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Corporate logo reflection
I think this logo of Unicef is effective in a way because the picture is the color of blue, which represents peace. Also the drawing inside the logo consists of a child and an adult, which effectively expresses their motives and purpose of the founda (More)
Corporate Logo Reflection
Apple: The first reason why this      is an effective logo for the company, is that the logo is simply a drawing      of what the company name is. This makes it a very simple logo, however it      also allows the public to draw a clear connection (More)
IB BusMan Reflection 2011-12
My first IB Business & Managment course in the first year of IB started out rough. Perhaps back then, burdened by the idea that now I am in IB, there was alot of pressure in my studies so I wasn't able to take my studies with ease. However, with (More)
Logos and its effectiveness
I was amazed with the unique style of  first Canon's logos. In 1934, the Kwanon (Canon) released a logo of Buddhist picture with 1000 a (More)
Corporate Logos
Apple Apple Inc. has an effective logo because it, like Shell's, displays the companies' name. The apple is one of the most commonly eaten fruit in the world, so it is very recognizable in the eyes of almost every single person on Earth; I thi (More)
Summer 2012 Business Article
The company chief executive Dan Cathy, came out against same sex marriages. Chic-fil-a has always been known as a very Christian fastfood chain through out the United States but never mentioned anything about having a problem against gay customers. T (More)
Apple helped hackers hack their own company Hackers hav (More)
Billionaire offers students money to drop out of college ! A billionaire by the name of Peter Thiel, has p (More)
IB BusMan Reflection 2011-12
After the first year of IB Business and Management, I grew quite an iterest in the subject. Although the subject itself is very challenging because of the amount of theories that it contains, Business and Management is very practical and I was able t (More)
Reflection of the Past Year: 2011
The past year has been a very interesting year studying in Business and Management. The content we studied were very intriguing for me, and i really enjoyed that teacher style. I like the idea of reading through the content before the actual lesson, (More)
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