School of fish

School of Fish Programme

Swimming progression is ability based rather than age based which is why this programme is appropriate for all of our elementary classes at UNIS. The essential three levels are STARFISH, SEAHORSE and SEAL which focus on the building blocks of submerging, floating, body position and basic movement. The middle levels of BARRACUDA and SWORDFISH are concerned with learning the strokes with important skills like diving, sculling and treading water also being introduced. Our aim at UNIS is to have all elementary pupils at these levels by Grade 5. The last two advanced levels, DOLPHIN and SHARK have a focus on timing and rhythm of all strokes as well as strength and endurance. To find out more go to the School of Fish Site

School of Fish Levels


School of Fish Assessments

Pupils work at their own pace through these levels and progression depends on the individual. Certain swimmers may take years to achieve a level while others may take months or sometimes weeks. With this in mind, certificates are not issued, only a strong awareness of the stage they are at, where they need to go and how to get there.


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