Teddy Bear Math

Using our stuffed toys to practice estimating and measuring length and height using both non-standard (ribbon) and standard (rulers and meter sticks) units of measurement.

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Stuffed Toys Needed!

We are practicing measuring length using standard and non-standard measurements at the moment and we want to measure our toys!  If you can send in 1 stuffed toy this week, we can get started on exploring how to measure how long they are!

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Unit Homework

Please don’t forget to send in one historical artifact that holds some significance to your family. We are using these items this week, so it is  important that we have an object for each child!

Your child needs to know:
what the item is
where the item is from
when it was obtained
why it has been kept i.e. why is it so special to you and your family?

We promise to keep the item only for a short time and will look after it carefully.

N.B. Items that are fragile are probably best NOT sent.  A photo of it would be better!

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Homework over Spring Break

We will begin our math unit on measurement after the holiday, so please spend a few minutes looking around your house for different items that measure mass/weight, and please send those into school on Monday, May 6th.  It would be helpful if you label anything you send in with your child’s name.  Thanks very much!

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Digital Narratives

With Ms. Michelle’s help, we created these digital narratives using PhotoStory!  We planned the narrative, included all needed components, and then recorded ourselves telling the story.  Click on the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the video to scroll through them….

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Welcome to Mrs. Le!

Welcome, Mrs. Le, to our classroom!  She has taken over for Mrs. Huong, who left for her maternity leave last week.  Mrs. Le will be with us for the remainder of the school year.

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Skip Counting Practice

The children have been practicing skip counting throughout the year and have been enjoying playing Balloon Pop Math in the classroom in order to practice.  If you would like your child to have some extra practice, please click here to play the game!  We focus on counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s fluently while playing this game.


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A Busy Week in 1BB!

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Student Led Conference Day

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