Open Classrooms and Art Reflections

Dear parents,


Open Classrooms: (Thursday 14th – Friday 15th March) 

Parents are invited to share in our learning during open classrooms next week (Thursday & Friday)

  • 3B times are:
    • Thursday 10:30 – 11:10 (Literacy)
    • Friday 10:30 – 11:10 (Maths)
  • No open classrooms after lunch
  • No open classroom for World language because of concert rehearsal.
  • No open classrooms for Music because of concert rehearsal.

UOI: We have commenced our new unit. Our central idea is:Art is a reflective process that can be presented and interpreted in different ways”. 

Some responses to the prompt ‘what is art?’ elicited some thoughtful reflections:

  • Art is a mindful and creative thing
  • Art is a way to refresh your mind
  • Art is something we can all do
  • Art is fun
  • Art is culture
  • Art can make you dream
  • Art can get you thinking
  • Art expresses the artist’s feelings and thoughts

We have also considered the reflections of some famous artists:

Literacy: We continue our inquiry into suffixes. We are working with word sums, practicing identifying base words, and testing and tweaking a flowchart to help us uncover suffix spelling patterns and rules- it’s so much more engaging when the kids notice the complexity/inconsistencies/logic and sometimes bonkers nature of the English language.

Happy long weekend for the kiddies! (no school on Monday)



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