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Peer Evaluation
  Self Evaluation/Peer Evaluation Name: Rachel Name of Partner: Suditi Description of Task: Inchia Describe what you learned about the world during the unit of work on culture? I learned that there are a hundred people from thousand (More)
PEACEVANIA   Peacevania is a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean area. It is right below Asia. It is a cool area where it is not so cold in the winter and not so hot in the summer. This is a small island that was discovered around (More)
Creating A New Culture
Flag and Name of Inchia:  Inchia is a mix of the main initials of India and China. Inchia is a country which people of China and India created together to end wars between them. The founders of the country brainstormed and figured out the name Inchi (More)
This is the end (hold your breath and count to ten) Sorry got carried away
In my 7th year i have a lot of experiences and i finally got my own computer and that is the highlight of my year because i have always wanted my own computer. I like 7th grade because i have learned about many new things and my grades are improving (More)
Divergent Thinking
that Divergent means tending to be different or develop in different direction. using divergent thinking is helpful because you can create a variety of new ideas. It is fun being able to create lots of ideas and then express it because other people w (More)
Humanities - Game investigation of Super Mario
Joe                     The history investigation of Super Mario Bros                    22/4/14  I thought the Humanities game investigation was a fun and interesting task.  my favorite thing about it was that we were able to research about our f (More)
Humanities Essay
Hum07 - Creativity and Innovation - History Investigation A (More)
Clementines adventure
The game I chose was clementine’s journey. It was created by Jose, Farhah, Dylan and Alisha. The aim of the game was to get to the ending point of the game. There were three obstacles in the game the first being quicksand which is the colour yellow, (More)
Starting The Journey
In Humanities we have been assigned a task in which we must create 3 new products. There a four categories which our products fall into, one being a New product another being a modification of an existing product , another use for a product and lastl (More)
Challenges And Solutions
This humanities project has been an enjoyable activity but there were some problems I faced along the way while thinking and designing the products but eventually I did come up with a solution and it fortunately helped me with the entire project. My (More)
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