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Reflection of Night
Reflection: I decided to pick this book called Night by Elie Wiesel from my project, because I could not find any other book and the Teacher recommended this book. I chose fake book because it easier to represent the characters and also they a (More)
Class Reflection
This class we talked about what pictures we would take because we barely have any pictures. We were working well together cause we were constantly communicating with each other. The person that keeps this group together is not a person its the group. (More)
Roald Dahl Cinderella
You should: - give a background to the author and the poem Roald Dahls Parents were from Norway, but he was born in Wales. The family used to spend the summer holidays on a little Norwegian island, swimming, fishing and going by boat. When Roal (More)
First They Came - Martin Niemöller
First they came for the communists, and I didn\'t speak out because I wasn\'t a communist. Then they came for the socialists, and I didn\'t speak out because I wasn\'t a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn\'t spea (More)
The Scarlet Ibis
\"The Scarlet Ibis\" is a short story by James Hurst tells the story of a brother, who is referred to only as \"Brother\", who recounts his young life with his little brother, William Armstrong, who he calls Doodle. From the beginning, Brother resent (More)
Science and Humanity
Throughout our world, we can see many advancements in the scientific world. Our world today is based around science for science has helped our world to advance to the level of intelligence we are at today. We are able to find new life with the help o (More)
Poetry Slam - English
For our poetry slam assignment, we each chose 1 poem that we liked during the unit. It could either be our own poem, or another classmate's poem. I chose kimberly's fairytale poem because i liked the creativity and thought put into the poem, and how (More)
Language and Mass Communication
Our new unit in Language and Literature is Language and Mass Communication. We started off the unit by watching a documentary on mass communication. The documentary is called The Century of the Self, a documentary directed by Adam Curtis. There a (More)
hereafter review Amelia only knows her name and that she died from drowning in a river. She doesn’t remember (More)
Character (When you eat the marshmallow) - Samuel Smiles
Do you want to be a successful and a good character person? It's a originally English book but it's been translated into Traditional Chinese, 品格的力量 - 山繆爾.斯邁爾斯. This is a very useful and also really educative book which teaches you how to be a success (More)
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