Narrative and Van Gogh

Dear parents,


Literacy: Narrative and Description- We continue to inquire into what make a narrative engaging and inspiring. We are using Stephen Graham’s description matrix to guide our reading and writing of descriptive narrative.

UOI: The color of Van Gogh- We will spend the next week focusing on our line of inquiry- “Artists communicate their ideas in a variety of ways.” We look to the work of Vincent Van Gogh and his use of color to communicate his personal narrative and appreciation of genre (impressionism) and subject matter (everyday life). We have started our own sunflowers and look to nature and light to engage with color. A high quality digital collection of his work is available through Google Arts and Culture.


Open Classrooms- Thank-you to those you able to find some time to spend with the kids and I. The kids love to show what they can do and what they will need to focus on next. And the extra hands, ears and heads in the room is always greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the UNIS Spring Fair on Sunday!

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