Personification and Used Books

Dear Parents,


Literacy: We continue with the line of inquiry ‘The elements of narrative’.

Big idea: As writers, we can show not just tell. We acted out various emotions, and using our senses, made a list of of observations. The kids then practiced rewriting some ‘boring’ descriptions.

Big Idea: I can use figurative to make my writing more engaging. Using the color chart and picture prompts, we practiced using personification to add depth to our descriptions.

Big Idea: When I describe a character, I am creating an image for my reader. Mr David introduced us to ‘Eggula’ and modeling a detailed description, the kids created a portrait of the character. The similarity of the images created tells us that the written description is effective.

UOI: We had more visiting artists – Mr David (photography) and Ms Emma (pottery) sharing their experiences, reflections and creations as artists. Lots of tips, tricks and inspiration to carry us toward the final unit assessment.


Book Drive: The baskets are sitting in the classroom ready for donations.

Have a wonderful long weekend!


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