Global Goals Week and Endangered Primates

Dear parents of 3B,


🌍 UN Global Goals Week: In the lead up to SDG week, we are asking the kids to bring in unneeded T-shirts we can up-cycle into bags. Adult or child size T-shirts will do.  Please, if we can have the kids with their shirts ready for Monday (19th Nov).

UOI: We have focused on habitat loss and the variety of effects on wildlife. We will spend the next week on our third line of inquiry: “The effect of conservation on living things.” 🌳🦒🦏

Literacy: Information Report is our current text type. We are looking into the structure and feature of information reports and making connections to our research gathering and note-taking skills.

Open Classrooms: Thank-you for those parents able to pop in to join our Math and UOI lessons this week. The kids love having you around to share in their learning, and the extra collaboration in the room was certainly appreciated.

Ryan Deboodt: We had wildlife photographer Ryan Deboodt sharing the amazing footage he has captured of Vietnam’s highly endangered primates🐒. The footage was very moving. The kids were able to see the power of wildlife photography as a tool of advocacy in the fight to protect the world’s most endangered animals. The fact that these primates are also Vietnam was also very impactful.

Have a restful weekend 💆🏻

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