Open Classrooms and Art Reflections

Dear parents,


Open Classrooms: (Thursday 14th – Friday 15th March) 

Parents are invited to share in our learning during open classrooms next week (Thursday & Friday)

  • 3B times are:
    • Thursday 10:30 – 11:10 (Literacy)
    • Friday 10:30 – 11:10 (Maths)
  • No open classrooms after lunch
  • No open classroom for World language because of concert rehearsal.
  • No open classrooms for Music because of concert rehearsal.

UOI: We have commenced our new unit. Our central idea is:Art is a reflective process that can be presented and interpreted in different ways”. 

Some responses to the prompt ‘what is art?’ elicited some thoughtful reflections:

  • Art is a mindful and creative thing
  • Art is a way to refresh your mind
  • Art is something we can all do
  • Art is fun
  • Art is culture
  • Art can make you dream
  • Art can get you thinking
  • Art expresses the artist’s feelings and thoughts

We have also considered the reflections of some famous artists:

Literacy: We continue our inquiry into suffixes. We are working with word sums, practicing identifying base words, and testing and tweaking a flowchart to help us uncover suffix spelling patterns and rules- it’s so much more engaging when the kids notice the complexity/inconsistencies/logic and sometimes bonkers nature of the English language.

Happy long weekend for the kiddies! (no school on Monday)



Division and Infographics

Dear parents,


Math: We continue our investigation into division. Students need to Interpret whole number quotients of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 56 ÷ 8 as the number of objects in each share when 56 objects are partitioned equally into 8 shares (How many in each group?), or as a number of shares when 56 objects are partitioned into equal shares of 8 objects each (How many groups are there/can you make?). The distinction is an important one, especially in the application of word problems.

UOI: To conclude the unit, the kids have researched, designed and produced infographics to highlight their particular issue. A final edit is needed before we share our messages with others.



Buddies: We worked with our buddies to create pieces Inspired by Google Doodles for the UNIS Hanoi yearbook cover competition.

Happy Weekend!

Mother Language Day and Big Ideas

Dear parents,


Hats off to the kids who did a great job presenting during this week’s G2-5 assembly. Here is a link to the video made by Grade 3 that was presented during their performance.


UOI- we will commence our summative task, so the kids have compiled the big ideas taken from the unit that will serve as the basis of their advocacy campaign.

  • Be aware of where and how our stuff is produced
  • Be aware of where and how far our food travels
  • Be aware of the wages and working conditions of the people who make our stuff
  • Fast fashions negative affect on our environment
  • Slow fashion encourages us to to buy less, reduce, re-use and recycle
  • Be aware of the resources used to make our stuff
  • What actually makes a company ‘fair trade’

Math– we have been examining split strategies and the area model to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

Enjoy the weekend!


Slow Fashion and Assembly

Dear parents,


UOI- Slow Fashion
We ask the question: Who makes my clothes? and looking into the implications of a garment industry that continues to produce quickly and cheaply. As consumers, we have asked if there are alternatives to the way that we consume clothing and what we can do to make sustainable and ethical choices. We have looked into Patagonia and held a field trip to Chula to find out what an alternative approach may involve.


Our paper bags are not going to waste! Here’s Mr. Garry from the SCO collecting the bags that students made during the provocation at the beginning of our current Unit of Inquiry. The SCO will be using the students’ excellent bags for upcoming events including snack sales and the Spring Fair. There were about 300 bags in total so he was delighted at both the quantity and the quality of the students’ efforts.


3B Assembly- Next Thursday (21st of February) is International Mother Language Day. To promote the significance of language diversity, 3B and 3A have put together a 15min presentation for next week’s grades 3-5 assembly. Parents are welcome to attend. Thursday assembly starts promptly at 8:40 and concludes 9:20.

Have a pleasant weekend!

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Dear parents,

Fortunately the rain and air managed to clear in our favor just in time for the Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon. And what a wonderful way to welcome the Tết holidays! 🌸

Enjoy some quality family time and wishing everyone a prosperous year of the pig 🐷

Fair Trade and Hungry Ants

Dear parents,

We wish Ana and family the best of luck for their return to the UK. We have one more week with Ana and the kids are working to make it a really special one.

We welcome a new student, Amelia, to 3B. Amelia and family have returned to UNIS from Australia. The kids are super excited to have someone new to hang out with.


UNIS Aqualathon: 

Buddies: In recognition of the UN International Day of Education. Our kids helped their G1 buddies to write an ‘education’ list poem.


Math: We read 100 Hungry Ants to help interpret products of whole numbers (e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each.) Conceptualizing multiplication as rows, columns, collections and arrays will help us to examine the commutative  and associative properties of multiplication next week.

UOI: We have looked into the core ideals and approaches of fair trade. We have examined bananas, chocolate and cotton as case studies for the fair trade system. Next, we will look into the garment industry with a focus on fast vs sustainable options. Mr Dylan has introduced the issue of child labour through the story of Iqbal Masih and Craig Kielburger and their actions to bring awareness to the plight of bonded child workers.

Literacy: We read Dear Mrs LaRue to help us examine the use of emotive language and techniques (rhetorical questions) in making our writing more persuasive. The kids really enjoyed the shared writing component.

I look forward to seeing you all for parent teacher conferences on Wednesday. Have a restful weekend!

Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon and Multiplication Madness

Dear parents,


The UNIS Walk-a-Thon is coming up on Friday the 1st of February in support of the Blue Dragon  Children’s Foundation. Sponsorship forms will go home with the kids today.


Math: Next week we begin our unit on multiplication, and we have added a new game to our repertoire. The instructions are below so you can play at home. All you need is a deck of cards.

Have a fab weekend!

Persuasion and Consumerism

Dear parents,

Happy 2019 to all and welcome back!


We have commenced our next unit of inquiry into the impact and ethics of consumerism. Our Central idea is: “Our economic activities affect people and impact the environment”.

Focusing on the connection between labour, income and the basic standard of living, the kids participated in an activity producing and selling paper bags. Using real cost-of-living prices and wages, our students can get an idea of how they would manage if they had to survive making and selling in an unregulated (and often dodgy) informal market.

We begin with Persuasive text. We read I Wanna Iguana to look at the various features and techniques used to persuade others (persuasive vocabulary, appeals to feeling, false comparisons, hyperbole). The kids are currently crafting their own persuasive letters.

We met with our buddies so they could share their completed information reports with us. It was great to hear positive and constructive feedback from my kids to their buddies.

Have a restful weekend!

Happy Holidays!


Dear parents,

Thank-you for your support and great vibes this first part of the year- And now it’s time for some well earned relaxation and reflection!

From 3B, we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!











Data and Conservation

Dear parents,


In Math, we are reading, designing, collecting and communicating data. We designed surveys and went out to collect the information to turn into bar graphs.

We focus now on our third line of inquiry on the conservation of our natural world. We have have inquired into a number of effective NGOs and what we can do individually and collectively to support conservation efforts.

A local NGO is Hanoi Pet Rescue co-founded by Van’s family. Members of the UNIS community have volunteered and offered their support from time to time. Please see this link if you are interested in learning more about the great work that they do protecting our animal friends.


Grade 1 and Grade 3 are both looking into the conservation of animals. During our buddy time, we supported our buddies in the writing of their information booklets by sharing our knowledge about endangered animals.


The UNIS High School Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group are planning an Elementary School Movie Night on December 13th, 2018. The Habitat for Humanity Service Learning group raises money through fundraising events for the Habitat for Humanity organization. This money is used to build and repair homes in sustainable communities around Vietnam.

As part of fundraising, a movie night has been planned for students in grades 3- 5. The students will be able to watch CoCo, a family-friendly Disney movie. Students will be asked to bring 100,000 VND for the movie and a bag of popcorn each to enjoy the movie. If your child is interested, they can grab a permission form from me on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!