched straight back into learning and it’s as if we have never been away. As you know ISA testing was Thursday & Friday this week – the first time for some students to take part in this type of assessment. 3A did very well with being self disciplined, sitting and working alone for longer periods of time than they are use to.

Next week on Monday there is a snack sale – students will need to bring about 10,000 to 20,000 Vnd if they want to buy something.

We have been practising for our turn to present at assembly next week alongside 3B class. It is U.N. Mother Tongue celebration day and that is the theme for our short presentation.

Thank you all for sending the Blue Dragon donations in so promptly- our class alone made over 18 million Vnd- so hopefully we will have reached and surpassed the target. The students had an interesting Maths period trying to work out how much they earned per lap. Thank you all for your generosity and for supporting this worthwhile cause.

At the beginning of our current Unit of Inquiry the grade 3 students made paper bags during the provocation. Here’s Mr. Garry from the SCO collecting the paper bags. The SCO will be using the students’ excellent bags for upcoming events including snack sales and the Spring Fair. There were about 300 bags in total so he was delighted at both the quantity and the quality of the students’ efforts. It is good to know that the bags are useful as well as giving our students a taste of what ‘child labour’ and an unfair labour market is like for some families in the world.

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Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon

Welcome back everyone!

Hope you all had great holidays. I know I did but it already seems a distant memory. Luckily we have another one just around the corner. The students have all settled back down into school life and routines.

The Friday before Tet is our annual fundraiser for Blue dragon and we are all excited about the day and supporting this very worthwhile cause. Find out all about it-  to see flyer below and click on the link too.

Copy of Walkathon advert for Blogs & Tin Tuc-t3am6s

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Movie Night

Hello Parents what an amazing event last Friday- Un Day. Thank you for all your help, support and the delicious food for our shared lunch. See photo below

Movie Night

Another busy week coming up with the Pirates show this weekend and a movie night (for a good cause) on the 13th- see permission form below.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a relaxing winter break and for those of you who celebrate it- Merry Xmas. I am off back to New Zealand to spend time with my family- exciting times.


Elementary School Movie Night (Grades 3-5)


December 13th, 2018

Dear Parents,

The UNIS High School Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group are planning an Elementary School Movie Night on December 13th, 2018. The Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group raises money through fundraising events for the Habitat for Humanity organization. This money is used to build and repair homes in sustainable communities around Vietnam.

As part of fundraising, a movie night has been planned for students in grades 3- 5. The students will be able to watch CoCo, a family-friendly Disney movie. Students will be asked to bring 100,000 VND for the movie and a bag of popcorn each to enjoy the movie.

Students also have the option to buy other snacks and drinks during the intermission. The price of a pizza slice will be 50,000 VND and drinks will be 20,000 VND. All profits will go directly to funding an upcoming house build.

Please note that there will be no buses available after the movie. Parents are required to indicate how the students are going back home afterwards.

Date of Movie Night:     December 13th, 2018
Name and Location: UNIS Theatre
Start Time:  4:00 pm Finish Time: 6:30  pm

Your child needs to bring with them:  


  • 100,000 VND for the popcorn and movie
  • Extra money according to snacks that they want


Students are asked to bring the completed permission slips and money on the day of the movie – December 13th, 2018.

Note: Students won’t be allowed to enter the theatre without the permission slip.


Please check all boxes below to show your agreement

I give permission for (name)____________________________________to attend the event listed above.

  • I will be picking him/her/them up after the movie
  • Family support will pick up my child

Students won’t be allowed to leave after the movie without an adult.

My child is allergic to ………………./ not allergic to any food.


Parent/Guardian Name and signature:  
Contact phone number:   Date:  


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