Epic summer reading !

Hello Parents,

The end of the year is fast approaching but, at the moment we are ‘keeping a lid’ on the excitement of pending summer holidays as, we still have ongoing learning happening here at school. It is a good opportunity after assessments, to strengthen those areas that need it.

Here is more information regarding the Epic summer reading from our Library. It is important to encourage your children to carry on the daily reading habit- just before bed is a good time-to ensure growth and a continuation of good habits, over the summer.

Epic Tin Tuc letter

Click the following link to see how your children can contribute to 1,000,000 minutes of reading challenge over the summer.

Resources  –Please encourage your children to have a look around home for reading and Library books and return them to school. Having said that, remember that summer borrowing is open after the stocktake to ensure your child has a good supply of books.

READ READ READ! That’s one of the things I look forward to the most about holidays.

Thank you for your support. We have had a great year in 3A and I have really enjoyed teaching my class. Enjoy the summer!

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Swimming fun & Library Books

Hello Parents,

With only a couple of weeks to go the librarians would like all books returned for their annual stock take. Issuing for the summer holiday will be after the stocktake is finalised.  Here is an online reading option, Epic, that we use at school. https://www.getepic.com/summer-of-reading

Next week, weather permitting- hopefully no lightning this year- is the swimming Extravaganza  The most important information that you need is  G2&G3 Wednesday 05 June 09.30-11.00 (Period 2&3) – see link Relay Extravaganza 2019



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Hot, Busy week!

Hello Parents,

I am sure your children will be telling you how we had to stay inside today at playtimes because of the heat index- expect them to be extra bubbly as they have not been able to run around outside. Hopefully next week will be cooler so the students can be outside for fresh air and exercise.

Look out for blog posts explaining about day & night, seasons and our solar system as we are right into our space unit for Inquiry.

Last night I attended the opening night of Seussical- it was just fantastic- colourful, fast paced and very entertaining.  Delightful to watch and listen to very enthusiastic students enjoying themselves- some outstanding voices and performances. Try to go and see it.

Time is going by very fast but we are all still engaged – learning and taking action where we can- see the poster below for how you could contribute.

Enjoy the weekend and stay cool.

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Busy week!- Swimming, Fractions, Snack sale & Seussical Jr.

Hello Parents,

It was an honour to meet Pham Tuan last week- the first Vietnamese astronaut in space. He very patiently answered all of the students many questions. This was a great provocation for our space unit.

SWIMMING CLASSES– A gentle reminder that our class has swimming on Thursday and Friday from this week onwards

Snack Sale-Monday morning there is an Elementary snack sale and there will be healthy snack food for sale. Items cost 10,000

SEUSSICAL JR. This morning we were treated to a trailer and had glimpse of this wonderful musical. Thursday evening is opening night- I have my ticket- do you have yours? There are shows on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long and looks very entertaining.

MAP TESTING – All over with this week and the students coped well.

FRACTIONS- For Maths we are into our fractions unit. What better way to understand-that the bigger the denominator the smaller the piece- than using chocolate! Just a small piece – we were cutting, evenly, thirds or fifths depending on the size of the bar- delicious ending. Fractions of a set was easily explained the following day with a bag of candy shared out. Please encourage your child to use fractions at home eg Pizza or sharing amongst the family. Photos below:

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Very Short week!

Hello Parents,

Even though it is a very short week we seemed to have managed to pack a lot into it. Yesterday we had the book parade- thank you for your support with book character costumes and hats for your children. Book parades are always a lot of fun and everyone enjoys reading with their younger buddies. Photos below

Today we had the book fair and a very important guest- Vietnam astronaut Phan Tuan- this was a surprise for the students to start off our Space inquiry learning. Yesterday we prepared questions – What you would ask if you ever did meet a live astronaut?- so we were prepared. Photos next post.

Hopefully we are all relaxed and rested and ready for the rest of busy last term starting with MAPs testing this coming week.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Short – Long week!

Hello Parents- we have had an interesting short- long week as we managed to fit a lot into it. We were fortunate to have grade 5A peers take time out from their busy exhibition work to come and teach us what they knew about graffiti art. That involved a lot of listening, following instructions, creativity and stepping outside the comfort zone. The final products are great and we are very proud of them. See below

Good to see you all at your children’s conferences today and great to hear their voices proudly explaining their learning to you.

Monday is Earth day and we are all being encouraged to wear green to show support for this very important day. We have a calendar of suggestions related to the SDG’s that are teaspoons of change-easily carried out- to make a difference. Monday will also be ‘meatless’ in the school canteen and we are encouraging students to bring ‘nude food’ – no plastic wrappers- in their snack boxes for the next couple of weeks. Who knows it may just become a habit. It’s time to be creative and think about how we use to manage without zip lock plastic bags and cling wrap- I am old enough to remember when they were introduced and we all thought they were marvelous inventions- not understanding the consequences for our Earth at that stage.  Thank you for your support with this.

As you all know the week after next is a very short week- two days at school- and we come back into BOOK Week. On that Thursday morning ( 2nd May) there will be a special assembly. Everybody comes dressed wearing either a costume/ hat /sign from a book and we have a grand parade- it is a lot of fun and raises the profile of the importance reading. Thank you for your support with this too!

I will take this opportunity to wish you a relaxing 5 day break for that weekend. My youngest daughter is coming to Vietnam for the first time so I’m just a wee bit excited!


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Visiting Artists & APAC Soccer tournament

Hello Parents,

Hope you all had a great holiday- I did- special with family visiting! It has been a busy week with the time zipping by. We have been supporting one of the visiting soccer teams and managed to see part of two games. Today’s game was against our own UNIS team so we were cheering for both sides- great example of sportsmanship.

For our UNIT OF INQUIRY – How we express ourselves- we have been fortunate to have teachers who are also artists come and tell us about the process and show their art. We also had a workshop from Mr Linc on mime which was good fun and easy once you know how, but requires thought and patience.

Enjoy the long weekend- more busy weeks ahead!


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Spring break

Hello Parents,

We were so lucky with the weather today for our fun sports day. With the early morning rain, we had clean air and still time enough to complete two rotations- a fun way to head towards SpringBreak.

After the break we will be continuing with our Inquiry into ‘How we express ourselves’ which was the focus of our field trip last week. Artist from our faculty have also been sharing their experiences as artists with the students and encouraging them to be creative.

I hope you all have a relaxing holiday and fun family times.


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Music Concert

Hello Parents,

I think most of you made it to the music concert and will agree that it was fantastic. The hours of practise and thought that had gone in to it really showed. I was very proud of 3A- everybody was so enthusiastic and on to it. Great entertainment. Photos below:

Patiently and quietly waiting for our turn on the stage!

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Buddies fun!

Hello Parents,

It was great to see those who could make it at openclassrooms this week.

We also paid a visit to our buddy class this week and had a lot of fun playing drawing reading and building with our buddies. One of the students said ” It’s the best time- playing and talking with our little buddies.”

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