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Community Service: Community Garden
  <------ Me and Jenny gardening! In this service learning activity, we did a variety of things during the session. We planted seeds and different crops. We (More)
Grade 10 Semester Reflection Sheet
Name of Service: HFH Description: This year, Habitat for Humanity have done a lot of things in order to achieves its two goals: 1. go on the build trip, 2. raise awareness about the community group to others. The first goal was achieved very fa (More)
June Monthly Journal
June 2012 More)
What are the legal rights and the responsibilities of someone that attends UNIS Hanoi?
Well as a student of the UNIS Hanoi community I can agree that we have quite a few legal rights and responsibilities. As for the rights, many include such as being able to have a voice in the UNIS community, an opinion. As a student that attends UNIS (More)
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