About Ms. Pagoli

My name is Audrey Pagoli, and I am so chuffed to be a member of the UNIS family and your child’s teacher this year.

A little about myself- I was born in the Philippines and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia at the age of four. I was fortunate to grow up in a very multicultural community and am pleased to encounter this same thriving diversity at UNIS Hanoi.

This will be my tenth year as an educator, nine of which have been spent in the PYP. My international teaching career has taken me to China, Norway, the U.A.E and now, very excitedly, in Vietnam.

As an educator, I place an emphasis on ‘having a go’ and doing ones best to cultivate and pursue passions and interests. I believe in my kids and will do all I can to support and cheer them on.

This blog is the main form of communication between 3B and home. Each week I will post what we have done during the week and preview what to expect the following week. We have all sorts of weird and wonderful things to share this academic year, so watch this space!

Kind regards,

Ms. Pagoli

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