Dear parents of 3B,


UOI: Simple machines and forces continue to be our focus. After the break, learners will begin to design and construct their compound machines. Below is the rubric we will be using to assess their final projects.

Math: We continue to build our repertoire of math games to support our number ability and memory. See below for a list of math games you can easily play at home.

Place Value War

Number Battle

Number Tic Tac Toe

To Ten/From Ten Card Game- Ask you children about this one.

Literacy: We continue to look at the different features of a procedural text, with a particular emphasis on word choice. We have looked into adverbs, and how we can use adverbs to make our instructions very clear and more informative.

We will return to school in a week’s time,

enjoy this week as a family. Read, relax, reconnect!

Looking forward to seeing everyone safe and sound on Monday October, 15.

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